Cover image for Fanatics and fools : the game plan for winning back America
Fanatics and fools : the game plan for winning back America
Huffington, Arianna Stassinopoulos, 1950-
First edition.
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New York : Miramax Books, [2004]

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xi, 370 pages ; 22 cm
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As America's leaders fight pre-emptive wars abroad and ordinary Americans fight to keep their heads above water here at home, Arianna Huffington offers a no-holds-barred account of where we stand and a clear and remarkable vision of where we should be headed. Taking aim at the ruthless fanatics in the Bush White House and the feckless fools in the all-too-compliant Democratic opposition, the best-selling author of Pigs at the Trough paints a scathing picture of our contemporary political landscape -- peopled with scoundrels and cowards, and awash in the constant and corrosive flow of dirty money. But the book doesn't stop there. Over the course of her run for governor of California, Arianna Huffington learned that criticism and outrage are not enough. She lays out her game plan for winning back America from our not-so-compassionately-conservative president, now firmly and happily in the grip of right-wing radicals like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and John Ashcroft. With the 2004 election fast approaching, Arianna Huffington sees fire in the ashes of the Democratic Party and reason for hope that this can be the year that the people finally take back control of their government and their country. Fearless, funny, in full command of the facts, and ever passionate, Arianna Huffington offers not just a chapter-and-verse diagnosis of the fanaticism that drives the Bush White House but a bold vision of New Responsibility for rebuilding our broken democracy. If you want to know what you can do to restore America to the promise and moral greatness envisioned by our greatest leaders, from Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to FDR and Bobby Kennedy, this book is required reading. These are big dreams, but, as Arianna argues, anything smaller guarantees the reelection of George Bush. Book jacket.

Author Notes

Arianna Huffington was born on July 15, 1950, in Athens, Greece. She received an M.A. in economics from Cambridge University. She is the cofounder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post and a nationally syndicated columnist. She is the author of several books including The Female Woman, Third World America, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder which is a New York Times 2015 bestseller and The Sleep Revolution. She has also written biographies of Maria Callas and Pablo Picasso. She is the cohost of Left, Right and Center, public radio's political roundtable program.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Huffington's latest (after the bestselling Pigs at the Trough) gets off to a rocky start with a scattershot attack on the GOP that reads more like a disjointed assemblage of her syndicated columns than a sustained argument. Though she is capable of biting humor, this material all too often emphasizes weak attempts at humor over facts (most of which have already been covered in myriad other anti-Bush books). She takes several cheap shots, at Rush Limbaugh's drug addiction, for instance, and makes a tasteless crack about inducing premature births so the infants can count as campaign donors. As she shifts into discussing her short-lived candidacy in California's gubernatorial recall, however, Huffington gradually acquires gravitas and cohesiveness to such a degree that the second half of the book feels like a different work. Her detailed analysis of a Democratic leadership "in complete denial" is strong, and this is surely one of the few potentially bestselling political critiques this season to grapple with political philosophers like John Rawls and Leo Strauss. With an impassioned call for all Americans to give more than lip service to charitable impulses, and invoking the spirit of Robert Kennedy, Huffington assembles a multi-issue platform on which she hopes liberals and progressives can unite to unseat Bush in November. Capping a decade-long transformation from classic conservative to social progressive, Huffington effectively mounts an assault on both ruling parties and firmly rebukes any who would still challenge the seriousness of her political ambitions. Agent, Carlton Sedgeley. (Apr.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Section I The Fanatics
The Fanatics' Matrixp. 21
When Paul O'Neill Sounds Like Tip O'Neillp. 22
Proof? We Don't Need No Stinking Proofp. 25
A Field Guide to Fanaticsp. 28
George Bush Takes the Blue Pillp. 33
Fanatics in Action, Part One: The Foxes Guarding the Henhousep. 35
America vs. the Hatersp. 36
Portraits in Fanaticism: Don Rumsfeld, No Holds Barredp. 40
Doing the Iraq Mathp. 43
Liberation Bluesp. 44
Hawk Nearly Down: Wolfowitz in Baghdadp. 50
Portraits in Fanaticism: Richard Perle, Prince of Darknessp. 52
Are We Feeling Safer Yet?p. 56
Portraits in Fanaticism: John Ashcroft, The Fanatics' Fanaticp. 60
Bush's Outrages: The Dirty Laundry Listp. 67
The Bush Record: Mission Accomplishedp. 70
Crime and Very Little Punishmentp. 74
The Secret Resignation Files: The Joy of Quittingp. 78
Fanatics in Action, Part Two: Icing the Yellowcakep. 89
Corporate America Divvies Up the Post-Saddam Spoilsp. 93
The Love Triangle of Dick, Saddam, and Halliburtonp. 96
Secrets and the Secret Keepers: A Quizp. 102
Pay to Play in Iraqp. 110
Uncle Sam Wants You ... to Give Back a Billion Dollarsp. 115
Portraits in Fanaticism: Dick Cheney ... The Margin of Victory for Democrats?p. 117
The Reformer with Results Produces Neitherp. 121
Portraits in Fanaticism: The Karl Rove Diariesp. 125
The Late, Great Estate Taxp. 130
The Fanatics Speakp. 131
Healthy Marriages Are from Venus, George Bush Is from Marsp. 134
Portraits in Fanaticism: Tom DeLay, Fund-Raiser and Fun-Raiserp. 138
Clean Air: More Mothering, Less Smotheringp. 142
Leave No Donor Behindp. 145
Wayne Berman: Portrait of a Lobbyist Extraordinairep. 148
A Brief Survey of Republican Historyp. 149
Still Your Father's Republican Partyp. 153
Section II A Bush Republican Takes California
The Bush Game Plan Heads Westp. 161
Governor Schwarzenegger: A Very Familiar Kind of Republicanp. 163
Arnold Schwarzenegger: What He Said and What He Didp. 168
The Deal-i-natorp. 171
The Leave-Us-Alone Coalition or the Grover-Jeb-Donna-Arnold Nexusp. 177
A Very Schwarzenegger Thanksgivingp. 179
The Charm Warsp. 181
Bread and Circuses: Then and Nowp. 189
Total Lack of Recallp. 192
Adventures on the Campaign Trail
Diary of a Seven-Week-Candidatep. 199
The Rubiconp. 199
"Arnold on Line Four"p. 203
The Worst Day of My Campaignp. 204
The Best Day of My Campaignp. 207
"I'm a Woman, Please Hear Me Roar"p. 209
In 2004, It's Really Not Easy Being Greenp. 211
Cruz Bustamante, Matchmakerp. 215
Section III The Fools
Sheep in Sheep's Clothingp. 219
The 2002 Train Wreckp. 224
Our Fanatical and Foolish Society: The Symptomsp. 227
Invasion of the Post-Election Body Snatchersp. 229
The Fools Face a Stacked Deck in Californiap. 232
Stand By Your Foolp. 233
Gray Davis: The Democrats Choose Decisive Inactionp. 235
The Trivial Pursuit of the White House 2004p. 236
Democrats Tune Violins; Rome Smoldersp. 244
The Phantom Candidatep. 245
Giving the Fools an Extreme Makeoverp. 250
Building a Critical Mass against Special Interest Politicsp. 259
The Fear Factor: Why NASCAR Dads Keep Voting against Their Own Interestsp. 263
Section IV The Other Side of the Mountain
Two Nations and the Fourth Instinctp. 269
Of Rights and Wrongsp. 275
Real Family Valuesp. 277
The New Responsibility Visionp. 280
Felix Unger for President!p. 286
The Vision Personifiedp. 290
Not All Charity Is Created Equalp. 293
Compassionate Conservatism in the Headlinesp. 297
Portraits of Strugglep. 302
Sacrifice Is for Suckersp. 316
Americorps and Mep. 322
Civil Society: Hanging in the Balancep. 325
The New Contract for a Better Americap. 328
1. Achieve Energy Independencep. 328
2. Prescribe a Cure for the Health-Care Epidemicp. 332
3. Treat Lost Jobs as a Social Calamity, Not a Lagging Economic Indicatorp. 335
4. Truly Leave No Child Behindp. 336
5. Break Down Barriers and Create New Opportunities in Educationp. 338
6. Call a Truce in the Drug Warp. 341
7. Secure the Homeland Firstp. 347
8. Be a Leader, Not a Bullyp. 351
9. Restore Integrity to the Political Processp. 352
10. Put People above Corporate Profitsp. 355
Rallying Callp. 363
Acknowledgmentsp. 367