Cover image for What your doctor may not tell you about menopause : the breakthrough book on natural hormone balance
What your doctor may not tell you about menopause : the breakthrough book on natural hormone balance
Lee, John R., M.D.
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Revised and updated.
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New York : Warner Books, [2004]

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xx, 440 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
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"Originally published with the subtitle The breakthrough book on natural progestrone."
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The Revolutionary Book About Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Now Fully Revised and Updated Over a decade ago, Dr. John Lee first published his startling conclusions about conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT): synthetic hormones don't work as predicted and, worse, they pose a health threat to women. His findings touched off a storm of controversy. But years later, research has proved him right. Now millions of women concerned about aging must decide whether or not to undergo synthetic hormone replacement therapy-and suffer its side effects and increased health risks. Hundreds of thousands of women have listened to Dr. Lee's potentially life-saving advice and followed his groundbreaking, natural hormone program-experiencing amazing results. Newly revised and updated, this revolutionary book has the latest research, and Dr. Lee's effective plan for restoring balance using bioidentical hormones, including natural progesterone. Discover the benefits of his breakthrough program: * Reduce or eliminate premenopausal and menopausal symptoms * Help eliminate hormone-related problems such as osteoporosis, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, weight gain, and fibrocystic breasts * Reduce "middle age" weight gain * Help restore sex drive * Protect against breast cancer * Maintain mental acuity * Help stop and reverse osteoporosis * Restore energy and vibrancy...slow the signs of aging.

Author Notes

He is known internationally as an expert on natural progesterone & hormone replacement therapy. He lives in Sebastopol, California.

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Table of Contents

Forewordp. xi
Introductionp. xvii
Part I The Inner Workings of Hormone Balancep. 1
Chapter 1 The Crux of the Matter: Menopausal Politics and Women's Hormone Cyclesp. 3
Menopausal Politicsp. 3
What Is Menopause?p. 5
The Rise and Fall of Hormones During the Menstrual Cyclep. 5
Premenopausep. 7
Chapter 2 The Dance of the Steroidsp. 10
The Cast of Major Playersp. 11
Choreographing the Dancep. 13
The Journey Along the Steroid Hormone Pathwayp. 14
The Dance of the Steroidsp. 15
Four Movements: The Flow of Steroids in Our Bodiesp. 16
Chapter 3 The History of Hormone Replacement Therapy and the Estrogen Mythp. 19
Menopause Becomes a Diseasep. 20
The Truth Behind the Hooplap. 22
Perpetuating the Estrogen Mythp. 26
The HRT Chickens Come Home to Roostp. 30
Chapter 4 What Is Estrogen?p. 35
How and Where Estrogens Are Made and Used in the Bodyp. 38
Estrogen and Cell Divisionp. 39
How Estrogen Affects a Woman's Bodyp. 40
Estrogen Dominancep. 41
The Myth of Estrogen in Hormone Replacement Therapyp. 43
What Are "Normal" Estrogen Levels?p. 46
Chapter 5 Hormone Balance, Xenobiotics, and Future Generationsp. 50
Turning on the Hormone Switchp. 51
The Canary in the Coal Mine?p. 53
The Impact on Future Generationsp. 54
Safe Living in a Sea of Estrogensp. 56
Pesticides and Plasticsp. 58
Solventsp. 59
Xenoestrogens and Future Generationsp. 63
If You Want to Know Morep. 65
Chapter 6 What Is Natural Progesterone?p. 67
The Discovery and Use of Progesteronep. 68
Exactly What Is Progesterone?p. 72
The Cycle of Progesterone Productionp. 75
Progesterone and Procreationp. 75
How Progesterone Affects the Bodyp. 77
Progesterone and Steroid Synthesisp. 77
Progesterone and the Brainp. 79
Progesterone and Sex Drivep. 81
Progesterone in Menp. 83
Chapter 7 The Dramatic Difference Between Progesterone and Progestinsp. 85
The Difference between Synthetic Drugs and Natural Compoundsp. 87
What Is a Progestin?p. 90
Progestins Gave Birth to the Sexual Revolutionp. 95
Chapter 8 Sex Hormones and the Brainp. 98
The Basics of Brain Communicationp. 98
How the Inner and Outer Brains Regulate the Bodyp. 100
Estrogen and the Brainp. 101
Progesterone and the Brainp. 103
Progesterone and Fetal Brain Developmentp. 103
Progesterone and Brain Injuriesp. 104
Progesterone and the Elderlyp. 105
Progesterone and Libidop. 105
Postpartum Bluesp. 106
Progesterone and Sleep Patternsp. 107
Chapter 9 What Are Androgens?p. 108
DHEAp. 111
Testosteronep. 112
Androstenedionep. 113
Chapter 10 Hormone Balance and the Menstrual Cyclep. 115
The Rise and Fall of Hormone Levelsp. 116
Anovulatory Cyclesp. 120
Part II Hormone Balance and Illnessp. 123
Chapter 11 Progesterone and Menopause Symptomsp. 125
The Mystery of Menopausep. 127
A Brief Look at Premenopausep. 128
Falling Estrogen and Progesterone, Rising GnRH, and Hot Flashesp. 128
Progesterone Deficiencyp. 130
Menopause and Estrogenp. 131
Androgens and Menopausep. 132
What Can Be Done for Menopausal Symptoms?p. 134
Chapter 12 Hormone Balance and the Adrenal and Thyroid Glandsp. 135
Premenopause and Stressp. 135
Follicle Burnoutp. 138
Estrogen Excessp. 139
The Adrenal Glandsp. 141
The Adrenal Cortexp. 142
Progesterone and Thyroid Hormonep. 151
Chapter 13 Hormone Balance, Nutrition, and Osteoporosisp. 154
Debunking the Osteoporosis Mythsp. 155
What Is Osteoporosis?p. 156
A Bit About How Bones Are Builtp. 156
Osteoporosis and Estrogenp. 158
Osteoporosis and Progesteronep. 162
Other Osteoporosis Treatmentsp. 171
Keeping Your Bones Strongp. 174
How Bones Are Depletedp. 183
What Your Doctor May Not Know About Bone Density Measurement (BMD)p. 192
Chapter 14 Women and Cardiovascular Diseasep. 198
Estrogen and Heart Diseasep. 199
Progesterone and Heart Diseasep. 200
Only Half of Heart Attack Deaths in Women Are Caused by Blocked Arteriesp. 200
Insulin and Heart Diseasep. 202
What About Cholesterol?p. 207
High Blood Pressurep. 208
Iron Overloadp. 209
Homocysteinep. 212
C-Reactive Protein (CRP)p. 214
Nutrition and Lifestylep. 214
What About Aspirin?p. 216
Strokes and Hormone Balancep. 218
The Bottom Linep. 223
Chapter 15 Hormone Balance and Cancerp. 224
Reestablishing Cellular Communicationp. 225
How Cancer Developsp. 226
Estrogen Stimulates Cell Growthp. 228
The Cancer-Protective Benefits of Progesteronep. 234
Hormone Receptors in Breast Cancerp. 239
What About Mammograms?p. 240
Tamoxifen and Aromatase Inhibitorsp. 244
Endometrial Cancerp. 245
Transcultural Factors in Breast and Uterine Cancerp. 248
Chapter 16 Getting Off Conventional HRT and on to Natural Hormonesp. 251
Questions and Answers About Natural Hormone Replacement Therapyp. 252
Chapter 17 Natural Hormone Balance and Pelvic Disordersp. 255
Vaginitisp. 256
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)p. 257
Ovarian Cysts and Mittelschmerzp. 258
Endometriosisp. 259
Fibroidsp. 261
Endometrial Cancerp. 263
Hysterectomyp. 263
Staying Naturally Healthyp. 265
Chapter 18 Hormone Balance and Other Common Health Problemsp. 266
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)p. 267
Hypothyroidism (Low Thyroid)p. 271
Fibrocystic Breastsp. 277
Migraine Headachesp. 278
Skin Problems (Acne, Seborrhea, Rosacea, Psoriasis, and Keratoses)p. 279
Candidap. 281
Allergiesp. 282
Arthritisp. 283
Autoimmune Disordersp. 284
Urinary Tract Problemsp. 284
Gallbladder Disease and Bile Flowp. 288
Part III Creating and Maintaining Hormone Balancep. 293
Chapter 19 How to Use Progesterone Supplementationp. 295
Types of Progesterone Supplementationp. 295
Testing Hormone Levelsp. 299
Not All "Wild Yam Extract" Is Progesteronep. 301
How and When to Use Natural Progesteronep. 303
Possible Side Effects of Progesteronep. 304
How to Get the Most Out of Progesterone Creamp. 308
When During the Month to Use Progesterone Creamp. 309
Where to Find Natural Progesteronep. 320
A Final Reminderp. 321
Chapter 20 How to Use Estrogen, DHEA, Pregnenolone, the Corticosteroids, Testosterone, and Androstenedionep. 323
Estrogenp. 324
DHEAp. 325
Pregnenolonep. 326
The Corticosteroidsp. 327
Testosteronep. 329
Androstenedionep. 331
Chapter 21 Nutrition for Healthy Hormonesp. 332
Refined Carbohydratesp. 333
Excess Calories, Not Just Excess Fatp. 334
Good Fats and Bad Fatsp. 335
Whole Foods Are Bestp. 338
Eat Organic Foods Whenever Possiblep. 341
Is Vegetarianism Protective?p. 341
Opt for Free-Range Meats, Eggs, and Poultryp. 342
Are Dairy Foods Right for You?p. 343
Eat Your Phytochemicalsp. 344
Eat More Fiberp. 345
Drink Plenty of Clean Waterp. 346
Take Your Multivitaminsp. 347
Mineralsp. 350
Your Ideal Dietp. 353
Get Some Exercisep. 354
How Are Your Adrenal Glands Working?p. 355
Digestionp. 356
Herbs for Hormone Balancep. 360
Chapter 22 Commonly Asked Questions About Using Natural Progesteronep. 364
Glossaryp. 373
Resourcesp. 377
Recommended Readingp. 389
Referencesp. 393
Appendix The Structure of Steroid Hormonesp. 425
Indexp. 431