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Inventing for the environment
Molella, Arthur P., 1944-
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Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press in association with the Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution, [2003]

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xix, 398 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
On nature and technology. Tempered dreams / Richard White ; The tool that is more : an inquiry into fire, the original Promethean invention / Stephen J. Pyne -- What role does innovation play in urban landscapes? Inventing nature in Washington, D.C. / Timothy Davis ; Bioliteracy, bioparks, urban natural history, and enhancing urban environments / Michael H. Robinson ; Portrait of innovation : Jon C. Coe / Martha Davidson -- How do innovations in city planning shape the environment? Environmental planning for national regeneration : techno-cities in New Deal America and Nazi Germany / Arthur Molella and Robert Kargon ; Prospects and retrospect : the city of Hundertwasser and Soleri / Harry Rand, with a statement by Paolo Soleri ; Portrait of innovation : Erick Valle / Martha Davidson -- How do innovations in architecture affect the environment? Straw-bale building : using an old technology to preserve the environment / Kathryn Henderson ; The Wimberley house of healing / Marley Porter ; Portrait of innovation : David Hertz / Martha Davidson -- How are technological innovation, public health, and the environment related? How bad theory can lead to good technology : water supply and sewerage in the age of miasmas / Martin V. Melosi ; Clean water for the world / Ashok Gadgil ; Portrait of innovation : Devra Lee Davis / Martha Davidson -- How can innovations in alternative energy sources affect the environment? Reducing automobile emissions in southern California : the dance of public policies and technological fixes / Rudi Volti ; Negawatts, hypercars, and natural capitalism / Amory Lovins ; Portrait of innovation : Subhendu Guha / Martha Davidson -- How are the principles of industrial ecology applied to benefit the environment? Industrial ecology and the transformation of corporate environmental management : a business historian's perspective / Christine Meisner Rosen ; Industrial ecology / Braden Allenby ; Portrait of innovation : Robert H. Socolow / Martha Davidson -- Conclusion : The new environmentalism / Roderick Nash, with Martha Davidson.
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