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Convict criminology
Convict criminology
Ross, Jeffrey Ian.
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Belmont, CA : Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, [2003]

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xxx, 387 pages ; 24 cm.
Introduction : what is the new school of convict criminology? / Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards -- pt. 1. What's wrong with corrections? -- The use of science to justify the imprisonment binge / James Austin -- (Mis) representing prisons : the role of our cultural industries / Jeffrey Ian Ross -- Why I study prisons : my twenty-year personal and professional odyssey and an understanding of Southern prisons / Marianne Fisher-Giorlando -- pt. 2. Convict experience and identity -- Comments and reflections on forty years in the American criminal justice system / Edward Tromanhauser -- From C-block to academia : you can't get there from here / Charles M. Terry -- My journey through the Federal Bureau of Prisons / Stephen C. Richards -- Rehabilitating criminals : it ain't that easy / Greg Newbold -- "Who's doing the time here, me or my children?" : addressing the issues implicated by mounting numbers of fathers in prison / Charles S. Lanier -- Excon : managing a spoiled identity / Richard S. Jones -- Convict criminology : the two-legged data dilemma / Alan Mobley -- pt. 3. Special populations -- Understanding women in prison / Barbara Owen -- Aspirin ain't gonna help the kind of pain I'm in : health care in the Federal Bureau of Prisons / Daniel S. Murphy -- Convict criminology and the mentally ill offender : prisoners of confinement / Bruce A. Arrigo -- Soar like an eagle, dive like a loon : human diversity and social justice in the Native American prison experience / William G. Archambeault -- Twenty years teaching college in prison / William S. Tregea -- Kids in jail : "I mean you ain't really learning nothin [productive]" / Preston Elrod and Michael T. Brooks -- Conclusion : an invitation to the criminology/criminal justice community / Stephen C. Richards and Jeffrey Ian Ross.
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