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Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language, and education
Marschark, Marc.
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Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2003]

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xvi, 505 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Perspectives on the history of deaf education / Harry G. Lang -- Demographic and achievement characteristics of deaf and hard-of-hearing students / Michael A. Karchmer, Ross E. Mitchell -- Curriculum : cultural and communicative contexts / Des Power, Gregory R. Leigh -- Educational consequences of alternative school placements / Michael S. Stinson, Thomas N. Kluwin -- Early intervention : current approaches to family-centered programming / Marilyn Sass-Lehrer, Barbara Bodner-Johnson -- Educational programming for deaf children with multiple disabilities : accommodating special needs / Harry Knoors, Mathijs P.J. Vervloed -- Processes and components of reading / Peter V. Paul -- Approaches to teaching reading / Barbara R. Schirmer, Cheri Williams -- Writing : characteristics, instruction, and assessment / John A. Albertini, Sara Schley -- Bilingualism and literacy / Connie Mayer, C. Tane Akamatsu -- Deaf communities / Bencie Woll, Paddy Ladd -- Peer interaction of deaf and hard-of-hearing children / Shirin D. Antia, Kathryn H. Kriemeyer -- Social and emotional development of deaf children : family, school, and program effects / Rosemary Calderon, Mark T. Greenberg -- Parent-infant interactions : a transactional approach to understanding the development of deaf infants / Meg Traci, Lynne Sanford Koester -- Mental health and deaf adults / Irene W. Leigh, Robert Q. Pollard, Jr. -- The development of American Sign Language and manually coded English systems / Brenda Schick -- Development of spoken language by deaf children / Peter J. Blamey -- Expressing meaning : from communicative intent to building a lexicon / Amy R. Lederberg -- The role of cued speech in language development of deaf children / Jacqueline Leybaert, Jesus Alegria -- Formal and informal approaches to the language assessment of deaf children / Janet R. Jamieson -- Assessing children's proficiency in natural signed languages / Jenny L. Singleton and Samuel J. Supalla -- Origins of sign languages / David F. Armstrong, Sherman Wilcox -- Sign language structures / Susan D. Fischer, Harry van der Hulst -- Modality and the structure of language : sign languages versus signed systems / Ronnie B. Wilbur -- Interpreters and interpreter education / Christine Monikowski, Elizabeth A. Winston -- The neural systems underlying sign language / Karen Emmorey -- Speech perception and spoken word recognition / Lynne E. Bernstein, Edward T. Auer, Jr. -- Advances in the genetics of deafness / Kathleen S. Arnos, Arti Pandya -- Technologies for communication : status and trends / Judith E. Harkins, Matthew Bakke -- Screening and assessment of hearing loss in infants / Barbara Cone-Wesson -- Cochlear implants : issues and implications / Patricia Elizabeth Spencer, Marc Marschark -- Intellectual assessment of deaf people : a critical review of core concepts and issues / Susan J. Maller -- Cognitive functioning in deaf adults and children / Marc Marschark -- Working memory, neuroscience, and language : evidence from deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals / Jerker Ronnberg -- Epilogue : what we know, what we don't know, and what we should know / Marc Marschark, Patricia Elizabeth Spencer.
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