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Depression for dummies
Smith, Laura L.
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Pub., [2003]

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xviii, 362 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Depression For Dummies presents step-by-step guidelines to help sufferers learn the skills and exercises needed to make lifestyle changes that will help them get relief from some of their most distressing symptoms.?Readers will discover how to identify the different forms of this condition, including clinical depression, manic depression (or bipolar disorder), dysthymia, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and will also discover the thought remedies that they can use to work through their depression. The book provides readers with information on how to find professional help, traditional and new medications, and supplements and herbs at their disposal and offers sound advice on how to make positive lifestyle changes in the form of exercise, nutrition, and relaxation in order to lessen the frequency of symptoms.

Author Notes

Laura L. Smith, PhD and Charles H. Elliott, PhD are both international speakers who have clinical practices specializing in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. xvii
Introductionp. 1
A Note to Our Depressed Readersp. 2
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 2
About This Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 4
Icons Used in This Bookp. 6
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I Discovering Depression and Preparing a Planp. 7
Chapter 1 Demystifying and Defeating Depressionp. 9
Just Singing the Blues or Depressed?p. 9
The Varying Faces of Depressionp. 10
Adding Up the Costs of Depressionp. 14
Feeling Good Againp. 17
Feeling Better than Goodp. 20
Celebrating Sadnessp. 20
Chapter 2 Detecting Depressionp. 21
Recognizing the Ravages of Depressionp. 22
The Six Plagues of Depressionp. 27
Connecting Drugs, Diseases, and Depressionp. 36
Good Grief? Is Depression Ever Normal?p. 38
Digging Out the Causes of Depressionp. 39
Monitoring Moodp. 41
Chapter 3 Breaking Barriers to Changep. 45
Rummaging Through the Reasons for Avoidancep. 46
Saving Yourself from Self-Limitationsp. 59
Chapter 4 Finding Help for Depressionp. 67
Stumbling onto a Solutionp. 67
Exploring the Self-Help Optionp. 68
Pursuing the Psychotherapy Optionp. 70
Talking to a Professional about Antidepressant Medicationp. 76
Part II Untwisting Your Thinking: Thought Therapyp. 81
Chapter 5 Discovering Depression-Driven Thinkingp. 83
Thinking about Cognitive Therapyp. 83
Tracking Thoughts, Feelings, and the Related Events in Your Lifep. 85
Digging Up Distortions in Thinkingp. 89
Chapter 6 Breaking Up the Dark Clouds of Depressive Thinkingp. 105
Thought Court Is Now in Sessionp. 106
Opening a Thought-Repair Toolkitp. 118
Chapter 7 Discovering the Cracked Lenses Behind Depressionp. 127
Looking Closely at the Mechanics of Life-Lensesp. 128
Searching for Your Mind's Life-Lensesp. 132
Breaking Problematic Life-Lensesp. 135
Writing New Prescriptions for Clear Lensesp. 140
Chapter 8 Mending Your Memoryp. 149
Making Sense of Memoryp. 150
Depressing Disruptionsp. 151
Worrying About Forgettingp. 153
Boosting Broken Memoryp. 154
Part III Taking Action Against Depression: Behavior Therapyp. 159
Chapter 9 Getting Out of Bedp. 161
Taking Actionp. 161
Putting One Foot in Front of the Other: Activity Logsp. 163
Conquering Can'tsp. 166
Charting Your Course through Negative Predictionsp. 168
Giving Yourself Creditp. 170
Chapter 10 Working Out to Lift Depressionp. 173
Introducing Endorphins into Your Lifep. 174
Conquering Couch Potato-itisp. 175
Easing into Exercisep. 177
Weighing Your Exercise Optionsp. 178
Chapter 11 Rediscovering Healthy Pleasuresp. 181
Taking Fun Seriouslyp. 181
Making a List and Checking It Twicep. 182
Fighting the Pleasure Bustersp. 184
Chapter 12 Solving Life's Headachesp. 191
Drawing Up the Problem-Solving Game Plan--S.O.C.C.E.R.p. 192
Assessing Your Problem Situation (S)p. 193
Foraging for Options (O)p. 195
Contemplating Consequences (C)p. 199
Choosing Your Poison (C)p. 200
Handling Your Emotions (E)p. 203
Running and Reviewing (R)p. 205
Part IV Rebuilding Connections: Relationship Therapyp. 207
Chapter 13 Working Through Loss, Grief, and Mourningp. 209
Losing What You Care Aboutp. 210
Working Through Griefp. 215
Chapter 14 Relationship Enhancementp. 221
The Depression-Rejection Connectionp. 222
Pursuing Positivesp. 224
Defeating Defensivenessp. 228
Getting Your Message Acrossp. 232
Part V Fighting the Physical Foe: Biological Therapiesp. 237
Chapter 15 Prescribing Pleasurep. 239
Hammering Depression: Choosing the Right Tool for Youp. 240
Exploring the Medication Optionp. 241
Working with Your Doctor to Find the Correct Medicationp. 245
Brushing Up on Biologyp. 246
Deciphering Drugs for Depressionp. 248
Looking Beyond Antidepressantsp. 255
Chapter 16 Hype, Help, or Hope? Alternative Treatments for Depressionp. 259
Keeping Your Doc in the Loopp. 260
Swallowing Supplements and Herbsp. 260
Vibrancy from Vitamins and Mineralsp. 263
Happy Foodsp. 264
Lighting Up the Darknessp. 265
Treating Severe Depressionp. 266
Searching Furtherp. 269
Part VI Looking Beyond Depressionp. 271
Chapter 17 Reducing the Risk of Relapsep. 273
Risking Relapse with Depressionp. 274
Preparing a Prevention Planp. 277
Reining in Relapse When It Occursp. 285
Chapter 18 Confronting Depression with Mindfulnessp. 287
Drawing the Line Between You and Your Mindp. 288
Losing Your Mindp. 288
Living Mindfullyp. 295
Chapter 19 Pursuing Happiness Through Positive Psychologyp. 305
Hunting Down Happinessp. 306
Getting on the Right Path to Real Happinessp. 308
Part VII The Part of Tensp. 321
Chapter 20 Ten Ways Out of a Bad Moodp. 323
Chomping on Chocolatep. 323
Doing Something Nicep. 324
Getting a Lift from Exercisep. 324
Singing Yourself into a Better Moodp. 324
Calling a Long-Lost Friendp. 325
Dancing to a Different Beatp. 325
Soaking the Blues Awayp. 325
Petting Your Way to a Better Moodp. 325
Taking a Hikep. 326
Mellowing Through Mindfulnessp. 326
Chapter 21 Ten Ways to Help Kids With Depressionp. 329
Finding Funp. 329
Doling Out Disciplinep. 330
Giving Feedbackp. 330
Climbing Every Mountainp. 330
Revving Up Responsibilitiesp. 331
Talking and Listeningp. 331
Recognizing Depressionp. 331
Looking Under Rocksp. 332
Getting Helpp. 333
Loving No Matter Whatp. 333
Chapter 22 Ten Ways to Help a Friend or Lover with Depressionp. 335
Recognizing Depressionp. 335
Referring for Helpp. 336
Listening Without Solvingp. 336
Taking Care of Yourselfp. 337
Holding Criticism at Bayp. 337
Depersonalizing Depressionp. 338
Finding Patiencep. 338
Remembering to Carep. 339
Providing Encouragement and Remaining Hopefulp. 339
Exhorting Exercisep. 339
Appendix Resources for Youp. 341
Self-Help Booksp. 341
Resources to Help Childrenp. 342
Helpful Web Sitesp. 343
Indexp. 345