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Writing activities for every month of the school year : ready-to-use writing process activities for grades 4-8
Behrman, Carol H.
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First edition.
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San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, [1997]

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xx, 378 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
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Here's a unique collection of 340 reproducible writing process activity sheets that capitalize on students' natural interest in holidays and special events while reinforcing your writing skills curriculum! Organized into ten monthly sections, September through June, each month including over 30 writing activity sheets like these for November: Athletic Words (sentence writing), Last Leaf on the Tree (paragraph writing), and World Without TV (essay writing).

Author Notes

Carol H. Behrman has taught writing to students in grades 5-8 for more than 20 years. She has also written 19 fiction and nonfiction books for children and young adults and has conducted numerous workshops on the writing process for students and teachers. In addition, Ms. Behrman in the author of two other resources on the writing process published by The Center, Hooked on Writing! (1990) and Write! Write! Write! (1995).

Table of Contents

About Writingp. vii
How to Use this Resourcep. ix
Activities for September
1 Savvy September Sentences (Sentences)p. 4
2A New Beginnings (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 5
2B New Beginnings (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 6
2C New Beginnings (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 7
3 Getting Off to a Good Start (Creative Writing)p. 8
4A Love That Job! (Prewriting) (Business Letter)p. 9
4B Love That Job! (First Draft) (Writing a letter of application)p. 10
4C Love That Job! (Final Copy) (Writing a letter of application)p. 11
5A Never Too Late to Dream (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 12
5B Never Too Late to Dream (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 13
5C Never Too Late to Dream (Final Copy)' (Essay Writing)p. 14
6A Sci-Fi or What? (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 15
6B Sci-FI or What? (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 16
6C Sci-FI or What? (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 17
7A How I Got My Own TV Show (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 18
7B How I Got My Own TV Show (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 19
7C How I Got My Own TV Show (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 20
8A Dear Doc (Prewriting) (Letters)p. 21
8B Dear Doc (First Draft) (Letters)p. 22
8C Dear Doc (Final Copy) (Letters)p. 23
9A Star Reporter (Prewriting) (News Story)p. 24
9B Star Reporter (First Draft) (News Story)p. 25
9C Star Reporter (Final Copy) (News Story)p. 26
10A The Sentence Detective (Prewriting) (Fragments)p. 27
10B The Sentence Detective (Final Copy) (Fragments)p. 28
11A Going for the Gold (Prewriting) (Simple Essay)p. 29
11B Going for the Gold (First Draft) (Simple Essay)p. 30
11C Going for the Gold (Final Copy) (Simple Essay)p. 31
12A Fall Into Rhyme (Prewriting) (Poetry)p. 32
12B Fall Into Rhyme (First Draft) (Poetry)p. 33
12C Fall Into Rhyme (Final Copy) (Poetry)p. 34
13A Building Blocks (Sentences) (Sentence Writing)p. 35
13B Building Blocks (Paragraphs) (Paragraph Writing)p. 36
Activities for October
1A A Rafting Adventure (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 40
1B A Rafting Adventure (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 41
1C A Rafting Adventure (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 42
2A Town Without Lights (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 43
2B Town Without Lights (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 44
2C Town Without Lights (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 45
3 Dictionary Writer (Defining Words)p. 46
4A Spectator Sports (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing)p. 47
4B Spectator Sports (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 48
4C Spectator Sports (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 49
5A Scary Verses (Prewriting) (Poetry Writing)p. 50
5B Scary Verses (First Draft) (Poetry Writing)p. 51
5C Scary Verses (Final Copy) (Poetry Writing)p. 52
6A If I Were President (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 53
6B If I Were President (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 54
6C If I Were President (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 55
7A Breathing Free (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 56
7B Breathing Free (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 57
7C Breathing Free (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 58
8 October Birthday Bash (Word Game)p. 59
9A Dear Christopher Columbus (Prewriting) (Letter Writing)p. 60
9B Dear Christopher Columbus (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 61
9C Dear Christopher Columbus (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 62
10A Ace Reporter (Prewriting) (News Article)p. 63
10B Ace Reporter (First Draft) (News Article)p. 64
10C Ace Reporter (Final Copy) (News Article)p. 65
11A Spooky Skeletons (Using Adjectives)p. 66
11B More Spooky Skeletons (Using Adjectives)p. 67
12A Good As Gold (Sentences) (Using Similes)p. 68
12B Good as Gold (Paragraphs) (Using Similes)p. 69
13A Rocketing to New Worlds (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 70
13B Rocketing to New Worlds (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 71
13C Rocketing to New Worlds (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 72
14A Hero Worship (Prewriting) (Letter Writing)p. 73
14B Hero Worship (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 74
14C Hero Worship (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 75
Activities for November
1A Last Leaf on the Tree (Prewriting) (Creative Writing; Paragraph Writing)p. 80
1B Last Leaf on the Tree (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 81
1C Last Leaf on the Tree (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 82
2A Vote for Joe! (Prewriting) (Journalism)p. 83
2B Vote for Joe! (First Draft) (Journalism)p. 84
2C Vote for Joe! (Final Copy) (Journalism)p. 85
3A Take a Poll (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 86
3B Take a Poll (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 87
3C Take a Poll (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 88
4A A Sense-Ative Place (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing; Sensory Language)p. 89
4B A Sense-Ative Place (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing; Sensory Language)p. 90
4C A Sense-Ative Place (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing; Sensory Language)p. 91
5A A World Without TV (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 92
5B A World Without TV (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 93
5C A World Without TV (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 94
6A A 21st-Century Invention (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 95
6B A 21st-Century Invention (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 96
6C A 21st-Century Invention (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 97
7A War and Peace (Prewriting) (Nouns and Adjectives)p. 98
7B War and Peace (First Draft) (Nouns and Verbs)p. 99
8A Chopping Wood (Paragraph Writing)p. 100
8B Chopping More Wood (Paragraph Writing)p. 101
9A Happy Haiku (Prewriting) (Poetry Writing)p. 102
9B Happy Haiku (First Draft) (Poetry Writing)p. 103
9C Happy Haiku (Final Copy) (Poetry Writing)p. 104
10A Funnybone Tickling (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing)p. 105
10B Funnybone Tickling (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 106
10C Funnybone Tickling (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 107
11 Athletic Words (Writing Sentences)p. 108
12A A Terrible Day (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 109
12B A Terrible Day (First Draft) (Essay)p. 110
12C A Terrible Day (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 111
13A Dangerous Journeys (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 112
13B Dangerous Journeys (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 113
13C Dangerous Journeys (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 114
Activities for December
1A Chills and Thrills (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 118
1B Chills and Thrills (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 119
1C Chills and Thrills (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 120
2A Remember Pearl Harbor (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 121
2B Remember Pearl Harbor (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 122
2C Remember Pearl Harbor (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 123
3A Jingle Bells (Prewriting) (Poetry Writing)p. 124
3B Jingle Bells (First Draft) (Poetry Writing)p. 125
3C Jingle Bells (Final Copy) (Poetry Writing)p. 126
4A Pro or Anti? (Prewriting) (Opinion Essay)p. 127
4B Pro or Anti? (First Draft) (Opinion Essay)p. 128
4C Pro or Anti? (Final Copy) (Opinion Essay)p. 129
5 Tenth Month (Word Games; Sentences)p. 130
6A You are a Film Critic (Prewriting) (Movie Review)p. 131
6B You are a Film Critic (First Draft) (Movie Review)p. 132
6C You are a Film Critic (Final Copy) (Movie Review)p. 133
7A Holiday Family Fun (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 134
7B Holiday Family Fun (First Draft) (Essay)p. 135
7C Holiday Family Fun (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 136
8A Bah! Humbug! (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 137
8B Bah! Humbug! (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 138
8C Bah! Humbug! (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 139
9A Boston Tea Party (Sentences) (Sentence Writing)p. 140
9B Boston Tea Party (Paragraph Writing) (Paragraph Writing)p. 141
10 The Giant Snowman (Fill-In Story) (Creative Writing)p. 142
11A Scrambled History (Paragraph Writing)p. 143
11B Scrambled History (Paragraph Writing)p. 144
12A Billion-Dollar Gift List (Pre-Writing) (Essay)p. 145
12B Billion-Dollar Gift List (First Draft) (Essay)p. 146
12C Billion-Dollar Gift List (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 147
13 December Decorations (Sentences)p. 148
14A Revealing the Future (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 149
14B Revealing the Future (First Draft) (Essay)p. 150
14C Revealing the Future (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 151
Activities for January
1A Happy New Year (Prewriting) (Poetry Writing)p. 156
1B Happy New Year (First Draft) (Poetry Writing)p. 157
1C Happy New Year (Final Copy) (Poetry Writing)p. 158
2A Looking Both Ways (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 159
2B Looking Both Ways (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 160
2C Looking Both Ways (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 161
3A Promises! Promises! (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 162
3B Promises! Promises! (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 163
3C Promises! Promises! (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 164
4A A Scientific Look (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 165
4B A Scientific Look (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 166
4C A Scientific Look (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 167
5 January Sentences (Sentence Writing)p. 168
6A Crime Busters (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 169
6B Crime Busters (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 170
6C Crime Busters (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 171
7 Blizzards and Sunshine (Sentence Writing)p. 172
8A Pop Idols (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 173
8B Pop Idols (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 174
8C Pop Idols (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 175
9A Wise Words (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing)p. 176
9B Wise Words (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 177
9C Wise Words (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 178
10A Lost in a Blizzard (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 179
10B Lost in a Blizzard (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 180
10C Lost in a Blizzard (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 181
11A Games! Games! Games! (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 182
11B Games! Games! Games! (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 183
11C Games! Games! Games! (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 184
12A Dear Dr. King (Prewriting) (Letter Writing)p. 185
12B Dear Dr. King (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 186
12C Dear Dr. King (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 187
13 Ski the Slopes (Word Game)p. 188
Activities for February
1A Grumpy Groundhog (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 192
1B Grumpy Groundhog (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 193
1C Grumpy Groundhog (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 194
2A Scrambled History 1 (Paragraph Writing)p. 195
2B Scrambled History 2 (Paragraph Writing)p. 196
3A If I Were President (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 197
3B If I Were President (First Draft) (Essay)p. 198
3C If I Were President (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 199
4A A Famous First (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 200
4B A Famous First (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 201
4C A Famous First (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 202
5A Heartfelt Greeting (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 203
5B Heartfelt Greeting (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 204
6A Party Talk (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 205
6B Party Talk (More Prewriting) (Writing Dialogue)p. 206
6C Party Talk (First Draft) (Writing Dialogue)p. 207
6D Party Talk (Final Copy) (Writing Dialogue)p. 208
7A Underground Journey (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 209
7B Underground Journey (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 210
7C Underground Journey (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 211
8A A Lovely Light (Prewriting) (Poetry)p. 212
8B A Lovely Light (First Draft) (Poetry)p. 213
8C A Lovely Light (Final Copy) (Poetry)p. 214
9A The Smell of Summer (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing)p. 215
9B The Smell of Summer (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 216
9C The Smell of Summer (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 217
10A February Sentences 1 (Writing Sentences)p. 218
10B February Sentences 2 (Writing Sentences)p. 219
11A Be a Movie Critic (Prewriting) (Movie Review)p. 220
11B Be a Movie Critic (First Draft) (Movie Review)p. 221
11C Be a Movie Critic (Final Copy) (Movie Review)p. 222
12 Extra! Extra! (Spelling/Sentences)p. 223
13A Bundle Up! (Prewriting) (Simple Essay)p. 224
13B Bundle Up! (First Draft) (Simple Essay)p. 225
13C Bundle Up! (Final Copy) (Simple Essay)p. 226
Activities for March
1A Mars' Month (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 230
1B Mars' Month (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 231
1C Mars' Month (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 232
2A March Winds (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing)p. 233
2B March Winds (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 234
2C March Winds (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 235
3A Mightier Than the Sword (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 236
3B Mightier Than the Sword (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 237
3C Mightier Than the Sword (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 238
4A March in March 1 (Homonyms)p. 239
4B March in March 2 (Homonyms)p. 240
5A The March Hare (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 241
5B The March Hare (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 242
5C The March Hare (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 243
6A Beware the Ides of March (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 244
6B Beware the Ides of March (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 245
6C Beware the Ides of March (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 246
7A Spring Fling (Prewriting) (Poetry Writing)p. 247
7B Spring Fling (Writing a Poem) (Poetry Writing)p. 248
8A Write Now! (Prewriting) (Letter Writing)p. 249
8B Write Now! (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 250
8C Write Now! (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 251
9A Mr. Watson, Come Here! (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 252
9B Mr. Watson, Come Here! (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 253
9C Mr. Watson, Come Here! (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 254
10A Shamrocks and Leprechauns 1 (Sentence Writing)p. 255
10B Shamrocks and Leprechauns 2 (Paragraph Writing)p. 256
10C Shamrocks and Leprechauns 3 (Paragraph Writing)p. 257
11A Adventure and Service (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 258
11B Adventure and Service (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 259
11C Adventure and Service (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 260
12A Out Like a Lamb 1 (Similes (Sentences)p. 261
12B Out Like a Lamb 2 (Similes (Paragraph))p. 262
13A A Dreaded Disease (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 263
13B A Dreaded Disease (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 264
13C A Dreaded Disease (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 265
Activities for April
1A April Fool 1 (Homonyms/Proofreading)p. 270
1B April Fool 2 (Homonyms/Proofreading)p. 271
2A April Showers (Prewriting) (Poetry)p. 272
2B April Showers (First Draft) (Poetry)p. 273
2C April Showers (Final Copy) (Poetry)p. 274
3A Save Our Earth! (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 275
3B Save Our Earth! (First Draft) (Essay)p. 276
3C Save Our Earth! (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 277
4A Fractured Fairy Tales (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 278
4B Fractured Fairy Tales (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 279
4C Fractured Fairy Tales (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 280
5A The April War (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 281
5B The April War (First Draft) (Essay)p. 282
5C The April War (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 283
6A My Captain! (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 284
6B My Captain! (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 285
6C My Captain! (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 286
7A A World of Books (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 287
7B A World of Books (First Draft) (Essay)p. 288
7C A World of Books (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 289
8A Holiday Hunt (Sentences) (Proofreading)p. 290
8B Holiday Hunt (Paragraph) (Proofreading)p. 291
9A Baseball Mania (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 292
9B Baseball Mania (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 293
9C Baseball Mania (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 294
10A The World's a Stage (Prewriting) (Paragraph Writing)p. 295
10B The World's a Stage (First Draft) (Paragraph Writing)p. 296
10C The World's a Stage (Final Copy) (Paragraph Writing)p. 297
11A Spring Things 1 (Writing Sentences)p. 298
11B Spring Things 2 (Paragraph Writing)p. 299
12A A Spring Place (Prewriting) (Descriptive Writing)p. 300
12B A Spring Place (First Draft) (Descriptive Writing)p. 301
12C A Spring Place (Final Copy) (Descriptive Writing)p. 302
Activities for May
1A Finish the Thought--May (Sentences)p. 306
1B Finish the Thought--Mother's Day (Sentences)p. 307
2A A Surprise for Mom (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 308
2B A Surprise for Mom (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 309
2C A Surprise for Mom (Revising and Writing a Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 310
3A Whose Day? (Prewriting) (Simple Essay)p. 311
3B Whose Day? (First Draft) (Simple Essay)p. 312
3C Whose Day? (Final Copy) (Simple Essay)p. 313
4A Ole, Cinco de Mayo (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 314
4B Ole, Cinco de Mayo (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 315
4C Ole, Cinco de Mayo (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 316
5A Merry Month of May (Prewriting) (Poetry Writing)p. 317
5B Merry Month of May (First Draft) (Poetry Writing)p. 318
5C Merry Month of May (Final Copy) (Poetry Writing)p. 319
6A Into the Future (Prewriting) (Letter Writing)p. 320
6B Into the Future (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 321
6C Into the Future (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 322
7A Parades and Barbecues 1 (Paragraph Writing)p. 323
7B Parades and Barbecues 2 (Paragraph Writing)p. 324
8A Light a Lamp (Prewriting) (Essay Writing)p. 325
8B Light a Lamp (First Draft) (Essay Writing)p. 326
8C Light a Lamp (Final Copy) (Essay Writing)p. 327
9A Song of Yourself (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 328
9B Song of Yourself (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 329
9C Song of Yourself (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 330
10A May Time 1 (Sentence Fragments)p. 331
10B May Time 2 (Run-on Sentences)p. 332
10C May Time 3 (Fragments; Run-on Sentences)p. 333
11A News Flash (Prewriting) (News Article)p. 334
11B News Flash (First Draft) (News Article)p. 335
11C News Flash (Final Copy) (News Article)p. 336
12A War and Peace 1 (Paragraph)p. 337
12B War and Peace 2 (Paragraph)p. 338
13A Music, Maestro! (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 339
13B Music, Maestro! (First Draft) (Essay)p. 340
13C Music, Maestro! (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 341
Activities for June
1A Rare June (Similes) (Similes)p. 346
1B Rare June (Metaphors) (Metaphors)p. 347
2A Where in the World? (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 348
2B Where in the World? (First Draft) (Essay)p. 349
2C Where in the World? (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 350
3A June Moon (Prewriting) (Poetry)p. 351
3B June Moon (First Draft) (Poetry)p. 352
3C June Moon (Final Copy) (Poetry)p. 353
4A Space Travelers (Prewriting) (Creating Writing)p. 354
4B Space Travelers (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 355
4C Space Travelers (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 356
5A Stars and Stripes Forever (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 357
5B Stars and Stripes Forever (First Draft) (Essay)p. 358
5C Stars and Stripes Forever (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 359
6A Father's Day 1 (Sentences)p. 360
6B Father's Day 2 (Sentences)p. 361
7A Dear Dad (Prewriting) (Letter Writing)p. 362
7B Dear Dad (First Draft) (Letter Writing)p. 363
7C Dear Dad (Final Copy) (Letter Writing)p. 364
8A June Partytime (Paragraph Writing)p. 365
8B A Day to Remember (Paragraph Writing)p. 366
9A Just One Story (Prewriting) (Creative Writing)p. 367
9B Just One Story (First Draft) (Creative Writing)p. 368
9C Just One Story (Final Copy) (Creative Writing)p. 369
10 A Garden of Words (Sentence Writing)p. 370
11A Play Ball! (Prewriting) (Simple Essay)p. 371
11B Play Ball! (First Draft) (Simple Essay)p. 372
11C Play Ball! (Final Copy) (Simple Essay)p. 373
12A Summer Sentences 1 (Sentence Writing)p. 374
12B Summer Sentences 2 (Sentence Writing)p. 375
13A Happy Birthday, America! (Prewriting) (Essay)p. 376
13B Happy Birthday, America! (First Draft) (Essay)p. 377
13C Happy Birthday, America! (Final Copy) (Essay)p. 378