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What you need to know about : terror
Halpern, Micah D.
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First edition.
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New Milford, CT. : Toby Press, 2003.
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xx, 163 pages ; 22 cm
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George W Bush calls terrorists killers whose only faith is hate. Colin Powell calls the nexus of tyrants and terror the greatest danger of our age. But where did these terrorists come from? Who are they? Why do they do what they do? This manual answers all these questions and more. A concise and fascinating guide by an expert, it is a must read for anyone who believes in security, freedom and democracy. Book jacket.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xv
Terror: Q&A
Terror Defined
Question 1 What is Terror?p. 5
Question 2 Are there different types of terror?p. 6
Question 3 What does a terrorist look like?p. 8
Question 4 How and why do terrorists select targets?p. 9
Question 5 Are there different definitions as to what constitutes an act of terror?p. 10
Question 6 Due to the differences in defining terror, are there different approaches to the issue of how to deal with a captured terrorist?p. 11
Question 7 Can there be good terror and bad terror?p. 13
Question 8 Is it terror when terrorists attack soldiers?p. 15
Question 9 Why do people disagree as to whether terror has occurred?p. 17
Question 10 Isn't terror a legitimate political response? Terrorists often claim they are fighting injustice in the only way they can. How else are people supposed to get their point across?p. 19
Question 11 Why is it important to fight terror?p. 21
Question 12 How long will the fight against terror take?p. 22
Conclusionsp. 23
Responses to Terror
Question 13 What is the best response to terror?p. 27
Question 14 Must the response to terror be military? Isn't there an alternative way to fight terror?p. 28
Question 15 Which is more dangerous, weapons of mass destruction or terrorism?p. 30
Question 16 Are Western governments powerless against the threat of terror?p. 31
Question 17 Should torture be used to interrogate terrorists?p. 33
Question 18 What is targeting? Isn't that just another name for assassination?p. 35
Question 19 If we are willing to target terrorists, what makes us different from the terrorist? Isn't killing, killing?p. 37
Question 20 How do you convince a pacifist to fight terror with force?p. 38
Conclusionsp. 39
Islamic Terror
Question 21 Are all terrorists Muslims?p. 43
Question 22 What is the traditional attitude of Islam towards the West?p. 44
Question 23 Is there something in Islam that turns people into terrorists?p. 46
Question 24 What is the traditional Muslim attitude towards war?p. 48
Question 25 What is jihad?p. 50
Question 26 Who becomes a terrorist? Why?p. 52
Question 27 What are homicide or suicide bombers?p. 53
Question 28 How can paretnts of suicide bombers take so much pride in the death of their child after he or she has murdered so many innocent people?p. 55
Question 29 What is a shaheed?p. 56
Question 30 What does Islam say about suicide?p. 57
Question 31 Who are the fedayeen?p. 58
Conclusionsp. 59
Sponsors of Terror
Question 32 What is the link between despots and terrorism?p. 63
Question 33 What was Saddam Hussein's role in terror?p. 65
Question 34 How is Iran connected to terror?p. 67
Question 35 Who sponsors terror?p. 69
Question 36 Why would a country sponsor terror?p. 71
Question 37 How can you blame an entire country for the acts of only a few of its citizens?p. 73
Question 38 How can you convince millions of people not to support terrorists?p. 74
Conclusionsp. 75
The Structure of Terror
Question 39 Does the terrorist act alone?p. 79
Question 40 Is there a difference if a person acts alone or as a group member?p. 80
Question 41 Do terrorists have an ethical code?p. 81
Question 42 What do we know about terrorist organizations?p. 82
Question 43 Is there a relationship between drug trafficking and terrorism?p. 83
Conclusionsp. 84
Tools of Terror
Question 44 How much does it cost to perpetrate a terror attack?p. 87
Question 45 What is a suitcase bomb?p. 88
Question 46 What is a dirty bomb?p. 89
Question 47 Are new weapons being developed that might fall into terrorist hands?p. 90
Conclusionsp. 91
Terrorism and America
Question 48 Why do Muslim terrorists hate the United States and other Western countries?p. 95
Question 49 Do terrorists hate the United States because the United States is a friend of Israel?p. 96
Question 50 Why do terrorists feel threatened by American values?p. 98
Question 51 What is the American attitude toward Islam?p. 99
Question 52 The 1970s were rife with terror. How is today's terror different?p. 100
Question 53 Why did the United States not anticipate 9/11?p. 101
Question 54 Why couldn't the United States prevent 9/11?p. 102
Question 55 What are other possible attack sites?p. 103
Question 56 How do we better secure our borders?p. 104
Question 57 How can we improve visa policies to make certain that no terrorists enter legally?p. 105
Question 58 Is airport security effective?p. 106
Question 59 Profiling sounds so discriminatory. Is it really one of the ways to stop terrorists?p. 107
Question 60 What are the most vulnerable points and the weakest links in the fight against terror?p. 108
Question 61 How can the terrorists use the sea to attack?p. 109
Question 62 How great are the dangers of a terrorist chemical, bacterial, or gas attack?p. 110
Question 63 Is a National ID a good idea?p. 111
Question 64 Is it safe for Americans to travel abroad?p. 112
Question 65 What has been the role of the United States and the CIA in terrorism?p. 113
Question 66 Why don't intelligence agencies cooperate and share intelligence and information nationally and internationally?p. 114
Question 67 In the war against terror, how do you know who your friends are?p. 115
Conclusionsp. 116
Living with the Threat of Terror
Question 68 How do you live with the threat of terror?p. 121
Question 69 What do I do to prepare in case of a terror attack?p. 122
Question 70 Should I prepare a sealed room and buy duct tape, bottled water, and canned goods to prepare for the worst-case scenario?p. 123
Question 71 Why call a high-level terror alert?p. 124
Question 72 What do the different colors of terror alerts mean?p. 125
Question 73 If an attack is happening what should I do?p. 126
Question 74 What do I do if a family member is missing?p. 127
Question 75 What should we tell our children?p. 128
Conclusionsp. 130
More questions?p. 131
Major Terrorist Organizations
The Americasp. 135
Europep. 137
Asiap. 140
Middle Eastp. 143
Recommended Readingp. 157
Recommended Web Sitesp. 159
Important Phone Numbersp. 163
Acknowledgmentsp. 165
About the Authorp. 167