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Dr. Mac : the OS X files, Panther edition: how to become a Panther power user
LeVitus, Bob.
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New York : John Wiley, [2003]

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xxi, 482 pages: illustrations; 24 cm
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"How to become a Mac OS X power user"--Cover.

"Covers Mac OS X v10.3 Panther"--Cover.

OS X files.

Includes index.
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QA76.8.M3 L47 2003 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area

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* Completely updated, enhanced and expanded for OS X Jaguar, Panther, and beyond, including dozens of new power user techniques from Mac users worldwide
* Teaches readers how to become power users with chapters on the Classic environment, hardware and software add-ons, and ways to customize the Mac
* Includes coverage of Unix, including the shell, terminal program and shell command-line editing shortcuts
* Features Dr. Mac favorites such as recommended software, things other power users think you should know about OS X, MacStyles of the Not-So-Rich-and-Famous Power Users, The Dr. Macintosh Abridged Dictionary, and more
* Author hosts a weekly radio program, has been published in more than two dozen computer magazines, and has sold more than a million copies of his previous books worldwide
* Companion Web site provides links to the absolute best freeware, shareware, games, demo programs, informative PDF files, icons, and more

Author Notes

Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus has written more than 38 computer books that have sold over a million copies worldwide, among them Mac OS X For Dummies, The Little iTunes Book, and the previous edition of Dr. Mac: The OS X Files. He is currently the Macintosh columnist for the Houston Chronicle, "head forum geek" at, and host of the weekly Inside Mac Radio Show on KNEW in San Francisco. Bob lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Lisa, their son and daughter, and assorted furred, feathered, and scaly housemates.

Table of Contents

Part I In the Beginning: The Basics
Chapter 1 In the Beginningp. 3
MacBasics 101p. 3
Introducing Your System Softwarep. 4
The Finderp. 5
The Mac OS X System Folderp. 6
Apple System Software Updatesp. 8
General Tips, Hints, and Advice for Aspiring Power Usersp. 10
Read the Fine Manual (a.k.a. R.T.F.M.)p. 10
Read about the Macintoshp. 11
Improve Your Typing Skillsp. 11
Customize Your Working Environmentp. 11
Develop Mouse Independencep. 12
Don't Be Afraid to Use Technical Supportp. 13
Join a User Groupp. 14
Experimentp. 14
Buy What You Need to be Productivep. 14
Chapter 2 Mastering the OS X Finderp. 17
Finder, Window, and Dock Basicsp. 17
Startup Basicsp. 18
New or Improved Finder Featuresp. 21
Windows (Microsoft Had Nothing to Do with These)p. 28
About Windows in Generalp. 29
Option Key Magicp. 32
Anatomy of a Windowp. 35
List Viewp. 43
What's Up (with the) Dock: Basicsp. 50
My Dock Is a Very, Very, Very Dry Dockp. 50
More Dock Tipsp. 53
Preferences You'll Preferp. 54
Dockp. 55
Desktop & Screen Saverp. 56
Accountsp. 57
Mouse, Keyboard, Sound, and Other Preferencesp. 59
When Good Finders Go Badp. 60
When the Finder Goes Wonkyp. 61
Software That Makes the Finder and Dock Even Betterp. 68
Launchers/Organizersp. 68
Chapter 3 Hard Disk Organization (and Navigation) Made Easyp. 73
Starting with the Basicsp. 74
How Mac OS X Is Organizedp. 75
Three Organizational Strategiesp. 80
Strategy 1 Organizing by Client/Projectp. 81
Strategy 2 Organizing by Taskp. 82
Strategy 3 Organizing by Applicationp. 82
A Look at My Hard Disk(s)p. 83
Organizational Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks, and Strategiesp. 85
Dealing with Folders and Windowsp. 86
Open and Savep. 89
Dock It to Mep. 92
Software That Makes Navigating Easierp. 94
DragThingp. 95
Fruit Menup. 97
WindowShade Xp. 98
Chapter 4 Protecting Your Workp. 101
About Backing Upp. 102
Why Back Up?p. 102
What to Back Up?p. 103
But What Should I Back Up To?p. 104
How Often to Back Up?p. 105
How Many Sets of Backups? (Anser: Three, with One Off Site)p. 106
Three Backup Strategies for Every Occasionp. 108
A Look at the Softwarep. 111
Just a Little Retrospectp. 111
Apple Joins the Partyp. 119
A Backup Solution For People Who Like Things Simplep. 120
Part II On Becoming a Power User
Chapter 5 Getting More Out of the Internetp. 123
Internet 101p. 124
Telephone Line with Analog Modemp. 125
Higher Bandwidth Connections: Cable Modems, DSL, etcp. 126
The Bottom Line on Buying Bandwidthp. 127
At Your Service (Provider)p. 128
.Mac (Dot Mac)p. 128
See the Sitesp. 130
The Envelope, Pleasep. 130
The Best of the Restp. 137
Software for the Surfing Setp. 144
All about Web Browsersp. 145
More Tools of the Tradep. 151
One Last Thingp. 165
The Web Communityp. 165
Find a Community You Can Lovep. 167
Chapter 6 The Classic Environmentp. 171
The Basics of Classicp. 172
The Classic System Preference Panep. 173
Maximizing Classic Performancep. 177
More Classic Tips, Techniques, and Advicep. 182
Back and Forth: From OS X to OS 9 and Backp. 182
Software That Makes Classic Betterp. 183
More Classic Hints and Tipsp. 183
Chapter 7 Hardware That Makes Your Mac More Powerfulp. 187
RAM Cramp. 188
Memory and Virtual Memoryp. 190
Optimizing Your RAM Usagep. 191
How and Where to Buy RAMp. 199
Mass(ive) Storagep. 201
The Many Faces of Mass Storagep. 201
Faster Processorsp. 208
Other Hardwarep. 210
Input Devicesp. 210
Speakersp. 215
MP3 Playersp. 216
Other Interesting and/or Useful Hardwarep. 220
Chapter 7 When Good Macs Go Badp. 225
Preventing Emergenciesp. 225
What Not to Move, Rename, or Deletep. 226
Who Can Do What to What?p. 227
OS X Prefers to Run 24/7p. 229
You Can Force Quit with (Almost) Reckless Abandonp. 230
Avoid Unnecessary Extensions and Control Panels in Classicp. 233
Two More Tips That Aren't for Everyonep. 233
When Good Macs Go Just a Little Bit Badp. 239
Nonfatal Crashes and Other Relatively Minor Inconveniencesp. 239
When Really Bad Things Happen to Really Good Macsp. 253
How to Deal with Freezing, Locking Up, or Crashingp. 255
Different Types of Startup Failurep. 256
Troubleshooting Techniques and Tipsp. 257
Try on a Safe Bootp. 258
Zap the PRAMp. 259
Check Your Disksp. 260
Dealing with Preferencesp. 267
Reinstalling Mac OS Xp. 272
Chapter 8 Customizing Mac OS Xp. 275
Freebies from the Big Applep. 276
Toolbar Tipsp. 276
The Joy of X: System Preferencesp. 279
One Last Apple Goodiep. 289
What Apple Doesn't Providep. 293
Unsane Software From Unsanityp. 293
Magic and Menusp. 299
No Pane, No Gain (A Trio of Cool System Preference Panes)p. 304
More Customizations to Cherishp. 312
Learning to Fishp. 318
Chapter 9 More Than Enough Unix to Get Byp. 321
What Is a Unix Shell and Why Do I Need It?p. 321
Getting Started with Unix and Terminalp. 322
Commonly Used Unix Commandsp. 324
Some Other Useful Commandsp. 326
Getting a Grip on grepp. 327
Shell Command-Line Editing Shortcutsp. 330
Don't Type Full Pathnames--Use Drag and Dropp. 330
The Shell Will Also Help You with Pathnamesp. 331
You Don't Have to Retype Commandsp. 331
Arrow Keys Work through Your Command Historyp. 331
Unix Software You May Want to Tryp. 331
Perlp. 332
Avi2Movp. 332
The GIMPp. 332
TeXp. 333
Chapter 10 More Unix for Power Usersp. 335
Log In to a Unix Shell Instead of Aquap. 337
Put Double-Scroll Arrows at Both Ends of the Scrollbarsp. 339
Change File Ownership, File Type, and Other Attributesp. 340
SetFilep. 340
Find on Steroidsp. 341
Move Over, PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)p. 342
View DivX-; Files in QuickTime Playerp. 343
Three Ways to View Your RAMp. 344
Chapter 11 Users, and Groups, and NetInfo (Oh My!)p. 345
What Is NetInfo Manager and What Does It Do?p. 345
Managing Groups for File Sharingp. 347
Step 1 Create Usersp. 348
Step 2 Create the Groupp. 350
Step 3 Populate the Groupp. 351
Step 4 Set Permissions on the Directory to Sharep. 351
Chapter 12 AppleScript for OS Xp. 353
What Is AppleScript and What Can It Do?p. 354
Programming in AppleScript and How To Avoid Itp. 355
Creating Your First Scriptsp. 356
Your First Scriptp. 357
How Scriptable Is Scriptable?p. 357
More on Scriptingp. 358
A Script Menu for All Seasonsp. 360
Where to Learn More about Scriptingp. 361
This Just Inp. 362
Chapter 13 Highly Recommended Softwarep. 365
Commercial Software Worth Paying Forp. 365
AppleWorksp. 366
BBEditp. 370
Microsoft Office v.Xp. 374
MouseWorks for Mac OS Xp. 379
Timbuktu Prop. 380
Shareware/Freewarep. 380
BatChmodp. 382
DragThingp. 383
Drop Drawers Xp. 384
Elzep. 385
epicware Mac OS X Screen Saversp. 387
File Buddy 7.5p. 387
FileMonitorp. 390
FoldersSynchronizer Xp. 392
GraphicConverterp. 394
iColumnsp. 396
Iconsp. 398
JewelToyp. 401
LaunchBarp. 402
MacJanitorp. 403
ManOpenp. 405
Master Keyp. 406
MemoryStickp. 408
OmniDictionaryp. 409
OmniDiskSweeperp. 411
Perfboardp. 413
Print Windowp. 413
Pseudop. 415
PuzzleBoxp. 415
ShadowKillerp. 417
Snapz Pro Xp. 418
Snardp. 420
textSOAPp. 420
TinkerToolp. 421
Visagep. 422
Watsonp. 422
WindowShade Xp. 424
Chapter 14 What Other Power Users Think You Should Know about OS Xp. 427
Applicationsp. 430
Finderp. 430
Applicationsp. 439
Classicp. 443
OS Xp. 444
Troubleshootingp. 444
Networking & Connectivityp. 448
Printingp. 450
Geeky Stuffp. 453
Terminal/Unixp. 453
AppleScriptp. 466
Potpourrip. 470