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FrontPage 2003 for dummies
Dornfest, Asha.
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Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, [2003]

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xiv, 370 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes index.
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TK5105.8885.M53 D67 2003 Adult Non-Fiction Central Closed Stacks

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* Discusses creating a basic site design, working with text, effectively using hyperlinks, and adding images and graphics.
* Explains working with tables, forms, and frames.
* Explores adding multimedia elements like sound and animation.
* Updated to include the newest tools in FrontPage.
* Previous four editions have combined to sell more than 230,000 copies.

Author Notes

Asha Dornfest is an author and trainer who has guided thousands of users to FrontPage proficiency. She's been designing Web pages since the infancy of the Internet

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 1
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 2
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 4
Where to Go from Herep. 5
Part I Getting Friendly with FrontPagep. 7
Chapter 1 Weaving a FrontPage Web Sitep. 9
Exactly What Is Web Publishing?p. 10
Creating Your First FrontPage Web Sitep. 10
Creating Additional Web Sitesp. 14
Creating a Web site by using a template or wizardp. 14
Creating a Web site from scratchp. 18
Importing an Existing Web Site into FrontPagep. 19
Importing a site from a location on your computer or networkp. 19
Importing a site from the Webp. 21
Open, Sesame!p. 24
Closing a Web Sitep. 25
Deleting a Web Sitep. 25
Exiting FrontPagep. 26
Chapter 2 Basic Web Page Tasksp. 27
Creating a New Web Pagep. 27
Creating blank pagesp. 28
Creating a new page based on an existing pagep. 29
Opening a Web Pagep. 30
Opening a page that's part of the current Web sitep. 30
Opening a page stored on your computer or networkp. 31
Opening a page from the World Wide Webp. 31
Converting Other Documents into Web Pagesp. 32
Previewing a Pagep. 36
Previewing pages using the FrontPage Preview viewp. 36
Previewing pages using a Web browserp. 37
Saving a Pagep. 39
Saving a page on your computer or networkp. 40
Saving a page as a templatep. 42
Part II Web Page Construction Basicsp. 45
Chapter 3 Web Design Fundamentalsp. 47
Clients and Servers 101p. 47
Cross-Platform Maniap. 49
Web truism #1 Your visitors use different computersp. 50
Web truism #2 Your visitors use different browsersp. 50
Web truism #3 Your visitors connect to the Internet at different speedsp. 51
Web truism #4 Your visitors come from diverse culturesp. 52
Five Steps to a Brilliant Web Sitep. 52
Give your site a purposep. 52
Remember your visitorsp. 52
Cultivate an imagep. 53
Make your site easy to navigatep. 53
Plan for the futurep. 53
Chapter 4 Tweaking Your Textp. 55
What Does Design View Do?p. 55
Adding Text to a Pagep. 57
Keeping Site Accessibility in Mindp. 59
Choosing a Web server and browser platformp. 60
Checking your site against accessibility guidelinesp. 61
Foolin' with Fontsp. 64
Using font toolsp. 64
Changing fontsp. 65
Being bold (or italic or underlined or ...)p. 66
Changing text sizep. 67
Changing text colorp. 68
Changing character spacingp. 70
Creating Stylish Paragraphsp. 70
The list of listsp. 72
Adjusting paragraph alignment, indenting, and spacingp. 74
Adding borders and shadingp. 75
Inserting Commentsp. 78
Inserting Horizontal Linesp. 78
Chapter 5 Getting Your Visitors from Here to There with Hyperlinksp. 81
The Hyperlink Two-Stepp. 81
Linking to a Web page or filep. 82
Linking to an e-mail addressp. 85
Editing Hyperlinksp. 86
Changing a hyperlink's text or destination and adding a Screen Tipp. 86
Displaying a hyperlink's destination in a new browser windowp. 87
Changing hyperlink colorp. 88
Making Sure Your Hyperlinks Work As Advertisedp. 91
Verifying hyperlinksp. 92
Fixing broken hyperlinksp. 93
Unlinking Hyperlinksp. 94
Using Bookmarks to Define "Linkable" Areas inside a Pagep. 94
Creating bookmarksp. 95
Linking to a bookmarkp. 96
Dismantling bookmarksp. 96
Helping Visitors Find Their Way with Link Barsp. 97
Letting FrontPage generate a link barp. 97
Creating a custom link barp. 102
Deleting a link barp. 105
Using shared borders to automatically display link bars throughout your sitep. 106
Embedding More Than One Hyperlink in a Picturep. 108
Adding hotspots to a picturep. 110
Drawing labeled hotspotsp. 111
Setting the default hyperlinkp. 112
Chapter 6 You Oughta Be in Picturesp. 115
Bitmaps and Drawn Graphics ... They're Two Different Animalsp. 115
Understanding the Quirks of Web Graphicsp. 116
Getting to know the Web-friendly bitmap formatsp. 116
Picky palettesp. 117
Keeping graphics zippyp. 118
Practicing graphic restraintp. 119
Adding a Picture to Your Pagep. 119
Inserting a picturep. 120
Using clip artp. 121
Controlling How a Picture Is Displayedp. 122
Aligning a picture with surrounding textp. 123
Controlling the amount of space surrounding a picturep. 125
Adding (or removing) a border around a picturep. 126
Setting display dimensionsp. 127
Specifying alternative textp. 128
Placing a text label on top of a picturep. 130
Editing the Picture Itselfp. 130
Creating a transparent GIFp. 131
Cropping a picturep. 132
Applying a special effect to a picturep. 133
Launching a separate graphics programp. 135
Deleting a picturep. 135
Using Thumbnails to Speed Up Your Pagep. 135
Creating a Photo Galleryp. 137
Using Background Imagesp. 140
Working with Drawn Graphicsp. 141
Awesome AutoShapesp. 142
Working with WordArtp. 145
Chapter 7 Arranging Information Inside Grid Tablesp. 147
Creating a Grid Tablep. 148
Using the Insert Table buttonp. 148
Scrunching existing text into a grid tablep. 149
Inserting Stuff into a Tablep. 149
Table Tinkeringp. 150
Changing table height and widthp. 150
Aligning a table on the pagep. 152
Creating a floating tablep. 152
Inserting blank space inside or between table cellsp. 153
Changing the bordersp. 155
Changing the backgroundp. 156
Fiddling with Cells, Columns, and Rowsp. 157
Selecting table partsp. 157
Adding new columns, rows, and cellsp. 158
Deleting columns, rows, and cellsp. 158
Aligning cell contentsp. 159
Changing cell, row, and column dimensionsp. 160
Merging and splitting cellsp. 161
Deleting a Tablep. 162
Chapter 8 Forms Aren't Only for the IRSp. 163
How Do Forms Work?p. 163
Creating a Formp. 164
Using a form page templatep. 165
Using the Form Page Wizardp. 166
Adding a form to an existing pagep. 169
Working with Form Fieldsp. 169
Text boxesp. 171
Text areasp. 175
Check boxesp. 176
Option buttonsp. 177
Drop-down boxesp. 179
Setting Up FrontPage Form Validationp. 182
Specifying What Happens to Form Resultsp. 184
Adding Submit and Reset buttonsp. 184
Designating where form results gop. 186
Creating a Confirmation Pagep. 193
Making Sure Your Form Worksp. 194
Part III Pump Up Your Web Site!p. 195
Chapter 9 Layout Tables: The Secret of Professional Page Designp. 197
Creating a Layout Tablep. 197
Using a "canned" table layoutp. 200
Drawing a layout table from scratchp. 201
Turning a grid table into a layout tablep. 202
Filling Layout Tables with Contentp. 203
Fiddling with the Size and Shape of Layout Tablesp. 203
Changing a layout table's width, height, and alignment on the pagep. 203
Changing row and column widths and heightsp. 205
Adding and deleting rows and columnsp. 207
Changing How Layout Cells Lookp. 207
Aligning and spacing cell contentsp. 208
Adding background and border colorp. 209
Adding a header or a footerp. 210
Adding cornersp. 212
Adding shadowsp. 213
Deleting a Layout Tablep. 214
Chapter 10 Creating a Flexible Site Layout with Framesp. 215
What Are Frames and Why Would You Want to Use Them?p. 215
Creating a Framed Web Site: The Game Planp. 217
Creating the Frames Pagep. 218
Filling Frames with Content Pagesp. 220
Using a new pagep. 220
Using an existing pagep. 220
Tweaking the Frames Pagep. 221
Adding new framesp. 221
Deleting framesp. 221
Changing frame propertiesp. 222
Changing the target framep. 224
Creating an Alternative for Browsers That Don't "Do" Framesp. 227
Saving and Previewing a Framed Web Sitep. 228
Using Inline Framesp. 229
Chapter 11 Adding Graphical Pizzazz with Themesp. 231
Applying a Theme to Your Web Sitep. 231
Modifying Themesp. 235
Modifying theme colorsp. 236
Choosing different theme graphicsp. 237
Changing theme text stylesp. 239
Creating Your Own Themep. 240
Chapter 12 With Web Components, Who Needs a Programmer?p. 241
Inserting an Interactive Buttonp. 242
Adding an interactive button to your pagep. 243
Changing an interactive button's text formattingp. 244
Altering an interactive button's imagep. 245
Adding a Keyword Search to Your Web Sitep. 247
Tracking Visits with a Hit Counterp. 249
Letting Visitors Search the Web or Look Up a Stock Quotep. 251
Linking to an Online Mapp. 251
Displaying the Latest News Headlines or Weather Reportp. 253
Automating Content with Inclusionsp. 254
Substitutionp. 254
Include pagep. 256
Including a page or picture based on a schedulep. 258
Inserting a page bannerp. 260
Inserting a top 10 listp. 261
Chapter 13 Eye-Popping Extras: Multimedia and Dynamic HTML Behaviorsp. 263
All Manner of Multimediap. 263
Fun with videop. 264
Adding Flash animationp. 268
Music to your earsp. 271
Increasing Your Site's "Wow" Factor with Behaviorsp. 274
Creating a drop-down menu of hyperlinksp. 278
Swapping imagesp. 280
Playing a sound based on something a visitor doesp. 281
Chapter 14 A Gentle Introduction to FrontPage HTML Toolsp. 283
Can't I Just Ignore the HTML? Please?p. 284
Playing with the Codep. 285
Using the Quick Tag Selectorp. 285
Venturing into Code viewp. 287
Controlling How FrontPage Generates HTMLp. 288
Working with Style Sheetsp. 289
Creating and modifying styles in the current pagep. 290
Applying styles to more than one page in your sitep. 293
Part IV Taking Your Web Site to a New Levelp. 295
Chapter 15 Web Site Management 101p. 297
Taking In the Viewsp. 297
Folders viewp. 298
Reports viewp. 299
Navigation viewp. 301
Hyperlinks viewp. 303
Tasks viewp. 304
Remote Web Site viewp. 304
Working with Web Site Files and Foldersp. 305
Adding existing files and folders to a Web sitep. 305
Creating new foldersp. 307
Renaming files and foldersp. 308
Working with subsitesp. 309
Deleting files and foldersp. 312
Backing up and moving Web sitesp. 313
Chapter 16 Streamlining Site Updates with Dynamic Web Templatesp. 315
Introducing Dynamic Web Templatesp. 315
Separating static and dynamic contentp. 316
How Dynamic Web Templates differ from regular page templatesp. 316
Deciding if you should use Dynamic Web Templates in your sitep. 317
Creating a Dynamic Web Templatep. 318
Building the templatep. 318
Defining editable regions inside the templatep. 319
Saving the templatep. 321
Attaching a Dynamic Web Template to Web Pagesp. 321
Updating a Site That Uses Dynamic Web Templatesp. 325
Updating the template itselfp. 326
Swapping Dynamic Web Templatesp. 326
Detaching a page from a Dynamic Web Templatep. 328
Chapter 17 Making Your Worldwide Debutp. 329
What "Publishing Your Web Site" Meansp. 329
The Skinny on FrontPage Server Extensionsp. 330
Going Publicp. 332
Excluding unfinished pages from publishingp. 333
Publishing your Web sitep. 333
Letting the World Know You're Ready for Visitorsp. 337
Password-Protecting Your Web Sitep. 338
Setting permissionsp. 338
Changing permissionsp. 340
Keeping Your Web Site Freshp. 341
Part V The Part of Tensp. 343
Chapter 18 Ten FrontPage Add-Ins to Tryp. 345
Finding, Downloading, and Installing FrontPage Add-Insp. 345
J-Bots Plusp. 347
1-2-3 PayPal Purchase Button Wizardp. 347
FrontFX Picture Splitterp. 347
Webstyle Web Graphicsp. 348
Meta Tag Makerp. 348
FrontPage Web Template--Project Management Sitep. 348
Office Power! Add-Insp. 349
Case Changerp. 349
FrontLook Page Effectsp. 350
Sothink Glandap. 350
Chapter 19 Ten Web Sites Worth a Closer Lookp. 351
Microsoft FrontPage Home Pagep. 351
Microsoft Product Support Servicesp. 351
OutFrontp. 352
HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginnersp. 352
Builder.comp. 352
Webmonkeyp. 352
Learn the Netp. 353
Googlep. 353
Download.comp. 353
Dummies.comp. 354
Indexp. 355