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Create your own DVDs
Underdahl, Brian.
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Berkeley, Calif. ; London : McGraw-Hill/Osborne, [2003]

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xv, 377 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm + 1 DVD (4 3/4 in.)
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Includes index.


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Go Hollywood or stay in your living room. It's your choice with this helpful resource, which provides clear instructions on everything from recording TV broadcasts or movies, directly using a specialized DVD recorder or delving into complexities, such as video editing, photo touch-ups, and narration recording.

Author Notes

Brian Underdahl is the best-selling author of more than 65 books. His easy-to-follow writing style makes his subjects clearly understood by a broad range of appreciative readers. He has been a featured guest on numerous TV shows because of his technical expertise.

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Library Journal Review

People have been interested in creating DVDs for some time, but it has only recently become affordable for home users; these guides are for that audience. After an introduction to DVD and VCD (Video CD), Create highlights features of various editors, then covers capturing video and creating movies in each editor. Its CD includes demos of several DVD authoring, burning, and player packages. A good illustrated overview for all libraries; supplement with more thorough guides to individual packages. More in-depth than Create, SAMS teaches authoring to beginners through straightforward chapter objectives, summaries, workshops, quizzes, tasks, and exercises. Its DVD contains demo and shareware players and video authoring, music creation, and image-editing tools; it also covers choosing a DVD authoring product and includes more information on burning data DVDs, adding and creating music, and more advanced editing techniques. For all libraries; choose if you can afford only one overview. Intermediate users and more ambitious beginners will gravitate to Idea Book, which addresses creating different types of videos, from home movies and wedding tapes to features and documentaries. It provides more background on how and why to create "good" video rather than just how to use software and also offers tips for choosing camcorders and other equipment. Its CD includes sample clips and projects; a companion web site was inactive at the time of this review. For intermediate video authors seeking ideas on jazzing up their projects, 50 Fast contains step-by-step instructions for 50 different video techniques, organized into chapters from special effects and titles to exporting and CD or DVD. Its CD contains demo and shareware video, music, and image software; project video; finished examples; and sound effects clips. A full-color glossy insert further illustrates some techniques, each of which is described both in iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. Idea Book and 50 Fast are appropriate for medium and larger public libraries. (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
Introductionp. xv
Part I Introduction to DVDs and VCDs
Chapter 1 Getting Started with DVDs and VCDsp. 3
Understanding DVDs and VCDsp. 4
What You Can Do with DVDsp. 6
What You Can Do with VCDsp. 7
Understanding DVD Standardsp. 9
DVD-R/RWp. 9
DVD+R/RWp. 10
DVD-RAMp. 11
Understanding the Basics of the DVD/VCD Creation Processp. 12
Creating Your Video Contentp. 12
Capturing Your Videop. 14
Editing Your Moviep. 17
Creating Your Discp. 20
Hardware Basicsp. 21
What Kind of Computer Do You Need?p. 21
What Computer Add-Ons Do You Need?p. 22
Chapter 2 Introduction to DVD Creation Toolsp. 25
Introducing Some Basic Video Editorsp. 27
Sonic MyDVDp. 27
Pinnacle Expressionp. 32
VideoWave Movie Creatorp. 34
A Few Final Words on Basic Video Editorsp. 37
A Look at Mainstream Video Editorsp. 37
Pinnacle Studiop. 38
Sonic DVDit!p. 41
Roxio VideoWave Power Editionp. 43
A Few Final Words on Mainstream Video Editorsp. 44
A Glance at Pro Level Video Editorsp. 45
Adobe Premierep. 45
Pinnacle Editionp. 46
Sonic ReelDVDp. 48
Sonic DVD Producerp. 49
The Final Word on Pro Level Editorsp. 50
Chapter 3 Capturing Your Videop. 51
Understanding Video Sourcesp. 52
Using DV Camcordersp. 53
Using Analog Videop. 54
Using Existing Video Filesp. 54
A Look at Your Video Capture Optionsp. 54
FireWire (IEEE-1394)p. 54
Analog Videop. 56
RF (TV Tuners)p. 57
Understanding Your Audio Sourcesp. 58
Using the Recorded Soundtrackp. 58
Adding Music from Audio CDsp. 58
Using Music Samplesp. 59
Adding Sound Effectsp. 60
Using Other Contentp. 60
Adding Images from a Digital Camerap. 60
Scanning Old Photosp. 61
Part II Movie Making Concepts
Chapter 4 Storyboards and Timelinesp. 65
Understanding Storyboardsp. 66
How Storyboards Workp. 67
Adding Content to Storyboardsp. 67
Moving Scenes on the Storyboardp. 69
Editing Scenes on the Storyboardp. 69
Understanding Timelinesp. 70
How Timelines Workp. 71
Adjusting Clips on the Timelinep. 72
Slow Motion and Fast Motion Effectsp. 73
Understanding Scenesp. 75
Chapter 5 Transitions and Special Effectsp. 77
What Are Transitions?p. 78
Applying Scene Transitionsp. 82
Transition Considerationsp. 82
Adding Transitionsp. 83
Adjusting Transitionsp. 84
Rippling Transitionsp. 85
Editing Transitionsp. 87
Using Special Effectsp. 88
Chapter 6 Audio Tracks for Your Moviesp. 95
Audio Track Sourcesp. 96
Using Recorded Audiop. 97
Ripping Audio CDsp. 99
Using Pro Soundtracksp. 102
Using Recorded Sound Effectsp. 103
Adding a Narration Trackp. 104
Manipulating Audio Tracksp. 106
Adjusting the Volume Levelsp. 106
Splitting Recorded Audio Tracks from the Video Trackp. 108
Combining Multiple Audio Tracksp. 110
Chapter 7 Titles for Your Moviesp. 113
Title Basicsp. 114
Understanding Title Typesp. 114
Title Safe Areasp. 116
TVs and Title Readabilityp. 117
Creating Titlesp. 118
Selecting a Title Stylep. 119
Editing the Titlep. 120
Adding Background Imagesp. 121
Adjusting the Text Effectsp. 123
Adding Title Special Effectsp. 126
Moving Titlesp. 126
Title Fadesp. 127
Creating Fancy Title Effects with Title Overlaysp. 128
Chapter 8 Menus for Your Moviesp. 131
Understanding How DVD Menus Workp. 132
What Are DVDs?p. 132
Getting a Handle on DVD Menusp. 133
Creating DVD Menusp. 135
Adding a Menu to the Timelinep. 136
Editing Your Menup. 137
Linking Menusp. 140
Adding Background Music to Your Menusp. 142
VCD Menu Considerationsp. 143
Chapter 9 Choosing Output Formats for Your Moviesp. 145
Choosing the Proper Output Formatp. 146
Writing to Tapep. 147
Writing to DV Camcordersp. 149
Writing to a VCRp. 150
Creating AVI Filesp. 151
Choosing Your Video Output Optionsp. 152
Choosing Your Audio Output Optionsp. 154
Creating MPEG Filesp. 155
Selecting the Video Settingsp. 156
Selecting the Audio Settingsp. 157
Creating Streaming Videop. 157
Creating RealVideo Filesp. 158
Creating Windows Media Filesp. 160
Burning Discsp. 161
Choosing an Output Formatp. 162
Selecting the Quality Settingsp. 163
Choosing Your Burn Optionsp. 164
Selecting the Media and Device Optionsp. 165
Burning That Discp. 166
Part III Creating Your Movies
Chapter 10 Creating a Movie in Sonic MyDVDp. 171
Starting a Projectp. 172
Importing Your Videop. 175
Capturing Videop. 175
Using Existing Videop. 179
Adding Still Imagesp. 181
Modifying Your Menusp. 183
Adding Additional Menusp. 184
Selecting a Menu Stylep. 185
Modifying the Textp. 188
Adding a Soundtrackp. 191
Editing Your Videop. 191
Sending Your Video to ArcSoft ShowBizp. 192
Editing Video Clipsp. 194
Modifying the Soundtrackp. 196
Adding Transitionsp. 198
Adding Titlesp. 200
Adding Special Effectsp. 201
Returning Your Video to Sonic MyDVDp. 202
Previewing Your Moviep. 203
Burning Your DVD or VCDp. 205
Chapter 11 Creating a Movie in Pinnacle Expressionp. 207
Capturing Your Videop. 208
Capturing from a DV Camcorderp. 209
Using Existing Video Filesp. 211
Adding Digital Photosp. 212
Modifying the Video Filesp. 213
Choosing a Menu Stylep. 214
Choosing a Templatep. 214
Customizing Menusp. 215
Adding Titlesp. 217
Editing Clipsp. 218
Rearranging Chaptersp. 220
Splitting and Combining Clipsp. 220
Setting Scene Optionsp. 224
Choosing a Different Thumbnailp. 226
Previewing Your Moviep. 227
Burning Your Discsp. 228
Labeling Your Discsp. 232
Chapter 12 Creating a Movie in Roxio VideoWave Movie Creatorp. 235
Using Easy Capturep. 236
Selecting a Video Sourcep. 237
Choosing Your Settingsp. 239
Capturing Your Videop. 240
Making a Music Video with CineMagicp. 242
Naming Your Productionp. 242
Adding Your Videop. 242
Adding Your Audiop. 243
Choosing a Stylep. 244
Completing Your Videop. 245
Using StoryBuilderp. 246
Setting Up Your Moviep. 247
Adding an Opening Titlep. 248
Adding Your Contentp. 249
Adding an Endingp. 251
Finishing Your Videop. 251
Enhancing Your Movie with StoryLine Editorp. 251
Starting Your Productionp. 251
Adding and Editing Your Videop. 252
Adding Titlesp. 259
Adding Audio Contentp. 261
Preparing Your Movie for Outputp. 263
Burning Your Disc with VideoCD/DVD Makerp. 264
Opening Your Projectp. 264
Choosing a Disc Formatp. 265
Selecting a Menu Templatep. 266
Adding New Video and Finalizing Your Settingsp. 266
Burning Your Discp. 266
Chapter 13 Creating a Movie in Sonic DVDit!p. 269
Starting a New Projectp. 270
Understanding the DVDit! Screenp. 271
Importing Your Videop. 273
Previewing Your Video Clipsp. 275
Selecting a First Playp. 275
Adding Menusp. 276
Editing Your Menusp. 278
Adding Titlesp. 284
Adding Soundtracksp. 287
Preparing Audio Filesp. 287
Adding Audio to Menus or Movie Clipsp. 288
Previewing Your Moviep. 289
Burning Your Discp. 290
Chapter 14 Creating a Movie in Pinnacle Studiop. 293
Capturing Your Videop. 294
Choosing Your Capture Settingsp. 296
Capturing Video from Your DV Camcorderp. 298
Importing Video Filesp. 298
Using the Video Scenes Albump. 299
Working with the Timelinep. 300
Adding Scenesp. 300
Trimming Scenesp. 302
Adjusting the Playback Speedp. 302
Adjusting Scene Propertiesp. 305
Using Transitionsp. 306
Choosing Transitionsp. 306
Adding Transitionsp. 307
Adding Titlesp. 309
Using Title Templatesp. 309
Creating Your Own Titlesp. 310
Adding Soundsp. 312
Separating the Recorded Audio Track from the Videop. 313
Adding Musicp. 314
Adding Voice-Oversp. 316
Adding Sound Effectsp. 317
Creating Menusp. 319
Adding Menusp. 320
Controlling Linksp. 321
Creating the Final Outputp. 322
Choosing Your Output Mediump. 322
Burning Your Discp. 324
Chapter 15 Creating a Movie in Roxio VideoWave Power Editionp. 325
Understanding the Roxio VideoWave Power Edition Screenp. 326
Adding Video to a Projectp. 329
Capturing Your Videop. 329
Importing Your Videop. 334
Using Scene Detectionp. 335
Creating Your Moviep. 336
Adding Video to the Storylinep. 337
Editing Video Clipsp. 338
Adding Transitionsp. 346
Adding Textp. 348
Adding Soundp. 349
Burning Your Discp. 350
Producing Your Moviep. 350
Choosing the Output Formatp. 351
Adding Menusp. 352
Finalizing the Discp. 355
Appendix A A New Type of Recordable DVD Drivep. 357
Appendix B Using Your DVD Burner for Data and Musicp. 361
Indexp. 365