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Adobe Premiere Pro bible
Droblas, Adele.
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Indianapolis, IN; Chichester : Wiley, [2004]

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xxxi, 728 pages: illustrations; 24 cm + 1 DVD (4 3/4 in.)
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TR899 .D77 2004 Book and Software Set Non-Fiction Area

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Totally revised and enhanced to cover the major new upgrade to the overall leading desktop digital video application Packed with tutorials, tips, and tricks, this is the authoritative and comprehensive guide to creating, editing, and outputting digital video to DVD, CD-ROM, the Web, or videotape Shows how to create special effects using Premiere and After Effects, Encore, and other software; how to integrate narration, music, and sound effects with moving images; and how to create digital video productions from movies shot on a camcorder Bonus CD-ROM is loaded with video-based tutorials, a library of usable video clips and sample effects, useful video filters and utilities, and software tryouts

Author Notes

Adele Droblas and Seth Greenberg are best-selling authors, educators and consultants. They have taught courses on After Effects, Premiere, Director, Dreamweaver, Flash, Painter, Photoshop and other applications for Columbia University and Pratt Institute. Adele has taught Adobe Premiere to news producers at CNBC, showing them how to edit video clips for use on their web site. She has also taught varies corporations in NYC how to use After Effects to create and incorporate title effects with video clips. Seth Greenberg has worked as a producer at a television production company, which produced syndicated television programming and industrial films. As a television producer, Seth wrote scripts and supervised production shoots, editing and postproduction sessions.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. ix
Prefacep. xi
Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Part I Getting Started with Premiere Prop. 1
Chapter 1 Premiere Pro Quickstartp. 3
What You Can Do with Premiere Prop. 3
How Premiere Pro Worksp. 4
Your First Video Productionp. 6
Chapter 2 Premiere Pro Basicsp. 27
Premiere Pro's Windowsp. 27
Premiere Pro's Floating Palettesp. 37
The Menusp. 39
Chapter 3 Customizing Premiere Prop. 49
Creating Keyboard Shortcutsp. 49
Setting Program Preferencesp. 52
Chapter 4 Working with Project Settingsp. 59
What Is Digital Video?p. 59
Understanding Project Settingsp. 65
Chapter 5 Capturing Video and Audiop. 75
Getting Startedp. 75
Starting the Capture Processp. 77
Capturing Video in the Capture Windowp. 84
Adding Timecode to a Clipp. 91
Capturing Audiop. 92
Part II Editing with Premiere Prop. 95
Chapter 6 Using the Timeline and Sequencesp. 97
Touring the Timelinep. 97
Track Commandsp. 104
Using Multiple Sequencesp. 105
Chapter 7 Basic Editing with the Timeline and Monitor Windowsp. 109
Basic Editing Concepts and Toolsp. 110
Getting Startedp. 111
Working with the Monitor Windowp. 112
Editing in the Timelinep. 116
Setting In and Out Points in the Timeline Windowp. 120
Chapter 8 Editing Audiop. 127
What Is Sound?p. 127
Timeline Audio Tracksp. 128
Playing a Sound Clipp. 130
Using Audio Unitsp. 131
Gaining, Fading, and Balancingp. 133
Creating Transitions Using Audio Effectsp. 137
Exporting Sound Filesp. 150
Chapter 9 Mixing and Creating Effects with the Audio Mixerp. 151
Audio Mixer Tourp. 152
Mixing Audiop. 157
Panning and Balancingp. 160
Creating Effects Using the Audio Mixerp. 162
Creating a Submixp. 163
Audio Processing Orderp. 166
Chapter 10 Creating Transitionsp. 169
Touring the Video Transitions Folderp. 169
Transitions Reviewp. 183
Part III Working with Type and Graphicsp. 205
Chapter 11 Creating Titles and Graphics with Adobe Title Designerp. 207
Exploring the Adobe Title Designer Windowp. 208
Saving, Closing, and Opening a Title Filep. 213
Creating and Stylizing Typep. 214
Using Colorp. 221
Using Stylesp. 233
Placing a Title in a Projectp. 235
Adding a Background to a Title Clipp. 236
Working with Logosp. 239
Using Templatesp. 241
Using a Title Created from a Templatep. 242
Rolling and Crawling Titlesp. 248
Creating Basic Graphicsp. 250
Transforming Graphicsp. 251
Stylizing Graphic Objectsp. 252
Working with the Bezier Toolsp. 253
Creating Text on a Bezier Pathp. 260
Creating a Logop. 261
Chapter 12 Creating Type and Graphic Effectsp. 265
Creating and Importing Graphics from Adobe Photoshopp. 265
Creating Semitransparent Textp. 279
Using Video Effects to Animate Adobe Illustrator Type and Graphicsp. 282
Animating Titles over Graphics by Using Motion and the Alpha Adjust Invert Optionp. 287
Part IV Advanced Techniques and Special Effectsp. 291
Chapter 13 Advanced Editing Techniquesp. 293
Editing Utilitiesp. 293
Editing Clips with the Tool Palette Toolsp. 298
Creating a Three- or Four-Point Editp. 304
Performing Lift and Extract Editsp. 307
Fine-Tuning Edits Using Trim Windowp. 308
Creating Duplicate Clipsp. 311
Editing a Clip Using Clip Commandsp. 312
Chapter 14 Using Video Effectsp. 315
Exploring the Video Effectsp. 316
Applying a Video Effectp. 318
Using Video Effects with Keyframesp. 324
Superimposing Video Clips Using the Keying Video Effectsp. 329
Applying Effects to Different Image Areas Using the Image Matte Keying Effectp. 331
Touring Premiere Pro's Video Effectsp. 333
Chapter 15 Superimposingp. 367
Fading Video Tracksp. 368
Superimposing Tracks Using the Keying Effectsp. 376
Chapter 16 Using Color Mattes and Backdropsp. 399
Creating a Color Mattep. 399
Creating a Backdrop from a Still Framep. 402
Creating Background Mattes in Photoshopp. 404
Creating Background Mattes in Illustratorp. 414
Creating Backgrounds with Corel Painterp. 418
Chapter 17 Creating Motion Effects in Premiere Prop. 423
Touring the Motion Effects Options in the Effect Controls windowp. 423
Using the Timeline Window to Preview and Add Keyframesp. 430
Editing Motion Pathsp. 431
Using a Clip with an Alpha Channelp. 435
Creating Traveling Mattesp. 436
Creating Motion Settings Projectsp. 439
Chapter 18 Enhancing Videop. 447
The RGB Color Modelp. 447
Retouching and Color Correcting with Photoshopp. 461
Using Selections in Photoshopp. 465
Using Photoshop's Image Adjust Commandsp. 467
Part V Outputting Digital Video from Premiere Prop. 477
Chapter 19 Exporting AVI, QuickTime, and MPEG Moviesp. 479
Beginning the Export Processp. 480
Changing Export Settingsp. 481
Changing Video Settingsp. 482
Changing Audio Settingsp. 487
Exporting MPEG Filesp. 489
Burning a DVDp. 492
Chapter 20 Outputting to the Web and Intranetsp. 495
Web Delivery Optionsp. 495
Web File Formatsp. 497
Understanding HTMLp. 498
Loading Streaming Video on a Web Pagep. 501
Placing a QuickTime Movie in a Web Page with Adobe GoLivep. 503
Using QuickTime Tracks for the Webp. 507
Chapter 21 Exporting Video to the Webp. 519
Encoding Termsp. 519
Windows Media Formatp. 520
Using QuickTime Streamingp. 524
Exporting to RealMedia Formatp. 529
Chapter 22 Exporting to Videotapep. 533
Preparing to Export Videop. 533
Exporting with Device Controlp. 538
Exporting without Device Controlp. 539
Exporting to AAF Formatp. 540
Chapter 23 Outputting to CD-ROM, Macromedia Director, and Macromedia Flashp. 541
Exporting Premiere Pro Movies to CD-ROMp. 542
Using Macromedia Directorp. 544
Using Macromedia Flash with Premiere Pro Moviesp. 552
Part VI Premiere Pro and Beyondp. 557
Chapter 24 Using Adobe Encore to Create DVDsp. 559
Touring Encore DVDp. 560
Chapter 25 Customizing DVD Screens and Navigation in Adobe Encore DVDp. 571
Creating Menus and Buttons from Still Imagesp. 571
Using Color Sets for Menus and Buttonsp. 575
Creating and Using Timelinesp. 577
Customizing Navigationp. 579
Setting Timeline Navigationp. 582
Chapter 26 Trimming Clips in After Effectsp. 585
Trimming in After Effects: What's It All About?p. 586
Trimming Using the Timeline Windowp. 588
Trimming Using the Layer Windowp. 589
Exporting Your Adobe After Effects Filesp. 591
Importing After Effects Files into Premiere Prop. 595
Chapter 27 The Photoshop Connectionp. 597
Exporting a Premiere Pro Frame to Photoshopp. 597
Exporting an After Effects Frame to Photoshopp. 600
Creating and Importing a Photoshop Sequence File into Premiere Prop. 601
Creating a Photoshop File with an Alpha Channelp. 605
Chapter 28 Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Illustratorp. 613
Working with Illustrator Typep. 613
Using an Illustrator Text Shape in a Premiere Pro Projectp. 620
Creating Masks in Illustratorp. 623
Importing an Illustrator File as a Maskp. 629
Creating a Mask Using Photoshop and Illustratorp. 630
Chapter 29 Working with Masks in Adobe After Effects 6.0p. 635
After Effects Masks: An Overviewp. 636
Creating Oval and Rectangle Masksp. 636
Editing a Mask with the Layer Window, Layer Menu, and Timeline Windowp. 639
Creating a Bezier Maskp. 642
Animating a Mask with the Timeline Windowp. 646
Importing Masks from Illustrator or Photoshopp. 648
Using Illustrator Paths as Masksp. 650
Chapter 30 Adding Special Effects in Adobe After Effectsp. 651
How After Effects Worksp. 651
Importing Premiere Pro Projectsp. 652
Importing and Animating Photoshop Filesp. 653
Importing and Animating Illustrator Filesp. 656
Creating and Animating Type Using After Effectsp. 659
Working with Motion Pathsp. 664
Creating a Composite Video Clipp. 667
Part VII Appendixesp. 671
Appendix A What's on the DVDp. 673
System Requirementsp. 673
Using the DVD with Windows XPp. 674
What's on the DVDp. 674
Troubleshootingp. 676
Appendix B Places to Visit on the Webp. 677
Softwarep. 677
General Resourcesp. 678
Hardwarep. 679
Stock Image, Sound, and Video Clipsp. 681
Appendix C Licensing QuickTimep. 683
Appendix D The Digital Video Recording Studiop. 685
Computersp. 685
Peripheral Storage Devicesp. 688
Analog Capture Boardsp. 689
Digital Video Camerasp. 690
Lensesp. 690
Microphonesp. 691
Lightingp. 693
Indexp. 695