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One-minute discipline : classroom management strategies that work
Bianco, Arnie.
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First edition.
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San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, [2002]

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xv, 252 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm
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For classroom teachers at all levels, here is a unique collection of practical, proven-effective techniques and ready-to-use tools for managing classroom behavior and creating the positive environment that students and teachers need to promote learning.

Each classroom-tested strategy is presented in a simple-to-use format for quick reference that shows: What the technique or idea is, Why you need it, and How to make it work. Plus, the techniques are complemented by support ideas, time-saving reproducible forms, lively illustrations, and interesting, reproducible quote about teaching.

For easy to use, it s all printed in a big, 8-1/2" x 11" lay-flat format for easy photocopying and its organized into 10 sections: PHILOSOPHY provides a philosophical framework for the strategies presented in the book, such as "The Three C s of Teaching."
KNOW YOU "CLIENTS" features activities and surveys, including "Icebreaker: Backpack Introductions" and the "student Survey," to help you learn about your students and their needs.
HOME AND SCHOOL gives you support ideas and reproducible forms for improving the home school connection, such as "Newsletters" and "Parent Homework Letter."
THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL offers tops and ready-to-use tools for getting the school year off to a positive start, including "Classroom Rules Checklist" and "Classroom Welcome Sign."
VOCABULARY presents effective techniques for modifying student behavior, such as "Grandma s Law," which motivates students with a payoff ("desert") for completing a task.
TECHNIQUE, STRATEGIES, AND GOOD IDEAS is packed with easy-to-use ideas, including "Noise Level Control" and "One-Minute Correction," for solving discipline problems.
TEACHING SKILLS provides practical procedures that enhance your teaching and decrease disruptive behavior, such as "Transition Time" to reduce the time spent between activities and a "Teacher Self-Assessment" to help you evaluate and improve your teaching techniques.
GREAT "LITTLE GEMS" offers a variety of helpful discipline and teaching strategies. For example, "Token Economies" shows you how to use a pint system to reward good behavior.
SURVIVAL SKILLS gives you invaluable ideas for conserving energy and relieving stress, such as "Crisis Management" and the "24-Hour Rule" for handling difficult situations.
FORMS features time-saving, reproducible forms, including "Substitute Teacher Form," "Office Discipline Ticket," and "Student/Teacher/Parent Action Contract." In short, One-Minute Discipline is a practical guide providing effective, easy-to-implement approaches to the many classroom management and discipline challenges that teaches face every day.

Author Notes

Arnie Bianco (B.S., S.U.N.Y. - Geneseo; M.Ed., University of Arizona, Tucson) taught for nine years at several different grade levels and was a school principal for 24 years. He currently owns and directs a theater for children and teens in Tucson, Arizona and has been an adjunct instructor and student teacher supervisor at Chapman University for the past 15 years. He also conducts One-Minute Discipline workshops for teachers

Table of Contents

About This Teacher's Resourcep. v
Section 1 Philosophyp. 1
One-Minute Discipline Statement of Philosophyp. 3
Philosophy Summaryp. 5
"Experience" Quotation (reproducible)p. 6
It's a Marathon! (support idea)p. 7
Teacher Discipline Self-Check (support idea)p. 8
This One's for You! (support idea)p. 9
"Care" Quotation (reproducible)p. 10
Your Growth as a Teacher (support idea)p. 11
The Three C's of Teaching (support idea)p. 12
Accepting Your Students (support idea)p. 13
Teacher Mission Statements (support idea)p. 14
"Yellow Brick Road" Quotation (reproducible)p. 15
Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! (support idea)p. 16
Section 2 Know Your "Clients"p. 17
Create a Culture of Appreciation (support idea)p. 19
"What We Give" Quotation (reproducible)p. 20
Help Create a Terrific Community (support idea)p. 21
Topic 1 Icebreaker One: The Student Shieldp. 22
Topic 2 Icebreaker Two: Backpack Introductionsp. 23
Star of the Day (support idea)p. 24
Topic 3 Icebreaker Three: Student Surveyp. 25
Student Survey (reproducible)p. 26
Student Input Class Survey (support idea)p. 27
Student Input Class Survey (reproducible)p. 28
Topic 4 Classroom Atmosphere Surveyp. 29
Classroom Atmosphere Survey (reproducible)p. 30
"A Little Nonsense" Quotation (reproducible)p. 32
Topic 5 Reinforcer Surveyp. 33
Reinforcer Survey (reproducible)p. 34
Reinforcer Rules (support idea)p. 35
Topic 6 Citizenship Program Reportp. 36
Citizenship Program Report (reproducible)p. 37
"Real Education" Quotation (reproducible)p. 38
Topic 7 Characteristics of a Healthy Classroomp. 39
Characteristics of a Healthy Classroom (reproducible)p. 40
Topic 8 Meeting Students' Needsp. 41
"Teachers as Servants" Quotation (reproducible)p. 42
Topic 9 Interest Boostingp. 43
One-Dollar Definition of a Student-Teacher Relationship (support idea)p. 44
Journal Writing (support idea)p. 45
How Do You Feel Today? (reproducible)p. 46
Topic 10 Age of Squirrelinessp. 47
"Children Today" Quotation (reproducible)p. 48
Topic 11 Dignity for Allp. 49
Teacher Reminders (support idea)p. 50
"Only the Brave Should Teach" Quotation (reproducible)p. 51
Topic 12 Life Skillsp. 52
List of Life Skills (reproducible)p. 53
Principles for Tomorrow (support idea)p. 54
"What Is Success?" Quotation (reproducible)p. 55
Topic 13 Class Meetingsp. 56
Section 3 Home and Schoolp. 57
Topic 14 Newslettersp. 59
Trifold Information for Students and Parnts (support idea)p. 60
School or Classroom Folders (support idea)p. 61
School Mascots (support idea)p. 62
Planners (support idea)p. 62
Topic 15 Parent Conferencesp. 64
Letter to Parents (support idea)p. 65
Please Tell Me About Your Child (reproducible)p. 66
Excellent Service for Parent Clients (support idea)p. 67
Angry Parents (support idea)p. 68
Good/Not-So-Good Strategies for Dealing with Angry Parents (support idea)p. 69
Topic 16 Parent Conference Checklistp. 70
Notes Sent Home (support idea)p. 71
Help from Parent Volunteers (support idea)p. 72
Esprit de Corps (support idea)p. 73
Topic 17 Homeworkp. 74
Section 4 The First Week of Schoolp. 75
Who Wants to Be Class Champion? (support idea)p. 77
Questions for "Who Wants to Be Class Champion?" (reproducible)p. 78
Topic 18 Standards and Clear Expectationsp. 80
Classroom Welcome Sign (support idea)p. 81
Teacher Oath (support idea)p. 82
Topic 19 Procedure + Practice = Routinep. 83
Topic 20 Rules of Never and Alwaysp. 84
Rules of Never and Always for Assemblies (support idea)p. 85
Topic 21 Danger Rulep. 86
Topic 22 "Fess Up" Rulep. 87
Topic 23 Classroom Rules Checklistp. 88
Topic 24 Safety Netp. 89
Topic 25 Privileges and Responsibilitiesp. 90
Topic 26 Briefingp. 91
The Business Face (support idea)p. 92
Section 5 Vocabularyp. 93
Great Quotations for Your Classroom (support idea)p. 94
"One Teacher" Quotation (reproducible)p. 96
Topic 27 Interventionsp. 97
Topic 28 Sins of Omissionp. 98
Topic 29 In-School Suspensionsp. 99
Topic 30 Mistaken Goals of Misbehaviorp. 100
Topic 31 Baci di Tutti Bocci ("kiss of all kisses")p. 101
Topic 32 The Mutual Consequence Planp. 102
Topic 33 Good and Bad Noise or Movementp. 103
Topic 34 Grandma's Lawp. 104
Section 6 Techniques, Strategies, and Good Ideasp. 105
"A Teacher Affects Eternity" Quotation (reproducible)p. 107
Topic 35 "Pick a Card, Any Card"p. 108
Reward Cards (support idea)p. 109
Consequence Cards (support idea)p. 110
Message on the Desk (support idea)p. 111
Topic 36 Visual Cuesp. 112
"Your Eyes Tell Me You Are Listening" (support idea)p. 113
Topic 37 Proximity Controlp. 114
Topic 38 Private (Direct) Appealp. 115
Topic 39 One-Minute Correctionp. 116
Encouraging Effort (support idea)p. 117
Topic 40 TWWAp. 118
Topic 41 Seating Arrangementsp. 119
Separate "Problem" Kids (support idea)p. 120
Timeout with a Buddy Teacher (support idea)p. 121
Trading Places (support idea)p. 122
Topic 42 The Consequence Fits the Crimep. 123
Topic 43 90/10 Rulep. 124
Topic 44 Voice Controlp. 125
Questions and Requests (support idea)p. 126
Topic 45 The Laser Stare (or "The Look")p. 127
Interruptions (support idea)p. 128
Topic 46 The Pregnant Pausep. 129
Topic 47 "See Me After Class"p. 130
Topic 48 Broken Recordp. 131
Topic 49 Study Buddiesp. 132
Topic 50 Bonus Couponsp. 133
Rewards (support idea)p. 134
Class Auction (support idea)p. 135
Topic 51 3 Before Mep. 136
Topic 52 Noise-Level Controlp. 137
Say the Secret Word/Phrase and All Is Quiet (support idea)p. 138
Topic 53 Sandwich Techniquep. 139
Topic 54 Personal "Gofer"p. 140
The Johnny Bianco Show (support idea)p. 141
Topic 55 Desist Commandsp. 142
How to Help Kids Cope with Bullies (support idea)p. 143
Topic 56 Ask a Question, Pay a Chipp. 144
Topic 57 Handling Conflictp. 145
Topic 58 Cadencep. 146
Section 7 Teaching Skillsp. 147
"Good Teaching" Quotation (reproducible)p. 149
Topic 59 Dwelling (Going On and On ...)p. 150
Learner Motivation (support idea)p. 151
Topic 60 Jerkinessp. 152
Thinking Word(s) (support idea)p. 153
Topic 61 Visual Learnersp. 154
Roles of a Teacher (support idea)p. 155
"The Secret of Teaching" Quotation (reproducible)p. 156
Topic 62 Sane Messagesp. 157
Words of Praise (support idea)p. 158
Topic 63 Subject Matter/Discipline Checklistp. 159
So You Want to Be a Super Teacher? (support idea)p. 160
How Many Crayons in Your Crayon Box? (support idea)p. 161
"Life Is Like a Ten-Speed Bicycle" Quotation (reproducible)p. 162
Your Modus Operandi (support idea)p. 163
Topic 64 Teacher Self-Assessment One: The Duck-Ometerp. 164
Topic 65 Teacher Self-Assessment Two: Sweating Brainsp. 165
Topic 66 Teacher Self-Assessment Three: Feeling Tonep. 166
Topic 67 With-it-nessp. 167
Topic 68 Higher-Level Thinking Skillsp. 168
Topic 69 Smoothness and Momentump. 169
Transition Time (support idea)p. 170
Topic 70 Realness, Acceptance, and Empathetic Listeningp. 171
Topic 71 Reality Therapyp. 172
Topic 72 Class Meetingsp. 173
"If You Want Power" Quotation (reproducible)p. 174
Topic 73 Time Stretchersp. 175
Topic 74 Mentor Teacherp. 176
Topic 75 Paraphrasingp. 177
All of the Students, All of the Time (support idea)p. 178
Wait Time (support idea)p. 179
Topic 76 Hurdle Helpp. 180
Cross-Age Tutors (support idea)p. 181
Topic 77 Skills for Constructive Criticismp. 182
Topic 78 Transformations, Not Transactionsp. 183
Be a Conductor, Not a Soloist (support idea)p. 184
Topic 79 All of the Students, All of the Timep. 185
Interaction Tally Sheet (support idea)p. 186
Topic 80 Ripple Effectp. 187
Early Finisher Chart (support idea)p. 188
Section 8 Great "Little Gems"p. 189
Topic 81 Student-Teacher Communication Ideasp. 191
Sticky Notes (support idea)p. 192
Topic 82 Token (Point) Economiesp. 193
Bingo Game (support idea)p. 194
Reward Spinner (support idea)p. 195
Topic 83 Class Aid Boxp. 196
Topic 84 Student Officesp. 197
Topic 85 Sponge Activitiesp. 198
Topic 86 Exit/Entrance Questionsp. 199
Topic 87 Bell Workp. 200
Topic 88 The Tattle Boxp. 201
Topic 89 Clipboard Record Sheetp. 202
Clipboard Record Sheet (reproducible)p. 203
Topic 90 The Raffle Jarp. 204
Topic 91 Beanbag Reviewp. 205
Topic 92 The Big Brain Posterp. 206
Section 9 Survival Skillsp. 207
Topic 93 Mentor Teacherp. 209
"Two Are Better than One" Quotation (reproducible)p. 210
Pickles and Cucumbers (support idea)p. 211
Light Candles ... Do Not Curse the Darkness (support idea)p. 212
Make Your Principal Look Good (support idea)p. 213
Topic 94 Taking-Back Rulep. 214
Topic 95 Your Physiological and Emotional Conditionp. 215
Topic 96 The 24-Hour Rulep. 216
Topic 97 Small Victoriesp. 217
Topic 98 Handling Hostilityp. 218
Topic 99 Breaking Up a Fightp. 219
Topic 100 Crisis Managementp. 220
Get Out of Your Nest (support idea)p. 221
ADHD Information (support idea)p. 222
Balanced and Weighted Classrooms (support idea)p. 223
Section 10 Formsp. 225
Topic 101 Substitute Teacher Folderp. 227
Topic 102 Substitute Teacher Feedback Formp. 228
Substitute Teacher Feedback Form (reproducible)p. 229
"The Teacher Is Absent" Video (support idea)p. 230
Topic 103 Office Discipline Ticketp. 231
Office Discipline Ticket (reproducible)p. 232
Topic 104 Discipline Action Ticketp. 233
Discipline Action Ticket (reproducible)p. 234
Topic 105 Student Information Folderp. 235
Topic 106 Daily Schedulep. 236
My Daily Schedule (reproducible)p. 237
Topic 107 Student-Teacher-Parent Action Contractsp. 238
Student-Teacher-Parent Action Contract (reproducible)p. 239
Student-Teacher-Parent Action Contract (reproducible)p. 240
Student-Teacher-Parent Action Contract (reproducible)p. 241
Student-Teacher-Parent Action Contract (reproducible)p. 242
Student-Teacher-Parent Action Contract (reproducible)p. 243
Appendixp. 245
One-Minute Discipline Self-Check Review (reproducible)p. 247
"Curiosity Killed the Cat" Quotation (reproducible)p. 248
One-Minute Teacher Contributions (reproducible)p. 249
Bibliographyp. 251