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Lost scriptures : books that did not make it into the New Testament
Ehrman, Bart D.
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New York : Oxford University Press, [2003]

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vi, 342 pages ; 24 cm
Non-canonical gospels: The gospel of the Nazareans -- The gospel of the Ebionites -- The gospel according to the Hebrews -- The gospel according to the Egyptians -- The Coptic gospel of Thomas -- Papyrus Egerton 2: the unknown gospel -- The gospel of Peter -- The gospel of Mary -- The gospel of Philip -- The gospel of truth -- The gospel of the savior -- The infancy gospel of Thomas -- The proto-gospel of James -- The epistle of the apostles -- The Coptic apocalypse of Peter -- The second treatise of the Great Seth -- The secret gospel of Mark ; Non-canonical acts of the apostles: The acts of John -- The acts of Paul -- The acts of Thecla -- The acts of Thomas -- The acts of Peter ; Non-canonical epistles and related writings: The third letter to the Corinthians -- Correspondence of Paul and Seneca -- Paul's letter to the Laodiceans -- The letter of 1 Clement -- The letter of 2 Clement -- The "letter of Peter to James" and its "Reception" -- The homilies of Clement -- Ptolemy's letter to Flora -- The treatise on the resurrection -- The Didache -- The letter of Barnabas -- The preaching of Peter -- Pseudo-Titus ; Non-canonical apocalypses and revelatory treatises: The Shepherd of Hermas -- The apocalypse of Peter -- The apocalypse of Paul -- The secret book of John -- On the origin of the world -- The first thought in three forms -- The hymn of the pearl ; Canonical lists: The Muratorian canon -- The canon of Origen of Alexandria -- The canon of Eusebius -- The canon of Athansius of Alexandria -- The canon of the Third Synod of Carthage.
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