Cover image for The everything reflexology book : manipulate zones in the hands and feet to relieve stress, improve circulation, and promote good health
The everything reflexology book : manipulate zones in the hands and feet to relieve stress, improve circulation, and promote good health
Voner, Valerie.
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Avon, Mass. : Adams Media Corporation, [2003]

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xii, 289 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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RM723.R43 V66 2003 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area

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Now you can bring relief and comfort to yourself and others with easy-to-follow reflexology techniques. The Everything Reflexology Book walks you through the basic principles of this ancient practice and teaches you how to use the healing power of touch right in your own home.
Provides professional instruction on how to: Utilize thumb-walking, knuckle presses, clapping, and other touch techniques Identify the zones and meridians that correspond to specific body parts Alleviate ailments through foot reflexes Balance energy flow throughout the body

Author Notes

Valerie Voner, C.R.T., C.T.M., R.M.T., is the founder and director of the New England Institute of Reflexology

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. ix
The Top Ten Benefits of Reflexologyp. x
Introductionp. xi
1 Reflexology, Then and Nowp. 1
What Is Reflexology?p. 2
Ancient Historyp. 3
Native American Influencep. 4
Scientific Rootsp. 5
The Twentieth Centuryp. 7
Reflexology Todayp. 10
Current Applicationsp. 11
2 What Reflexology Can Dop. 13
Reduce Stressp. 14
Balance the Energy Flow in the Bodyp. 15
Improve Circulationp. 18
Release Toxinsp. 19
Stimulate the Body's Own Healing Potentialp. 19
Assist in Maintaining a State of Healthp. 21
3 Preparing for Reflexologyp. 23
Create a Healing Spacep. 24
The Right Chairp. 24
Proper Propsp. 26
Musicp. 28
Foot Soakp. 28
Essential Oils, Lotions, and Powdersp. 29
4 Set Your Intentionp. 33
The Importance of a Calm, Even Touchp. 34
Clearing Your Energyp. 34
Focusing on the Taskp. 36
Being the Giverp. 39
Short Nails and Clean Handsp. 40
Using Waxp. 41
5 Understanding the Body as It Relates to Reflexologyp. 43
The Structure of the Bodyp. 44
The Function of the Bodyp. 45
The Body Is Mirrored in the Feetp. 52
Zonesp. 53
Meridiansp. 55
Chakrasp. 59
6 Basic Reflexology Techniquesp. 63
Thumb Walkingp. 64
Finger Walkingp. 66
Rotationp. 68
Pressingp. 69
Hooking and Pulling Backp. 70
Holdingp. 72
Butterflyp. 73
Karate Chopsp. 74
Tappingp. 75
Knuckle Pressp. 75
Clappingp. 77
Featheringp. 77
7 Relaxing the Feetp. 79
Greeting the Feetp. 80
Turning Feet in and Outp. 81
Wringing the Footp. 82
Relaxing the Spinal Reflexp. 83
Rotating the Footp. 84
Loosening the Footp. 84
Stretchingp. 85
Using the Knuckle Pressp. 86
Greeting the Solar Plexus Reflexp. 87
Working Both Feetp. 88
8 Let's Begin!p. 89
Remembering the Imaginary Guidelinesp. 90
Picture the Foot as a Map of the Bodyp. 92
A Logical Sequencep. 93
The Shoulder Girdlep. 94
The Diaphragm Linep. 95
The Waistlinep. 96
Heel, or Sciatic, Linep. 97
The Tendon Linep. 98
9 The Toes Knowp. 99
Thumb Walking the Toesp. 100
Thumb Walking the Toe Jointp. 102
Hooking Specific Reflexes at the Top of the Footp. 104
Relief from Headachesp. 105
The Toes and Sinusesp. 105
Feel the Neck and Shoulders Relaxp. 106
Circling the Brain Reflexp. 108
10 Press This Pointp. 109
Reflex Points of the Great Toep. 110
The Hypothalamus Reflexp. 113
The Pituitary Reflexp. 114
The Pineal Reflexp. 115
The Thyroid Reflexp. 117
The Parathyroid Reflexp. 118
Using Rotation, Holding, Pressing, and Hookingp. 119
11 Getting to Know the Nervous Systemp. 123
The Need for Equilibriump. 124
The Parts of the Brainp. 124
Connecting the Feet, Spinal Cord, and Brainp. 127
7,200 Nerve Endingsp. 129
The Feet as a Post Officep. 129
Seeing the Receiver Relaxp. 131
12 Warm the Heart from the Solep. 133
The Ball of the Footp. 134
Begin with a Knuckle Pressp. 134
Thumb Walk the Heart Reflexp. 136
Caterpillar the Chest Reflex Regionp. 137
Thumb Walk from the Inside Edgep. 138
Thumb Walk from the Outside Edgep. 140
Butterfly the Areap. 141
Work on the Top Surface of the Footp. 142
Lymph Drainagep. 144
Solar Plexus Reflexp. 146
Flutter Offp. 147
13 Before You Move Onp. 149
Right Foot, Right Sidep. 150
Left Foot, Left Sidep. 151
It's That Mirror Againp. 152
A Reflexologist's Jobp. 153
Expect the Unexpectedp. 155
Explanation of Bones as Guidelinesp. 156
14 On to the Next Section!p. 159
Diaphragm Line to Waistlinep. 160
Think about the Footp. 161
Understanding Digestionp. 165
Thumb Walk the Esophageal Reflexp. 166
Three Fingers Mark the Spotp. 168
Liver and Gallbladder Reflexesp. 169
Spleen Reflexp. 171
Gallbladder Meridianp. 172
Don't Forget the Adrenalsp. 173
Finish with Four-Finger Walkingp. 174
15 Recharging the Digestive Systemp. 177
From the Waistline to the Sciatic Linep. 178
Discovering Landmarksp. 178
The Ileocecal/Appendix Reflexp. 180
The Ascending Colon Reflexp. 183
The Flexure and Transverse Colon Reflexesp. 183
Working All the Right Anglesp. 184
Create a Fan with Thumb Walkingp. 186
The Small Intestine Reflex Boxp. 187
Kidney and Bladder Reflexesp. 188
The Heel in Transitionp. 190
16 Moving to the Left Footp. 193
The Left Footp. 194
Creating the Outside Boxp. 195
More Right Anglesp. 200
Draw Another Fanp. 201
A Box for the Small Intestine Reflexp. 203
Revisiting the Kidney and Bladderp. 204
Ahhh, Knuckle Press the Heelp. 205
17 Take a Break and Reviewp. 207
Review with the Left Footp. 208
Sections of the Body Reflected in the Workp. 210
Systems Affectedp. 213
Reactions of the Systemsp. 215
Comfort of the Receiverp. 216
Expressed Tensionp. 217
18 Reflexing the Reproductive Systemp. 221
Bony Landmarks--the Anklesp. 222
Reflexes on the Inside Archp. 223
Thumb Walking a Trianglep. 224
Press and Hold Behind the Anklep. 226
Reflexes on the Outside of the Footp. 226
Another Trianglep. 229
Reflexing the Hipsp. 229
19 Putting It All Togetherp. 231
The Spinal and Brain Reflexesp. 232
Three Times Threep. 233
Thumb Walk the Spinal Reflexp. 234
Rotation on the Reflexp. 235
Zigzag Thumb Walkp. 238
The Thread of the Tapestryp. 240
20 Close Down, Cool Outp. 243
Close Downp. 244
Cool Outp. 244
Karate Chopsp. 245
Tapping and Clappingp. 246
Double Solar Plexus Pressp. 247
Quiet, Pleasep. 247
Congratulations!p. 248
Reflexology and Other Modalitiesp. 248
The Minisessionp. 249
21 When Is Reflexology Not a Good Idea?p. 251
Overall, Reflexology Is a Safe Techniquep. 252
It's Not Appropriate When ...p. 253
Dilated Varicose Veinsp. 254
Severe Swellingp. 255
Open Sores or Cutsp. 256
Contagious or Infectious Conditionsp. 256
Current Break or Sprainp. 258
Feverp. 259
Cancerp. 260
Appendix A Reflexology Reference Chartsp. 262
Appendix B Resourcesp. 267
Appendix C Glossaryp. 274
Indexp. 279