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Mac OS X Panther all-in-one desk reference for dummies
Chambers, Mark A.
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Hoboken, NJ ; Chichester : Wiley, [2004]

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xxiv, 716 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.

"Get Mac OS X version 10.3 Panther up and running fast"--Cover.
Introducing Mac OS X -- Customizing and sharing -- The digital hub -- The Internet -- Networking -- Expanding your system -- Advanced Mac OS X.
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QA76.76.O63 C418 2004 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area

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7 books in 1 - your key to taming the Panther!

Your one-stop guide to setting up OS X and using the latest Panther features

Wow - a whole set of OS X guides under one cover! All the new stuff is here, like iChat AV, Fast User Switching, and all the iLife(TM) applications including iTunes??4, Expose, and the latest incarnations of the Finder(TM) and Apple Mail??. Customize your Panther, explore the digital hub, check into AirPort, and enjoy it all!

The Dummies Way
* Coverage of the essentials and beyond
* Explanations in plain English
* "Get in, get out" information
* Thumbtabs and other navigation aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* A dash of humor and fun

Discover how to:
* Navigate OS X and run programs
* Make repairs with Disk Utility
* Set up multiuser accounts
* Use iTunes and iPod(TM)
* Expand Internet storage with iDisk
* Upgrade your internal hard drive

Author Notes

Mark L. Chambers is an author, tech editor, and unabashed Mac OS X fan. He's the author of more than 15 computer books

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
What's Really Requiredp. 2
About This Bookp. 3
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 3
Stuff you typep. 3
Menu commandsp. 3
Display messagesp. 4
In case you're curious about computersp. 4
How This Book Is Organizedp. 4
Icons Used in This Bookp. 6
Book I Introducing Mac OS Xp. 7
Chapter 1 Shaking Hands with Mac OS Xp. 9
Convince Me: Why Mac OS X?p. 10
What Do I Really Need to Run the Big X?p. 20
Upgrading from Earlier Versions of Mac OSp. 21
Personalizing the Big Xp. 24
Chapter 2 Navigating and Running Programsp. 27
Restarting, Sleeping, and Shutting Downp. 28
A Window Is Much More Than a Framep. 30
Menu Mysteries Explainedp. 36
Icons 'R Usp. 38
Selecting Icons for Fun and Profitp. 44
Keyboard Shortcuts for the True Power Userp. 45
Houston, We're Go to Launch Programsp. 46
Switching 'Twixt Programs with Aplombp. 48
Opening and Saving Your Stuff in an Applicationp. 50
Quitting Programsp. 52
Chapter 3 Basic OS X Housekeepingp. 53
The Finder: It's the Wind beneath Your Wingsp. 53
Copying and Moving Files and Foldersp. 55
Cloning Your Items--It's Happening Now!p. 56
Deleting That Which Should Not Bep. 57
Emptying That Wastepaper Basketp. 58
WAIT! I Need That After All!p. 59
Renaming Your Itemsp. 59
Adding a Dash of Colorp. 60
Displaying the Facts on Files and Foldersp. 60
Creating an Aliasp. 65
Using the Apple Menup. 65
Availing Yourself of Mac OS X Servicesp. 71
Get Thee Hence: Using the Go Menup. 72
Monkeying with the Menu Barp. 73
Eject, Tex, Eject!p. 76
Common Tasks Aplentyp. 78
All You Really Need to Know about Printingp. 82
Chapter 4 Using Sherlock 3: It's Elementaryp. 85
Sherlock Is Just Plain Neatp. 86
Looking for the Scent with the Great Detectivep. 86
You Don't Need a Remote for These Channelsp. 88
Tracking Businesses, Movies, Definitions, and Auctionsp. 89
Using Internet Search Sitesp. 95
Minding Your Portfoliop. 96
Translating, 'Twixt Languagesp. 97
Finding Flight Informationp. 98
Chapter 5 Keeping Track with the Address Bookp. 101
Hey, Isn't the Address Book Just a Part of Mail?p. 101
Entering Contact Informationp. 103
Using Contact Informationp. 106
Arranging Your Contact Cardsp. 108
Using Network Directoriesp. 109
Printing Contacts with Flairp. 110
Swapping Bytes with vCardsp. 112
Chapter 6 The Joys of Maintenancep. 115
Deleting Applications the Common Sense Wayp. 115
Popping the Hood: Using the Apple System Profilerp. 117
Tracking Performance with Activity Monitorp. 120
Fixing Things with the Disk Utilityp. 122
Updating Mac OS Xp. 132
I Demand That You Back Up Your Hard Drivep. 133
I Further Demand That You Defragmentp. 134
Special Start-Up Keys for Those Special Timesp. 135
Crave the Newest Driversp. 136
Chapter 7 Using Classic Modep. 137
Classic Mode Explainedp. 137
Cranking Up Classicp. 138
Reaching That Antique Softwarep. 141
Configuring Classic Modep. 142
Returning to Your Mac OS 9 Rootsp. 145
Chapter 8 Getting Help for the Big Xp. 147
Displaying the Help Viewer Windowp. 147
Searching for Specific Stuffp. 149
Prodding Apple for the Latest Gossipp. 150
Calling for Help Deep in the Heart of Xp. 151
Other Resources to Chew Onp. 153
Chapter 9 Troubleshooting the Xp. 155
Don't Panic!p. 155
The Troubleshooting Processp. 156
Troubleshooting Problems with Classic Modep. 162
Do I Need to Reinstall Mac OS X?p. 164
It's Still Not Moving: Troubleshooting Resourcesp. 164
Book II Customizing and Sharingp. 167
Chapter 1 Building the Finder of Your Dreamsp. 169
Will That Be Icons or Buttons ... or Even Columns?p. 169
Doing the Toolbar Dancep. 172
Searching for Files from the Toolbarp. 176
Searching for Files from the Find Dialogp. 177
Configuring the View Optionsp. 180
Setting Finder Preferencesp. 186
Chapter 2 Giving Your Desktop the Personal Touchp. 189
Changing the Backgroundp. 189
Changing the Screen Saverp. 192
Changing Colors in Mac OS Xp. 194
Adding Stickiesp. 195
Customizing the Dockp. 197
Arranging Your Precious Desktopp. 199
Chapter 3 Delving Under the Hood with System Preferencesp. 201
The Preferred Way to Display the Preferencesp. 201
Saving Your Preferencesp. 202
Let's Get Personalp. 202
It's All about the Hardwarep. 211
Sharing the Joy: Internet & Networkp. 219
Tweaking the Systemp. 226
Chapter 4 You Mean Others Can Use My Mac, Too?p. 237
How Multi-User Works on Mac OS Xp. 237
Configuring Your Login Screenp. 239
Locking Things Downp. 242
Starting Applications Automatically After Loginp. 243
Chapter 5 Setting Up Multi-User Accountsp. 245
Adding, Editing, and Deleting Usersp. 245
Setting Limitationsp. 250
Using Keychains--NOTp. 255
Chapter 6 Sharing Documents for Fun and Profitp. 259
Sharing over a Network versus Sharing on a Single Macp. 259
Permissions: Law Enforcement for Your Filesp. 261
Permission and Sharing Do's and Don'tsp. 264
Sharing Stuff in Office v. Xp. 265
Password Protection in AppleWorksp. 269
Book III The Digital Hubp. 271
Chapter 1 The World According to Applep. 273
First, Sliced Bread ... and Now the Digital Hubp. 273
What Does Digital Mean, Anyway?p. 274
What Can I Digitize?p. 275
The Software That Drives the Hubp. 276
Can I Use All This Stuff at Once?p. 280
Chapter 2 Jamming with iTunes and iPodp. 283
What Can I Play on iTunes?p. 283
Playing an Audio CDp. 284
Playing a Digital Audio Filep. 286
Keeping Slim Whitman and Slim Shady Apart: Organizing with Playlistsp. 290
Know Your Songsp. 291
Ripping Audio Filesp. 293
Tweaking the Audio for Your Earsp. 294
A New Kind of Radio Stationp. 295
iSending iTunes to iPodp. 299
Burning Music to Shiny Plastic Circlesp. 300
Changing iTunes Visualsp. 301
Adding More Visuals to iTunesp. 303
Buying Music the Apple Wayp. 304
Chapter 3 Focusing on iPhotop. 307
What iPhoto Can Dop. 307
Delving into iPhotop. 308
Importing Images 101p. 309
Organizing with Photo Albumsp. 311
The Art of Organizing with Keywordsp. 315
Taking Care of Business: Basic Editingp. 317
Producing Your Own Coffee-Table Masterpiecep. 322
Sharing Photos with Friends and Familyp. 324
Chapter 4 Making Magic with iMoviep. 327
The iMovie Interfacep. 327
The Powers of Threep. 329
The Movie-Making Processp. 332
Working with Clips (Not the Paper Kind)p. 333
Basic Composition the iMovie Wayp. 338
Transitions for the Massesp. 339
Even Gone with the Wind Had Titlesp. 341
What Good Is a Movie without Special Effects?p. 343
Hey, There's a Photo in My Video!p. 346
Working with Soundp. 347
Completing Your Cinematic Masterpiecep. 351
Chapter 5 Burn Those DVDs! Using iDVD 3p. 355
What Am I Doing, Anyway?p. 355
Mastering Menusp. 356
Adding Media Files to Your DVDp. 361
Customizing Titlesp. 365
Checking Things Out with a Previewp. 366
Saving and Burning a DVDp. 367
Chapter 6 No, It's Not Called "iQuickTime"p. 369
QuickTime Can Do That?p. 369
Playing Media with QuickTimep. 370
QuickTime: The Super Converterp. 378
Make QuickTime the Center of Your Digital Universep. 380
Tweaking QuickTimep. 382
Chapter 7 Turning Your Mac into a DVD Theaterp. 385
The DVD Hardwarep. 385
The DVD Player: It's Truly Shinyp. 386
Taking Advantage of Additional DVD Featuresp. 389
Book IV The Typical Internet Stuffp. 395
Chapter 1 Getting on the Internetp. 397
Shopping for an ISPp. 397
Investigating Various Types of Connectionsp. 399
Setting Up Your Internet Connectionp. 401
Connecting with a Dialup ISP (The Hard Way)p. 404
Chapter 2 Using Apple Mailp. 407
Know Thy Mail Windowp. 407
Setting Up Your Accountp. 409
Receiving and Reading E-Mail Wisdomp. 412
Raise the Little Flag: Sending E-Mailp. 418
What? You Get Junk Mail, Too?p. 420
Attachments on Paradep. 422
Fine-Tuning Your Post Officep. 423
Automating Your Mail with Rulesp. 425
Chapter 3 Staying in Touch with iChat AVp. 429
Configuring iChatp. 430
Changing Modes in iChat AVp. 433
Will You Be My Buddy?p. 433
Chat! Chat, I Say!p. 435
Sending Files with iChat AVp. 438
Eliminating the Riffraffp. 439
Chapter 4 Expanding Your Horizons with iDiskp. 441
Grabbing Internet Storage for Your Macp. 442
Understanding What's on Your iDiskp. 443
Opening and Using iDiskp. 444
Chapter 5 Going Places with Safarip. 449
Let's Pretend You've Never Used This Thingp. 450
Visiting Web Sitesp. 451
Navigating the Webp. 452
Setting Up Your Home Pagep. 454
Adding and Using Bookmarksp. 455
Downloading Filesp. 456
Using Subscriptions and Historyp. 458
Saving Web Pagesp. 458
Protecting Your Privacyp. 459
Chapter 6 Staying Secure Onlinep. 463
What Can Really Happen?p. 464
"Shields Up, Chekov!"p. 466
A Dose of Common Sense: Things Not to Do Onlinep. 470
Book V Networking in OS Xp. 473
Chapter 1 Setting Up a Small Networkp. 475
What Do I Need to Set Up My Network?p. 475
Setting Up Your Networkp. 480
Understanding the Basics of Network Configurationp. 481
Configuring Network System Preferencesp. 483
Verifying Connectivityp. 488
Troubleshooting Your New Networkp. 491
Chapter 2 Using Your Networkp. 493
It's All about (File) Sharingp. 493
Sharing a Connected Printerp. 497
Sharing Files to Windows Computersp. 498
Accessing File Shares on Windows Computersp. 498
Using FTP to Access Filesp. 499
Using the Built-in Firewallp. 503
Remote Control of Your Macp. 506
Chapter 3 You May Even Need AppleTalkp. 509
Setting Up AppleTalkp. 509
Accessing Files and Printers with AppleTalkp. 513
Chapter 4 Going Wirelessp. 519
Speaking the Wireless Lingop. 519
Figuring Out the Different Flavors of Wireless Ethernetp. 521
Keeping Your Wireless Network Securep. 523
Setting Up Your Wireless Networkp. 526
Chapter 5 Sharing That Precious Internet Thingp. 531
Sharing the Internetp. 531
Using Network Address Translationp. 532
Ways to Share Your Internet Connectionp. 534
Connecting Everythingp. 537
Adding Wireless Supportp. 540
Book VI Expanding Your Systemp. 543
Chapter 1 Hardware That Will Make You Giddyp. 545
Parading Pixels: Digital Cameras, DV Camcorders, and Scannersp. 546
Incredible Input: Keyboards, Trackballs, Joysticks, and Drawing Tabletsp. 551
Sublime Storage: CD/DVD Recorders and Tape Drivesp. 555
Awesome Audio: Subwoofer Systems and MP3 Hardwarep. 557
Chapter 2 Add RAM, Hard Drive Space, and Stirp. 561
Adding Memory: Reasons for More RAMp. 561
Shopping for a RAM Upgradep. 563
The Tao of Hard Drive Territoryp. 565
Internal versus External Storagep. 566
Determining How Much Space You Needp. 569
Shopping for a Hard Drivep. 569
Installing Your New Stuffp. 571
Chapter 3 Port-o-rama: Using USB and FireWirep. 573
Appreciating the Advantage of a FireWire Connectionp. 573
Understanding USB and the Tale of Two Point Ohp. 575
Hey, You Need a Hub!p. 576
Uh, It's Just Sitting Therep. 577
Chapter 4 I'm Okay, You're a Printerp. 579
Meet the Printer Setup Utilityp. 579
Printer Setup Utility Toolbar Buttonsp. 580
Adding a Funky Printerp. 582
Managing Your Printing Jobsp. 585
Sharing a Printer across That There Networkp. 586
Chapter 5 Programs That You've (Probably) Gotta Havep. 589
The Trundling Microsoft Mammothp. 590
Your Mac OS X Toolbox: Drive 10p. 592
Image Editing for the Massesp. 594
The Morass of Digital Videop. 595
Yes, It's Really Called "Toast"p. 596
If You Positively Have to Run Windowsp. 598
All Hail FileMaker Prop. 599
Utilities That Rockp. 601
At Least One Gamep. 606
Book VII Advanced Mac OS Xp. 613
Chapter 1 ... And UNIX Lurks Beneathp. 615
Why Use the Keyboard?p. 615
Uncovering the Terminalp. 618
UNIX Commands 101p. 623
Working with Filesp. 625
Useful Commandsp. 630
UNIX Cadillac Commandsp. 633
UNIX Programs That Come in Handyp. 634
Chapter 2 AppleScript Just Plain Rocksp. 643
What's So Great about AppleScript?p. 643
Running a Scriptp. 645
Writing Your Own Simple Scriptsp. 649
One Step Beyond: AppleScript Programmingp. 651
Help Is at Your Fingertipsp. 656
Chapter 3 Forget Hal! Talking and Writing to Your Macintoshp. 659
Using Ink with a Tabletp. 660
Computer, Can You Hear Me?p. 661
Your Mac Talks Back!p. 668
Speaking Your Own Phrasesp. 672
Chapter 4 Hosting a Web Site a la OS Xp. 675
Building a Site with .Macp. 675
Creating a Home Page with HTML and iDiskp. 680
Using Mac OS X Web Sharingp. 681
Indexp. 693