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Gary Null's power aging
Null, Gary.
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Power aging
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New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : New American Library, [2003]

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xviii, 382 pages ; 24 cm
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Gary Null is one of the founding fathers of the alternative health care movement, whose books, videos, television and radio programs as well as his nutritional supplement line have helped millions of people attain better health and vitality over the last 30 years. Now, he's joining NAL with one of the most exciting books he's published in years-Power Aging. Cutting-edge science is proving in clinical trials for the first time that antioxidants, like vitamin C and beta-carotene, as well as lesser-known substances such as trimethylglycine, can effectively fight the symptoms of aging. We stand at the brink of a new paradigm that will change the very meaning of growing old. Gary Null's Power Agingis a practical guide that anyone in their 40s, 50s, and beyond can use to live a longer, healthier life. Part I explains how our modern environment, as well as our own biological processes, contribute to aging. Part II looks at hormonal keys to health, and shows how they can address specific concerns- from maintaining cardiovascular function, facing the specter of cancer, and staying mentally sharp. Part III puts it all together in a practical way, including a new diet and exercise program.

Author Notes

Gary Null, Ph.D., is one of America's leading health & fitness writers & alternative practitioners. Trained as a nutritionist, he is the author of dozens of books & hundreds of medical articles. His one-hour health radio program airs daily on WBAI in New York City, & is carried weekly to 32 stations nationwide over the Virtual Radio Network. Null is a former faculty member of the New School for Social Research & a National TAC Master Champion Racewalker. Among his many bestselling books are "Get Healthy Now!" (Seven Stories Press, 1999), "The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program" (Kensington Publishing, 1998), &, with Barbara Seaman, "For Women Only!" (Seven Stories Press, 1999). He lives in New York City & Naples, Florida.

(Publisher Provided) Gary Null was born in 1945. He received a B.S. in human nutrition from Edison State College and a Ph.D. in human nutrition and public health science from Union Graduate School. He owns Gary Null and Associates, a company which markets dietary supplements. He has criticized the medical community, promoted a range of alternative cancer treatments and dietary supplements, and questioned the link between HIV and AIDS. His syndicated radio talk show, Natural Living with Gary Null, has aired for more than 27 years and has won eight Silver Microphone Awards.

He has written more than 70 books on nutrition, self-empowerment and public health issues including AIDS: A Second Opinion and Power Aging. As a documentary filmmaker, he produced over 70 films and videos including Age Is Only a Number, Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS, and Fatal Fallout. He received a Gold CINDY (Cinema in Industry) Award for Overcoming Depression and Anxiety Disorders Naturally. He won the Truth in Journalism Award for Investigative Reporting and The Human Rights Award from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Null, a well-known spokesperson for natural health and aging (Gary Null's Ultimate Anti-Aging Program), offers another volume on how to deal with the physical effects of aging. According to the author's research, illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and degenerative brain conditions are, in part, caused by damage inflicted by free radicals-unstable molecules that impair cells. The bodies' defenses against free radicals are antioxidants that can neutralize the free radicals' effect. In order to lessen the number of free radicals, Null believes it is necessary to drink pure water, exercise properly, follow a power aging diet and consume a variety of antioxidant vitamins, herbs and minerals that should boost the immune system. Null's exhortations to detoxify the body will sound familiar to devotees, but others may find his program overly stringent and too detailed. The cardiovascular protocol, for example, is quite complex. His diet program (he calls it the non-diet diet) is similar to what he has been recommending for years: strictly avoid red meat, caffeine, sugar, dairy, alcoholic beverages and wheat products. The mainly vegetarian meals (menus are included) that he advocates should be composed of organic products. (Dec.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

Table of Contents

Part I Beginning the Process
Chapter 1 An Antiaging Overview: What We're Up Against, and How We Can Beat Itp. 3
New Millennium, New Mind-setp. 3
Updating "Old" Ideasp. 5
Baby Boomers Do It Againp. 6
What's Herep. 10
Chapter 2 It's the Environment, Stupid! How the Environment Affects Our Healthp. 13
No, You're Not Stupid, but the Environment Is All-Importantp. 13
A Trip Back in Timep. 14
The Move to the Citiesp. 16
A "Growing" Problemp. 17
Messing with Mother Naturep. 18
The Environment and Your Bodyp. 20
Every Breath You Takep. 21
Indoor Pollutionp. 22
The Good Earthp. 24
What's Wrong with Artificial Fertilizer?p. 26
We're Eating What?p. 28
The Problems with Pesticidesp. 28
Our Overly Processed Foodp. 29
Irradiated and Genetically Modified Foodsp. 32
The Danger in Sugarp. 34
More Bad News about the Sweet Stuffp. 37
Our Waterp. 38
... And What About Your Emotional Environment?p. 40
Let's Ask Questionsp. 40
Chapter 3 Why Do We Age? The Biological Processes of Agingp. 43
What Telomeres Tell Usp. 44
Free Radicalsp. 45
Oxidative Stressp. 45
Chronic Inflammationp. 46
Hormone Imbalancesp. 48
DNA Mutationsp. 51
Immune System Dysfunctionp. 52
Glycosylationp. 53
Methylation Deficitp. 53
Mitochondrial Energy Depletionp. 53
Excessive Calcificationp. 54
Fatty Acid Imbalancep. 54
Digestive Enzyme Deficitp. 54
Nondigestive Enzyme Imbalancesp. 54
Excitotoxicityp. 55
Circulatory Deficitp. 55
Aging's a "Thought Thing" Toop. 55
Part II What You Need to Know Now
Chapter 4 Hormonal Keys to Health: How Our Hormones Affect the Aging Processp. 61
How Does the Hormonal System Work?p. 62
What Causes the Hormonal System to Break Down?p. 62
DHEAp. 63
DHEA Suppresses Inflammatory Cytokinesp. 64
DHEA's Antiaging Propertiesp. 66
DHEA and the Brainp. 66
DHEA and Immune Functionp. 67
DHEA and Womenp. 68
Testosteronep. 68
Aging Men and Estrogen Overloadp. 69
The Critical Need for Free Testosteronep. 70
Medical Testing Is Requiredp. 72
Why Testosterone Levels Declinep. 72
Testosterone and Libidop. 73
Testosterone and the Prostate Glandp. 74
Testosterone and Depressionp. 76
Testosterone and Mental Declinep. 77
Hormone Imbalance and Obesityp. 78
Causes of the Estrogen-Testosterone Imbalance in Menp. 79
Some Natural Solutions to Male Hormone Imbalancesp. 80
Insulinp. 82
Melatoninp. 84
Growth Hormonep. 84
Thyroid Hormonep. 85
Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid Gland)p. 85
Causes of Hypothyroidismp. 86
Treatment for Hypothyroidismp. 88
Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid Gland)p. 88
Causes of Hyperthyroidismp. 89
Treatment of Hyperthyroidismp. 89
Chapter 5 The Heart of the Matter: Understanding and Reversing Cardiovascular Diseasep. 91
Heart Disease Is a Processp. 91
A Fresh Approach to Heart Diseasep. 92
Chronic Inflammatory Syndromep. 94
Correcting Inflammatory Risk Factorsp. 95
Protecting Against Fibrinogen-Induced Heart Attackp. 95
Detoxifying Homocysteinep. 96
Controlling C-Reactive Proteinp. 98
Lowering Your Stroke Profilep. 98
Blood Tests Recommended for Cardiovascular Carep. 99
How Excess Insulin Causes Heart Attacksp. 100
Testosterone and Your Heartp. 101
The Right Diet Is Crucial ...p. 102
... And So Is Exercisep. 104
What You Can Do: Three Specific Protocols for Heart Healthp. 106
A Cardiovascular Protocolp. 106
A Protocol to Lower Cholesterolp. 110
A Protocol to Lower High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)p. 112
Chapter 6 Preventing or Facing Cancer: Strategies for Protecting Ourselvesp. 115
The Long Dark Road to Cancerp. 115
Cancer Is Caused by Chemicalsp. 117
What Causes Gene to Mutate?p. 118
Free Radicalsp. 118
Diet and Cancerp. 119
Sugar and Cancerp. 121
Carcinogens in the Waterp. 123
Dioxin and Cancerp. 123
Pesticides and Lymphomap. 124
The Politics of Cancerp. 125
Prescription Drugs and Cancerp. 126
Breast Implants and Cancerp. 129
Hormones and Cancerp. 131
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Cancerp. 132
Tamoxifen and Cancerp. 133
Arresting the Cancer Processp. 136
Avoid Known Cancer-Causing Sourcesp. 137
Do Something Constructive About Cancerp. 139
Complementary Therapies for Cancerp. 140
Preventing Gene Mutationp. 141
Vitaminsp. 143
Mineralsp. 143
Essential Fatsp. 145
Herbs and Foodsp. 145
Research on Diet for Cancerp. 146
Alternative Medicine and Cancerp. 149
Herbs for Cancerp. 150
Calciump. 153
Garlicp. 153
Conclusionp. 154
Chapter 7 Staying Mentally Sharp as We Age: Strategies for Fighting Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Depressionp. 155
What Causes the Brain to Age Prematurely?p. 156
Free Radicals and Antioxidantsp. 157
What Your Brain Needsp. 160
Vitaminsp. 160
Acetyl-L-carnatine and Lipoic Acidp. 165
A Word about Mitochondriap. 165
Coenzyme Q10p. 166
Choline and Lecithinp. 169
Essential Fatty Acidsp. 170
Vinpocetinp. 171
Ginkgo Bilobap. 171
Phosphatidylserine (PS)p. 172
Garlicp. 173
Melatoninp. 173
Target: Parkinson's Diseasep. 174
Nutrients for Treating Parkinson's Diseasep. 177
The Alexander Techniquep. 179
Exercise and Parkinson's Diseasep. 179
Target: Alzheimer's Diseasep. 180
Nutrients for Treating Alzheimer's Diseasep. 181
Depressionp. 184
Chapter 8 The Antiaging Arsenal: What's New, What's Tried and Truep. 186
Cutting-edge Supplementsp. 186
Brain Boosters for Memory and Intelligencep. 189
Proven Age-Bustersp. 195
The Antioxident Army and Major Supportive Nutrientsp. 195
Chrono-Forte: The Antiaging Formulap. 208
Bone-Enhancing Nutrients for Womenp. 209
Natural Prostate Helpers for Menp. 210
Herbal Aidsp. 211
Part III Putting It All Together--For You!
Chapter 9 Gary's Non-Diet Diet, No-Exercise Exercise Program: Creating the Plan That's Right for Youp. 221
Detox Firstp. 221
Life-Enhancement Protocolsp. 222
Life-Enhancement Resultsp. 223
Don't Be a Statisticp. 225
You Are What You Eatp. 225
Give the Body the Right Building Blocksp. 226
The Power Aging Approachp. 226
Getting the Gist of Organic Juicingp. 227
Imbibing the Juicep. 227
How to Beginp. 229
How to Eat Right Without Dietingp. 230
What to Substitutep. 230
Substitutes for Animal Proteinp. 231
Substitutes for Dairyp. 231
Substitutes for Caffeine and Alcoholp. 231
Substitutes for Sugars and Artificial Sweetenersp. 232
Substitutes for Carbonated Beveragesp. 232
Substitutes for Wheatp. 232
What to Avoidp. 232
Fiber Is Detoxifyingp. 233
Basic Rules for Eatingp. 233
More about Meatp. 233
Break Out of Your Breakfast Rutp. 234
Let's Do Lunch--the Right Way!p. 235
Your Diminishing Dinnerp. 235
Snack Powerp. 235
Low Calorie Dietsp. 236
The Importance of Exercisep. 237
How Long Should I Exercise?p. 239
Conclusionp. 240
Chapter 10 Recipes for Power Aging: Jump-start Your Detoxp. 241
Seven-Day Jump-start Your Detox Planp. 242
Recipes for Power Agingp. 245
Beveragesp. 248
Breakfastsp. 254
Appetizers/Snacks/Miscellaneousp. 256
Saladsp. 259
Soupsp. 263
Vegetables and Main Dishesp. 267
Fishp. 271
Dessertsp. 274
Condimentsp. 277
Chapter 11 Countering Common Conditions: Specific Supplementation Plansp. 280
The Wellness Modelp. 280
A Wellness Protocolp. 282
The Importance of Exercisep. 284
The Conditionsp. 286
Read This Firstp. 286
A Note on Finding the Right Alternative Health Practitionerp. 316
Part IV More Help
Chapter 12 Techniques Toward Transformation: Affirmations for Bringing the Magic and Passion Back to Lifep. 321
It's Time for "Inner Advertising"!p. 323
Outlining Goalsp. 323
Resolving Pain and Resentmentp. 326
Affirmations and Thoughtsp. 327
Chapter 13 Voices of Experience: Testimontials of Life Changep. 329
References and Selected Bibliographyp. 345
Indexp. 369