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Chemistry : a guided inquiry
Moog, Richard Samuel.
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Second edition.
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[New York, N.Y.] : John Wiley & Sons, [2002]

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349 pages, A-10 : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Includes index.
Atomic structure -- Molecular structure -- Solids and liquids -- Stoichiometry -- Thermochemistry -- Miscellaneous topics -- Equilibrium -- Acids and bases -- Oxidation-reduction -- Thermodynamics -- Kinetics.
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Designed to be used with Spencer, Rickard, and Bodner's Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry is filled with activities that get students actively engaged in the material. These activites train students to examine data, written descriptions, and figures to develop important chemical concepts for themselves.

Each activity is followed by a series of Critical Thinking Questions, which lead students through the thought process that results in the construction of a particular concept or idea. Finally, students work on Skill Development Exercises and Problems that reinforce key ideas developed in class and enable them to practice applying those ideas to new situations.

Table of Contents

Atomic Structure
1 The Nuclear Atom
2 Atomic Number and Atomic Mass
3 Coulomb's Law
4 The Shell Model (I)
5 The Shell Model (II)
6 Atomic Size
7 Electromagnetic Radiation
8 Photoelectron Spectroscopy
9 The Shell Model (III)
10 Electron Configurations
11 Electron Configurations and the Periodic Table
12 Electron Spin
Molecular Structure
13 Lewis Structures (I)
14 Bond Order and Bond Strength
15 Lewis Structures (II)
16 Lewis Structures (III)
17 Lewis Structures (IV)
18 Molecular Shapes
19 Hybrid Orbitals
20 Average Valence Electron Energies
21 Partial Charge
22 Polar, Nonpolar, and Ionic Bonds
23 Dipole Moment
Solids and Liquids
24 The Ionic Bond
25 Metals
26 The Bond-Type Triangle
27 Intermolecular Forces
28 The Mole Concept
29 Balanced Chemical Equations
30 Limiting Reagent
31 Empirical Formula
32 Molarity
33 The Ideal Gas Law
34 Enthalpy of Atom Combination
35 Enthalpy Changes in Chemical Reactions
36 Rates of Chemical Reactions
37 Equilibrium (I)
38 Equilibrium (II)
39 The Equilibrium Constant (I)
40 The Reaction Quotient
41 The Solubility Product
Acids and Bases
42 Acids and Bases
43 Strong and Weak Acids
44 Weak Acid/Base Dissociation
45 pH
46 Relative Acid Strength
47 Acid/Base Strength of Conjugate Pairs
48 Redox Reactions
49 Oxidation Numbers
50 The Electrochemical Cell
51 The Cell Voltage
52 Entropy (I)
53 Entropy (II)
54 Entropy Changes in Chemical Reactions
55 The Equilibrium Constant (II)
56 The Equilibrium Constant (III)
57 Rates of Chemical Reactions (II)
58 Integrated Rate Laws
59 Reaction Mechanisms (I)
60 Reaction Mechanisms (II)
61 Reaction Mechanisms (III)
62 Activation Energy
Appendix: Table A.1 Values of Selected Fundamental Constants
Appendix: Table A.2 Selected Conversion Factors
Appendix: Table A.3 Standard-State Enthalpies, Free Energies, and Entropies of Atom Combination

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