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The realAge makeover : take years off your looks and add them to your life
Roizen, Michael F.
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First edition.
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New York : HarperCollins, [2004]

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xvi, 506 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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A completely revised and updated edition of: RealAge.
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Why not live at 60 feeling like you did at 35?

Thousands of Americans are younger today than they were five years ago. How is that possible? By following the specific recommendations that reverse aging in Dr. Michael Roizen's bestselling book RealAge#65533;: Are You As Young As You Can Be?, people who were previously much older than their chronological age have now taken up to twentynine years off their biological ages. Since that first publication, more than 10 million people have taken the RealAge#65533; test in one form or another, and thousands of people have thanked Dr. Roizen for helping them make simple changes in their lives -- changes that have made them healthier, younger, and more vibrant.

In the last several years, Dr. Roizen and his team have learned much more about the aging process. The RealAge#65533; Makeover makes sense of recent critical medical findings -- mportant new research on inflammation in your arteries, stress reduction, chronic disease management, hormone replacement therapy, and other choices you can make to keep aging at a distance. You'll also find the latest on vitamins and other supplements, which are age-reducing, which are aging, and which ones to avoid if you are taking certain medications. Roizen then offers more than seventy ways to reduce or even prevent 80 percent of the diseases that make you feel older. For example, coffee or the right kind of chocolate in moderate amounts can help reduce inflammation, preserving your arteries, joints, and memory. But the wrong choice can lead to needless aging and loss of energy, such as taking too much Vitamin A. And The RealAge#65533; Makeover tells you how much (in years) each choice is worth so you can make the choices that are meaningful to you.

More potent than any statistic or finding are the personal stories interwoven throughout -- success stories from readers who followed the RealAge program, became biologically younger, and are living happier, healthier lives. With this book, readers have more opportunity than ever to turn back their biological clock to look, feel, and actually be many years younger.

Join the RealAge#65533; Revolution and give yourself a RealAge#65533; Makeover!

Author Notes

Dr. Michael Roizen was born January 7, 1946 in Buffalo, New York. He is an anesthesiologist and Chair of anesthesiology, critical care, and pain management at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Roizen received his undergraduate degree from Williams College and his M.D. from the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Roizen's interest and research in longevity and nutrition led him to create the "RealAge" concept for which he is well-known. He later began writing the "You" series books with Dr. Mehmet C. Oz which have been New York Times bestsellers. Dr. Roizen has given over 1200 lectures to professional medical groups and can often be seen on the Oprah Winfrey show, Today Show, Good Morning America, and fundraising specials with PBS. His latest book You (Raising Your Child) made the New York Times best seller list for 2010.

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The RealAge (R) Makeover Take Years off Your Looks and Add Them to Your Life Chapter One Look Younger, Live Longer Give Yourself the Energy and Looks You Had Ten or Twenty Years Ago Thousands of Americans are younger today than they were five years ago. How is that possible? They have joined the RealAge Revolution. They have given themselves a makeover from the inside out. By following the specific age-reversing recommendations in my book RealAge: Are You as Young as You Can Be? , people who were previously much older physiologically than their calendar age have now taken ten, fifteen, up to forty years off their biologic age. (Men can be twenty-five years younger and women, twenty-nine years younger than their calendar age.) This is what we call giving yourself a RealAge Makeover: you can significantly transform your health, looks, and life. And it can be so easy. For example, just developing the habit of calling friends in times of stress can actually make a real difference in your health and longevity. As word about the RealAge concept spread, and Americans started to see firsthand how small but simple -- and often fun! -- changes in their daily lives could transform their health, so many people have gotten the RealAge bandwagon that it's become a kind of revolution -- a revolution back to great health. And nobody has been more thrilled to see it happen than I. Since publication of the first book, we've learned more about the process of aging. While our team has been hard at work interpreting data from the latest clinical trails to keep the RealAge program on the cutting edge, readers of RealAge have been hard at work getting younger. For example: • Katherine M., a forty-eight-year-old nurse with a busy schedule and a RealAge of fifty-five, knew she wasn't getting healthy nutrition. So she started taking calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and folate supplements. In addition, she added lycopene to her diet by having spaghetti with marinara sauce once a week. As a result, even though she now has a calendar age of fifty-one, her RealAge is forty-five. She has an added bounce in her step and feels the ten years younger she has become. (She made her RealAge ten years younger as she went from a RealAge of 55 to one of 45.) • Kenny T., a high-powered attorney of fifty-eight with a RealAge of sixty-six, started a stress-reduction program that included yoga and meditation. In addition, he began walking and paying more attention to safety issues such as wearing a seat belt while driving and a helmet when bicycling. These combined factors made his RealAge six years younger. • I am most proud of Betty G., who works in my old department. Betty had a three-pack-a-day smoking habit that made her RealAge eight years older than her calender age of thirty-nine. She felt more than fifteen years older, and looked it, too. No one thought she could quit. She'd frequently be seen outside on a smoke break with cigarettes in both hands. Betty eventually got fed up with feeling so old and tired, and decided to give herself a makeover. She started a walking program; then she quit smoking. It wasn't easy, but she did it with the method described in Chapter 6. After five years completely smoke-free, she is well on her way to shedding seven of the eight years she had originally aged due to smoking. She now looks twenty years younger than she did. In fact, her RealAge is fourteen years younger than it was just three years ago (she did more than just quit smoking). She has literally made herself over. Friends who have not seen her in three years have asked how she was able to afford plastic surgery. She is proud to tell them she hasn't had any surgery; instead, she has changed her appearance from the inside out. I find it incredibly exciting to see people making such changes -- some easy, some difficult, but all crucial toward living younger, longer, healthier lives. This book updates what's been learned in the past several years and gives you all the information you need to transform yourself with a RealAge Makeover. There's a lot in the realm of health and medicine we don't know, but we do know more than 80 percent of how to postpone, delay, or avoid the onset of age-related disease and the disability it causes. That's extremely exciting news! (It's different, however, from postponing aging itself. Postponing aging would mean living at the top of your curve to one hundred twenty or one hundred fifty years after your birth -- something very different from what we can do now.) We now know how to delay until age ninety or ninety-five those age-related diseases that keep us from living at the top of the quality-of-life curve. And that's what the goal of the RealAge program is all about. What Is RealAge? It's most common, of course, when someone rudely asks you your age, to think in terms of calendar age. You are very aware (and may even grumble) when you pass the big milestones -- for example, when you turn thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, or ninety. But this way of thinking -- couching age only in terms of calendar age -- does not do justice to the complex (and, happily, often reversible) process of aging. You have an age that more truly reflects how much your body has aged: your RealAge. It can be many years older or younger than your calendar age, depending on your choices -- how well you care for your health and well-being. If your RealAge is five years younger than your calendar age, for example, it means that your rate of aging is such that you are in the same shape physiologically as the average person who is five years younger than you. Likewise, if your RealAge is five years older than your calendar age, you have aged to the same biologic condition as someone who is five years older. But you do not have to despair ... The RealAge (R) Makeover Take Years off Your Looks and Add Them to Your Life . Copyright © by Michael Roizen. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold. Excerpted from The RealAge Makeover: Take Years Off Your Looks and Add Them to Your Life by Michael F. Roizen All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Prefacep. xiii
1 Look Younger, Live Longer: Give Yourself the Energy and Looks You Had Ten or Twenty Years Agop. 1
2 What's Your RealAge? Test Yourself to See How Young You Arep. 16
3 Get Younger Every Day: Plan and Commit to Be as Young as You Want to Bep. 59
4 Keep the Blood Pumping: Reverse Arterial Aging: The Easiest, Fastest Way to Gain Energyp. 91
5 The Immune System: Your Personal Bodyguard Against Diseasep. 126
6 Live Smart in the Aging Environment Around You: Choices That Can Give You a Daily RealAge Makeoverp. 153
7 Stress Less: The #1 Most Important Way to Grow Youngerp. 205
8 Eat Real Chocolate! The Fifteen Food Choices Proven to Make You Younger and More Energeticp. 238
9 Three Workout Choices to Age Less: How to Reduce Stress, Look Younger, and Get Measurable Resultsp. 296
10 Vitamin Power: Why Just Any Multivitamin Won't Workp. 348
11 Daily Dose of Goodness: Five Habits That Can Give You More Energyp. 399
12 A Doctor's Note: How to Get the Best Medical Carep. 422
13 Be Eighty, Feel Fifty-Two: Eight Not-So-Secret Steps to Stay Young and Have the Energy You Wantp. 467
Key Referencesp. 475
Indexp. 495