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Love : undercover
North, Hailey.
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New York : Avon Books, [2004]

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372 pages ; 18 cm.
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A: Apple -- some say this forbidden fruit started men and women down the path of sinful pleasure...

One Night of Passion ...

Just because small-town librarian and single mom Jenifer Wright does not need a man doesn't mean she doesn't want one. She'd love to meet the right guy who'd be willing to explore the naughty and the unknown with her -- sensible, capable, practical Jenifer Janey Wright -- and not insist on putting a ring on her finger. One look at sexy, mysterious Eric Hamilton and she can read right off the bat that he's the love 'em and leave 'em type, the perfect partner for exploring her sensual fantasies from A to Z!

... Or a Lifetime of Love?

Undercover agent Eric Hamilton is in Doolittle, Arkansas, only long enough to break up a funny-money ring. He's certain this sexy librarian is involved in some way. It's hard to stay all-business when it's his job to get as close as it takes to his suspects, especially when Jenifer makes him an offer no hot-blooded man could resist. Can Eric only play at love or has this surprisingly tender and vulnerable woman captured not only his imagination -- but also his heart?

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Publisher's Weekly Review

While many readers will identify with this book's sensible but secretly passionate heroine, the romance itself lacks the fresh, sexy sparkle that the book cover-depicting a woman's legs in fishnet stockings and red heels poking out of a photo booth alongside a man's-suggests. Abandoned by the college boyfriend who got her pregnant, librarian Jenifer Wright has raised two children alone in sleepy Doolittle, Ark. Though independent, successful and beloved by a colorful family, Jenifer has little in the way of a sex life. But when mysterious "investor" Eric Hamilton strolls into her library, she immediately envisions having a fling with him. Eric, who's actually an undercover agent investigating a counterfeiting ring, also feels the pull of attraction. The two flirt madly at family cookouts and bowling nights, but their tryst is postponed by a seemingly endless series of crises involving family and friends, as well as the illegal intrigue brewing at the local paper mill. To Jeni's surprise, Eric turns out to be supportive as well as sexy, and he, in turn, is surprised to find himself wanting to put down roots for the first time. The mystery and romance plot threads generate little suspense, which will disappoint those seeking thrills or edgy eroticism. Nevertheless, North's (Opposites Attract, etc.) playful voice and evocation of small-town relationships make this an appealing read. Agent, Mel Berger. (June) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved



Love: Undercover Chapter One Everyone in Doolittle, Arkansas, knew Jenifer Janey Wright didn't need a man. She'd raised her twins on her own, having sent their father, her college freshman sweetheart, packing when he suggested her pregnancy fell into the category of an obstacle to their career success that could be "dealt with." After all, she planned to be a lawyer and he a doctor. To him, a baby at nineteen was worse than a C in Organic Chemistry. No, Jenifer didn't need a man. She'd earned her college degree by correspondence course, completing her homework in between teaching Autumn and Adam to read and hurrying to her job at the Doolittle Public Library. She'd worked there summers during high school, and the aging Mrs. Million was more than happy to have her help. They didn't pay much more than minimum wage, but Jenifer eagerly chose being surrounded by books over waiting tables at the Verandah Restaurant or standing behind the counter at Harolene's Hobby and Crafts. Her uncle Pete, not really her uncle but her parents' next door neighbor and best friend, held the post of Chief of Police of Doolittle. He'd taught her to handle guns and to shoot the heart out of a target at close, mid-, and long range, and he almost succeeded in recruiting her to become the town's first female policeman, but Jenifer declined. Her son and daughter needed her, safe and in one piece. Not that anything ever happened in Doolittle. There'd been a flurry of excitement a few years ago when a handsome young veterinarian had moved to town. Jenifer's friends, particularly her best pal Pamela, had urged her to wangle a date with Dr. Mike Halliday. She declined. Dr. Mike, as everyone soon called him, was into rescuing people, and Jenifer, as capable as she was, assumed they'd never mesh. Butt heads maybe. Besides, she didn't need a man. By then she'd earned her Master's in Library Science, organized Mrs. Million's retirement party, and taken charge of the library. No, she didn't need a man. But that didn't mean, Jenifer thought wistfully, now and then when no well-meaning friends or family were within sight, that once in a while she didn't want one. Especially now that her twins had left for college. Twenty-nine days ago they'd left for Fayetteville; Autumn's scholarship courtesy of the track team, Adam's based on academic merit. Jenifer sighed and pushed a long strand of hair back from her cheek. She didn't recommend experiencing empty nest syndrome all alone. Surely she'd settle down, get used to the quiet in the house. Even now, perched behind the checkout counter at the Doolittle Public Library, where she'd spent countless contented hours, she felt the restless stirring within that had been stealing over her more and more lately. She flipped the pages of the Library Journal , not focusing on one little word. Not that she wanted a man to keep. Jenifer was far too used to running her own life to let anyone interfere. But only last night when Pamela, sharing some of the secrets of her life with her third husband, went off on a tangent about experimenting with Kama Sutra oils and Gravitron boots and Velcro restraints, Jenifer's mouth had fallen open. People did stuff like that? No, she wasn't shocked, she assured her friend. More like pea-green envious. She wished -- no, she didn't. Yes, she did. She wished she could meet a man who'd be willing to explore the naughty and the unknown with her -- the sensible, capable, practical Jenifer Janey Wright -- and not insist on putting a ring on her finger. But where in Doolittle would she meet such a paragon of lasciviousness? Pamela had picked up her latest "eligible" man -- if you could call him that -- on a trip to Little Rock. Jenifer knew she had picky tastes, but Pamela's number three fell way below her standards. No, she knew she wouldn't accept just any man to fulfill her fantasies. He'd have to be tall, dark, and handsome, just for starters. He'd possess a worldly air, be rather mysterious, yet able to walk in the rain without fussing about his expensive clothing. He'd have lips that smiled knowingly, making her blush just remembering where those lips had kissed her sated body. He'd be -- What was wrong with her? The town of Doolittle didn't pay her to daydream. Jenifer slammed shut the Library Journal and pushed back the high-backed stool. She had books to reshelve. Only then did she glance up and realize a man stood in front of the checkout counter, gazing at her with an amused expression on his face. His rather handsome, expressive, chiseled chin, deep-set dark eyes, strong nose, full lips sort of face. A face she'd never seen before. Jenifer swallowed hard, wondering if it were possible to conjure reality from wishes. Tipping her head to one side, she considered the notion, and the man. And the rather wicked gleam in his eyes. She felt naked, suddenly, as if he could both read her mind and see through her sensible white blouse. Which was impossible, of course, and even if he could, all he would catch a glimpse of was her sensible white bra. A bra she would throw away the minute she got home. She'd been sensible enough for years of her life. "May I help you?" she said to the man, keeping her voice pleasant and professional. He nodded, and leaned a hand on the counter. He had a tan -- not surprising toward the end of summer -- and his shoulders moved beneath his polo shirt with a grace that spoke of either lots of time in the gym or out of doors. Jenifer smiled. She liked a man who didn't stay cooped up inside all day. He fixed her with a dark-eyed gaze that made her feel as if no matter what he asked for, she could provide it. Even if the library didn't carry it, she'd order the request ... Love: Undercover . Copyright © by Hailey North. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. 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