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Readings on Moby-Dick
Obstfeld, Raymond, 1952-
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San Diego : Greenhaven Press, [2003]

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205 pages ; 23 cm.
The art of Moby-Dick. Melville's style is both original and a reflection of his times / Richard Chase ; The four levels of rhetorical style / Walter E. Bezanson ; Melville's inventive use of language / Newton Arvin ; The four worlds of setting / Warner Berthoff -- Symbols and themes in Moby-Dick. Interpretations of Moby-Dick / Charles Feidelson Jr. ; Sharks as a symbol of human nature / Robert Zoellner ; The characters' conflicting perceptions of Moby Dick / R.E. Watters ; The meanings of the sea / William Hamilton -- The use of religion in Moby-Dick. Viewing Moby-Dick as a sacred text / Lawrence Buell ; The epilogue presents a Hindu view of life / H.B. Kulkarni ; Moby Dick: Jonah's or Job's whale? / Nathalia Wright ; The use of folklore to establish humanism / Ray B. Browne -- The characters of Moby-Dick. Ahab's inability to understand the whale leads to his self-destruction / Charles H. Cook Jr. ; The heroism of Ahab / Alfred Kazin ; Ishmael represents humanity's tragic plight / Bruce L. Grenberg ; Stubb and Starbuck represent moral opposites / Kerry McSweeney ; Father Mapple as moral prophet / Howard P. Vincent -- The reflection of American society in Moby-Dick. The doomed voyage of America's white society / D.H. Lawrence ; Moby-Dick analyzes nineteenth-century race prejudice / Carolyn L. Karcher ; Moby-Dick and the spirit of revolution / Mark Niemeyer ; Moby-Dick reflects Melville's political stance / Alan Heimert.
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