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From Babel to dragomans : interpreting the Middle East
Lewis, Bernard.
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New York : Oxford University Press, [2004]

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xiv, 438 pages ; 25 cm
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Collection of articles, essays, etc. originally published 1953-2003.
An Islamic mosque -- From Babel to Dragomans -- Middle East feasts -- Iran in history -- Palimpsests of Jewish history : Christian, Muslim, and secular diaspora -- Some notes on land, money, and power in medieval Islam -- An interpretation of Fatimid history -- Propaganda in the pre-modern Middle East : a preliminary classification -- Monarchy in the Middle East -- Religion and murder in the Middle East -- The Mughals and the Ottomans -- Europe and the Turks : the civilization of the Ottoman Empire -- Europe and Islam : Muslim perceptions and experience -- Cold war and détente in the sixteenth century --From pilgrims to tourists : a survey of Middle Eastern travel -- The British mandate for Palestine in historical perspective -- Pan-Arabism -- The emergence of modern Israel -- Orientalist notes on the Soviet-United Arab Republic treaty of 27 May 1971 -- A taxonomy of group hatred -- Islam and the West -- The Middle East, westernized despite itself -- The Middle East in world affairs -- Friends and enemies : reflections after a war -- Return to Cairo -- Middle East at prayer -- At the United Nations -- The anti-Zionist resolution -- Right and left in Lebanon -- The Shiʻa -- Islamic revolution -- The enemies of God -- The roots of Muslim rage -- The other Middle East problems -- Did you say "American imperialism"? : power, weakness, and choices in the Middle East -- The law of Islam --- Not everybody hates Saddam -- Mideast states : pawns no longer in imperial games -- What Saddam wrought -- The "sick man" of today coughs closer to home -- Revisiting the paradox of modern Turkey -- We must be clear -- Deconstructing Osama and his evil appeal -- Targeted by a history of hatred -- A time for toppling -- In defense of history -- First-person narrative in the Middle East -- Reflections on Islamic historiography -- The Ottoman archives : a source for European history -- History writing and national revival in Turkey -- On Occidentalism and orientalism.
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