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Google : the missing manual
Milstein, Sarah.
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Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, [2004]

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xii, 299 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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Google is the planet's most popular program for finding stuff on the Web. Millions of people a day use it to search for everything from apple pie recipes to high school sweethearts to Zimbabwean bus schedules--but it has no manual.And who needs help for such an easy to use program? As it turns out, Google has many hidden tricks and tools that can turn your simple searching into powerful--and successful--discoveries. But you have to know where to look. Google: The Missing Manual is your guide, covering:

Search techniques and tricks . If you know which search words to choose and how to ask for the special things Google lets you look for--like phone numbers, definitions, stock quotes, pictures, and other goodies--you'll get more of what you want, more often. This book helps you search more effectively. Must-have tools . Why head to Google's home page 80 times a day when toolbars, buttons and other widgets can help you search more efficiently? Use this book to find out how the pros achieve greater Google efficiency. Little-known corners of Google . From the "Similar pages" links in your Google results to the mysterious Groups and Directory tabs on the home page, down-to-earth discussions throughout this book explain what these odd items are and when you should use them. Whether you're new to the Web or an Internet aficionado, Google: The Missing Manual is a friendly deskside companion, brimming with tips for getting more out of the world's favorite search program.

Author Notes

Sarah Milstein edits the Missing Manual series for O'Reilly Media, Inc.
Rael Dornfest, co-author of Google Hacks, edits the Hacks Series for O'Reilly Media, Inc.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
A Little Historyp. 1
How the Web Was Won: Google's Technologyp. 2
How the Ranking Worksp. 3
Comparing Google with Other Searchesp. 4
Late-Breaking Newsp. 6
Gmailp. 6
The IPOp. 7
About This Bookp. 8
About the Outlinep. 9
The Very Basicsp. 10
About to These to Arrowsp. 10
About MissingManuals.comp. 11
Part 1 Google Search Techniques
Chapter 1 Google 101p. 15
The Heart of Google: Basic Text Searchesp. 15
How to Get More out of Googlep. 18
Getting Specificp. 19
To Quote a Phrasep. 20
Searching Within Your Resultsp. 21
And vs. Orp. 21
Just Say Nop. 22
Just Say Yesp. 23
Getting Luckyp. 23
Two Important Google Quirksp. 24
Wildcardsp. 24
The Ten-Word Limitp. 25
Interpreting Your Resultsp. 26
Your Actual Resultsp. 27
The Things You Didn't Ask Forp. 32
The Stuff at the Bottom of the Results Pagep. 35
When Not to Use Googlep. 36
Six Very Cool Google Tricksp. 38
Definitionsp. 39
Calculatorp. 39
Phonebookp. 39
Street Mapsp. 42
Stock Quotesp. 42
Patents, Tracking IDs, and Other Numeric Goodiesp. 42
A Final Tip: Googling Googlep. 44
Chapter 2 Superior Searchingp. 45
Have It Your Way: Setting Preferencesp. 45
Interface Languagep. 46
Search Languagep. 47
SafeSearch Filteringp. 47
Number of Resultsp. 47
Results Windowp. 47
Advanced Searchp. 48
Refining Your Searchp. 48
Froogle Product Searchp. 53
Page-Specific Searchp. 53
Topic-Specific Searchesp. 54
Advanced Search on Steroidsp. 54
Searching by Language and Countryp. 57
Searching by Townp. 59
Getting Fancy with Syntaxp. 61
Searching Titlesp. 62
Searching Textp. 62
Searching Anchorsp. 63
Searching Within Sites and Domainsp. 63
Searching URLsp. 64
Who Links to Whom?p. 64
Caching Upp. 64
Daterangep. 65
Searching by File Typep. 67
Searching for Related Contentp. 67
Synonymsp. 68
Most of the Kit and Caboodlep. 68
Mixing Syntaxp. 68
How Not to Mix Syntaxp. 68
How to Mix Syntaxp. 70
Anatomy of a Google URLp. 70
Changing the Number of Resultsp. 71
Changing the Interface Languagep. 72
Two More URL Tricksp. 73
Part 2 The Unknown Google
Chapter 3 Googling Further: Images, News, and the Directoryp. 77
Google Imagesp. 77
Searching for Imagesp. 79
Reading Your Images Resultsp. 85
Google Newsp. 86
Searching Google Newsp. 88
Browsing Google Newsp. 90
Getting the News Deliveredp. 91
Google Directoryp. 92
When to Use the Directoryp. 94
Browsing the Directoryp. 96
Searching the Directoryp. 98
Chapter 4 Googling with Others: Groups and Answersp. 101
Google Groupsp. 101
When to Use Google Groupsp. 103
How the Groups are Organizedp. 104
Navigating Google Groupsp. 106
Posting Messages in Google Groupsp. 117
Google Answersp. 118
When to Use Google Answersp. 121
Before You Ask a Questionp. 123
Asking a Questionp. 124
While You Waitp. 128
Getting an Answerp. 130
Changing Your Account Settingsp. 134
Chapter 5 Shopping with Googlep. 135
When to Use Frooglep. 135
Finding Stuff with Frooglep. 137
Searchingp. 138
Advanced Froogle Searchp. 142
Part 3 Search Tools
Chapter 6 The Google Toolbarp. 147
The Google Toolbar: Search Fasterp. 147
Installing the Google Toolbarp. 148
Working with the Search Boxp. 151
The Two Toolbar Buttons You Can't Get Rid Ofp. 151
The Optional Toolbar Buttonsp. 154
Other Browsers with Google Featuresp. 166
Safarip. 166
Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscapep. 167
Two More Browsers Worth Mentioningp. 172
Chapter 7 More Cool Google Toolsp. 173
Alternative Search Boxesp. 173
Search Sidebarsp. 175
Searching from the Address Barp. 182
Bookmarkletsp. 184
Experimental Google Toolsp. 186
Google Deskbarp. 187
Personalized Searchp. 193
Google Keyboard Shortcutsp. 193
Google Setsp. 196
Google WebQuotesp. 198
Google Wirelessp. 198
Can Your Device Get Online?p. 200
vls Your Device Actually Online?p. 201
Googling on the Flyp. 202
Froogle on the Roadp. 212
Part 4 Google for Webmasters
Chapter 8 Becoming a Search Resultp. 215
Getting Your Site Ready for Googlep. 216
The Fundamental Stepsp. 216
Getting Google's Attentionp. 221
Introduce Yourself to Googlep. 221
Link Up, Ip. 222
Link Up, IIp. 223
Does Google Know You're There?p. 223
Rising in Google Resultsp. 227
Getting Rid of Googlep. 231
Hiding from the Whole Worldp. 231
Hiding from Googlep. 231
Removing Yourself from Googlep. 233
Adding Google Searches to Your Sitep. 236
Adding a Box for Searching the Webp. 237
Adding a Box for Searching Your Sitep. 237
Chapter 9 Making Money with Googlep. 241
Google AdSensep. 241
Signing Up for Google AdSensep. 244
Building Your AdSense Ads and Adding Them to Your Pagesp. 246
Getting Paidp. 253
Monitoring Your Performancep. 253
Honing Your Adsp. 255
Getting Helpp. 256
Google AdWordsp. 256
Understanding AdWords Terminologyp. 258
Understanding the Costsp. 259
Before You Sign Upp. 260
A Few Final Words of Warningp. 264
Signing Upp. 265
Managing AdWordsp. 274
Reportingp. 278
Billingp. 281
Getting Helpp. 282
Part 5 Appendix
Appendix The Google Wide Webp. 285
Sites That Use Googlep. 285
Sites That Discuss Googlep. 287
Google on Googlep. 287
Colophonp. 300