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Linux for dummies
LeBlanc, Dee-Ann.
Personal Author:
Fifth edition.
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Publishing, Inc., [2004]

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xviii, 382 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
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Includes index.
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QA76.76.O63 L4318 2004 Book and Software Set Computer Books
QA76.76.O63 L4318 2004 Book and Software Set Computer Books

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This friendly guide gives Linux newcomers the lowdown on how to install and use Linux on the desktop-and join the worldwide community of twenty million Linux users Shows how to get up and running with the latest versions of Red Hat Linux as well as two other popular Linux distributions: Mandrake and SuSE Covers prepping a computer for Linux, booting and stopping Linux, connecting to the Internet, surfing the Web, using e-mail, working with cool Internet tools, and manipulating files and directories Now revised with enhanced coverage of the Desktop Productivity Suite. Includes a DVD that contains all of the CD-ROMs that make up the full Fedora Core Distribution, including the source code.

Author Notes

Dee-Ann LeBlanc develops and teaches courses on Linux, Unix, and other computer-related topics, both online and in classrooms. She is an award-winning author and a frequent conference speaker

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
How to Use This Bookp. 2
Three Presumptuous Assumptionsp. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 4
Icons Used in This Bookp. 6
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I Getting Your Feet Wetp. 7
Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted with Linuxp. 9
Linux: Revolution or Just Another Operating System?p. 10
Anatomy of an Open Source Software Projectp. 13
GNU who?p. 13
Packaging Linux: The Distributionp. 16
Chapter 2 Prepping Your Computer for Linuxp. 19
Installation Considerationsp. 19
Preparing to Use Linux and Microsoft Windows Togetherp. 20
Working with Disk Partitionsp. 26
Assessing Your Computerp. 31
Finally, Preparing for Your Installationp. 34
Enabling Booting from a CD- or DVD-ROMp. 36
Preparing to Boot from the Floppy Installation Diskp. 37
Chapter 3 Installing Fedora Corep. 39
Things to Consider before You Begin Installationp. 39
The Installation Processp. 41
Your First Bootp. 58
Chapter 4 Installing Other Distributionsp. 63
Distribution Geographyp. 64
Mandrakep. 66
SuSEp. 68
Chapter 5 Booting and Stopping Linuxp. 73
Giving Linux the Bootp. 74
Troubleshooting the Bootp. 78
Don't Just Turn Off the Machine!p. 81
Chapter 6 Dip in Those Toesp. 83
The Interfacesp. 84
Accounts Great and Smallp. 96
Printingp. 101
Zen and the Art of Linux Configurationp. 103
Part II Internet NOWp. 107
Chapter 7 Connecting to the Internetp. 109
Internet Connectivity 101p. 109
Creating Your Internet-O-Maticp. 111
Turning to TCP/IPp. 119
Chapter 8 Surfing the Web and Managing E-Mailp. 125
Configuring Mozillap. 126
Them Dad-Gum Browser Plug-Insp. 131
Shifting Mozilla into Gearp. 133
Evolving into E-Mailp. 135
Chapter 9 Cool Internet Toolsp. 143
Instant Messagingp. 143
Other Browsers to Considerp. 147
E-Mail Client: KMailp. 149
Transferring Files with FTPp. 150
Part III Getting Up to Speed with Linuxp. 153
Chapter 10 Manipulating Files and Directoriesp. 155
Comprehending File Typesp. 155
Working with the File Systemp. 159
Haggling with Permissionsp. 164
Wildcards, or Legal Cheatingp. 171
File Managersp. 173
Chapter 11 Working without the GUIp. 181
Playing the Shell Gamep. 182
Understanding bash Command Syntax and Structurep. 184
Starting Programs from the Shellp. 186
Putting Wildcard Expansion to Good Usep. 186
Working with Long Commandsp. 187
Working with Variablesp. 189
Using Redirection and Pipesp. 193
Altering the Shell Environmentp. 196
Your Handy Command Toolkitp. 196
Chapter 12 Gettin' Gooey with the GUIsp. 199
Changing GNOME's Look and Feelp. 200
Customizing KDEp. 203
Prettying Up Your Desktopp. 205
Tweaking the GUI's Innardsp. 210
Chapter 13 Putting the X in Textp. 213
Viewing the Contents of a Text Filep. 213
Getting Prehistoric with vip. 214
Going with geditp. 218
Chapter 14 Word Processing and More with OpenOffice.orgp. 223
Installing OpenOffice.Orgp. 224
Word Processing with OpenOffice.Org Writerp. 227
Spreadsheets with OpenOffice.Org Calcp. 233
Presentations with OpenOffice.Org Impressp. 238
Using the AutoPilot Presentation Wizardp. 243
Fine Art with OpenOffice.Org Drawp. 244
Calculations with OpenOffice.Org Mathp. 249
Chapter 15 Multimedia Wow!p. 257
Some Preliminariesp. 257
Checking Your Sound Cardp. 258
Watchin' Moviesp. 273
Dealing with Windows-Only Media Formats and Programsp. 274
Available Softwarep. 275
Installing and Using Winep. 279
Part IV Sinking Your Teeth into Linuxp. 283
Chapter 16 Checking Out the Linux File Systemp. 285
Introducing the Linux File Systemp. 285
Partitions versus Directoriesp. 288
Adding Media to Your File Systemp. 291
Care and Feeding of Your File Systemp. 294
Sharing Files by Using NFSp. 297
Accessing Shared Files on a Windows Computerp. 300
Chapter 17 Adding Software to Linuxp. 303
Getting Tarred and Featheredp. 303
Revving Your RPMsp. 307
Updating Your Machinep. 311
Finding New Softwarep. 312
Chapter 18 A Secure Linux Box Is a Happy Linux Boxp. 313
Choosing Secure Passwordsp. 314
Updating Softwarep. 314
Plugging Security Holesp. 315
Keeping an Eye on Your Log Files with the System Log Viewerp. 324
Securing Your Systemp. 325
Part V The Part of Tensp. 327
Chapter 19 Eleven Troubleshooting Tipsp. 329
"The Linux Installer Froze"p. 330
For Fedora Core Usersp. 331
"My Graphics Fail the Installer Test"p. 333
"The Installer Tested My Graphics Fine, but My GUI Won't Start"p. 333
"I Think I'm in Linux, but I Don't Know What to Do!"p. 334
"I Don't Want to Boot into This!"p. 335
"I Want to Use Multiple Screen Resolutions"p. 337
"My GUI Is Hung and I'm Stuck!"p. 338
"Help, my machine hangs during boot!"p. 338
"How Do I Stop Scripting Screw-Ups?"p. 339
"Aaargh! I Forgot My Root Password! What Do I Do?"p. 340
Chapter 20 Ten Superior Sources of Linux Informationp. 341
The Best-Ever Linux Resourcep. 341
Keeping the Bad Guys at Bayp. 342
The Kernel's at Linux Headquartersp. 342
Everything Linuxp. 342
Looking for Linux Applications?p. 343
Lifelong Learning Includes Linuxp. 343
Peerless Linux Publications Onlinep. 343
Supporting Linux Onlinep. 344
Slashdot: The Creme de la Nerdp. 344
More Tips off the Linux Bergp. 344
Part VI Appendixesp. 347
Appendix A Common Linux Commandsp. 349
Linux Commands by Functionp. 349
Appendix B About the DVD-ROMp. 355
System Requirementsp. 355
Using the DVD-ROMp. 356
What You Find in Fedora Core 1p. 358
If You've Got Problems (Of the DVD-ROM Kind)p. 358
Indexp. 361