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Photoshop 7 : killer tips
Kelby, Scott.
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First edition.
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[Indianapolis, Ind.] : New Riders, 2002.

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xix, 213 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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A collection of tips and hidden secrets for Photoshop 7. The text is geared to the intermediate to advanced Photoshop user who needs to learn techniques that enhance their productivity.

Author Notes

Scott Kelby is Editor-in-Chief of Photoshop User magazine
Felix Nelson is the Creative Director of Photoshop User magazine, the Senior Art Director for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and the Art Director for Mac Design Magazine



Why We Wrote This Book The inspiration for this book came when Felix saw what the car payment wouldbe on a new Porsche Boxster. He came to me and said, "Dude, I gotta write abook." Okay, you know we're kidding, but admit it--don't yousecretly wish that for once, when someone was doing something strictly for themoney, they'd just come out and say so. Just once, wouldn't you liketo hear someone admit it? Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I can tell youunequivocally that Felix and I absolutely did not write this book for the money.We wrote it to get free drugs. All authors get free drugs--it's inevery book contract. Always has been. Actually, the reason we wanted to write this book is because of somethingthat is already in almost every Photoshop book ever written: the tips. Youknow--those cool little tips littered throughout the sidebars of all greatPhotoshop books. We found that those little tips were often our favorite partsof the book. In fact, Felix and I agreed that frequently we'd read allthose little sidebar tips first--before we'd ever sit down to actuallyread a chapter. It's those neat little tips that the great authors includethat make using Photoshop so much fun (and make their books so great). The onlyproblem is, there's just not enough of 'em. So we thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was a Photoshop bookwhere the whole book, cover-to-cover, was nothing but those little tips on theside!" Then Felix jumped up and yelled, "Let's write thatbook!" I jumped up and yelled, "Yes, yes! We have to write that book.It's our destiny!" Then Felix yelled, "Then I can get myPorsche!" I mean, he yelled, "This book will help humanity and bewritten for the common good" (or something like that. I can'tremember. Probably because of all the drugs). TIP This is a sidebar tip. Every greatPhotoshop book has a few of them. But this book is nothing but them. Awhole book of cool sidebar tips, without the sidebars. Is This Book for You? Is this book for you? Are you kidding? This book is so for you thatit secretly freaks you out. Look, we don't know you personally, but we knowPhotoshop people. You're just like us--you love those little sidebartips just as much as we do. If you didn't, authors would've stoppedadding them to their books years ago, because, frankly, they're a pain inthe butt to compile. But we know what you're thinking. Sure, you love thoselittle tips--those inside secrets that make you look smart at parties andgain respect from your peers, homies, peeps, and other esteemed colleagues, butyou want something more. You want the one thing that those cool little sidebartips never seem to have. That's right, graphics. As cool as those sidebartips are, they're always just a tiny little box with a couple of lines oftext (like the sidebar we added above left). So we thought we'd expand theexplanations just enough to make them more accessible, and add an accompanyinggraphic to enhance each tip's innate juiciness. They must remain"juicy." They must be "juicy tips." Now you're probably wondering, "Guys, Photoshop is one amazingprogram with an unrivaled power and incredible depth. Couldn't you havecome up with at least 1,000 Photoshop tips?" Absolutely. We could haveincluded loads of tips, such as "F7 brings up the Layers palette," and"Press Shift-G to get the Paint Bucket tool," but the problem is,those aren't "Killer Tips." Every Photoshop book has those tips.Heck, books about gardening probably even have those Photoshop tips. For a tipto get in this book, it had to be a "Killer Tip." Each tip had to beone that would make the reader smile, nod, and then pick up the phone to callanother Photoshop user just to "tune them up" with their newfoundpower. Remember, these are killer tips, so be careful. Someone could gethurt. Okay, How Do I Get Started? In both of my previous Photoshop books, Photoshop 7 Down & DirtyTricks and Photoshop 6 Photo-Retouching Secrets, I used a techniquethat really worked well. I gratuitously mentioned both of my other books in theintroduction, just in case I didn't get to plug them later. No, wait...that's not it. What I did tell the reader was that my booksaren't set up like a novel. They're purposely not designed to make youstart at Chapter One and read your way through to the back (where hopefully,I'll again have an opportunity to plug, I mean casually mention, my otherbooks). Instead, this book is designed so you can jump in anywhere, in anychapter, and immediately try the tips that interest you the most, regardless ofyour level of experience in Photoshop. You don't need to load any specialimages from a CD-ROM or go to a Web site to download special photos--theseare just cool tips. No flaming type, no multilevel glows--just timesavingshortcuts and efficiency tips that will make you faster and better at Photoshopthan you'd ever thought you'd be. Also, like my previous books, we spell out everything. So if you've beenusing Photoshop for years, don't let it frustrate you because instead ofjust writing, "Create a new layer," we usually write, "Create anew layer by clicking on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layerspalette." We do that because we want everyone, at any skill level, to beable to open the book to any page and start applying these cool tips to theirwork immediately. This book is built on the premise that "Speed Kills." Because afterall, if you get faster at Photoshop, you'll have more time to be creative,and the more time you spend being creative, the more fun you'll have. TIP You're doing it again! Stop lookingat these sidebars. See, they're intoxicating--you're drawn to themeven after you know it's not really a tip. Okay, here's a real tip: Ifyou like sidebar tips, buy this book. Is This Book for Macintosh, Windows, or Both? This book is not only for Mac and Windows users, it's for people whodon't even have a computer. In fact, it's ideal for anyone with $39.99(kidding). Because Photoshop is identical on both the Macintosh and Windowsoperating systems, the book is for both Mac and Windows users. However, thekeyboards on a Mac and PC are slightly different, so every time we give akeyboard shortcut, we give both the Mac and Windows shortcuts. (Well, there isone other difference--in Mac OS X you'll find Photoshop'sPreferences under the new Photoshop menu instead of the Edit menu like it usedto be in the Mac OS and still is in Windows). How To Use This Book This book is designed to be read while moving at a high rate of speed. Ifyou're barreling down the highway going 80 mph, weaving in and out oftraffic, that's the ideal time to turn to Chapter 6 to read the tip on"How to assist EMS workers with using the Jaws of Life." Okay,admittedly, that's probably not a good idea, so instead, just make sure youopen this book in front of your computer so you can dive right into the tips.Remember, the one who dies with the most cool tips wins. What Not To Do You're almost ready to get to the tips, but first a word of caution:"Caution." There. Now you're ready. Actually, we did want topoint out that the only two actual sidebar tips in the entire book are in thesidebars on these two pages. So, don't go rippin' through the booklooking for all those little sidebar tips because we intentionally left thesidebars blank. Why? So we could write another book called The Missing KillerTips Sidebars, just in case Felix ever sees what the payment is for a houseon the beach. (c) Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved. Excerpted from Photoshop 7 Killer Tips by Scott Kelby All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Life in the Fast Lane: Production Tipsp. 2
Brushes Right Where You Want 'Emp. 4
Change a Brush Here--It Shows Up Therep. 4
No More Jaggy Lasso Tool Selectionsp. 5
Let Photoshop Do the Work in Curvesp. 6
Want a Finer Grid? You Got It!p. 6
You Don't Need the Brushes Palette to Change Brush Sizep. 7
Rotate to Any Angle the Fast Wayp. 7
Don't Stop Zooming Just Because You're Correctingp. 8
Instantly Find the Center of Any Objectp. 8
New Document Sizes--Have It Your Wayp. 9
Get Rid of Unwanted Brushesp. 10
Navigating the Brush Picker Like a Prop. 10
Get More Control over Your Paint Strokesp. 11
Speed Tip to Rotate Through Open Imagesp. 11
Hiding Those Annoying Marching Antsp. 12
Making Your Guide Flipp. 12
Creating Temporary Brushesp. 13
Reusing Your Last Curve Settingp. 13
Bringing Back Those Cropped Away Areasp. 14
Fix Those Stray Pixels Fast!p. 14
Getting More Control over the Magic Wandp. 15
Making the Color Palette Work Twice as Hardp. 15
New Document Timesaverp. 16
Rearranging Your Brushesp. 16
Use Your Last Settings and Save Timep. 17
Hit Those Channels Fastp. 17
How to Get an Undo After You've Closed the Documentp. 18
Using the Pen? Stay Away from the Toolboxp. 18
Put Your Gradient Picker at Your Fingertipsp. 19
Don't Click in That Field!p. 19
Out of Memory? Try This Firstp. 20
How to "Unerase"p. 20
Open Up Some Screen Real Estatep. 21
Copy One Layer, or Copy 'Em Allp. 21
Stuck in a Field? Here's How to Escapep. 22
Don't Cancel; Reset and Save Timep. 22
Time for Some Pantone Conveniencep. 23
Change Values Even Faster by Using Your Keyboardp. 23
Toggling on the Toolboxp. 24
Use the Move Tool Anytimep. 24
Photoshop Remembers the Last Size You Inputp. 25
How to Hide the Path Around Your Shapep. 25
Removing Points from the Polygonal Lassop. 26
Find the Center of Any Documentp. 26
But I Wanted the Old Brushes Palette Backp. 27
Seeing Your Curves Up Closep. 27
Chapter 2 Born to Run: Essential Tips You've Got to Knowp. 28
Using the Lasso Tool? Keep It Straightp. 30
Skip the Zoom Toolp. 30
Can't Remember Selection Shortcuts? Look at the Cursorp. 31
Yes, the Default Gradients Are Lamep. 31
Your Selections Aren't Stuck--Move 'Em!p. 32
Which Tool Do You Have? Photoshop Can Tell Youp. 32
Get Rid of the Annoying Checkerboard Patternp. 33
Understanding the Giant Mondo-Big Brushes Palettep. 33
How to Tame the Select Similar Commandp. 34
Run That Filter One More Timep. 34
Redocking the File Browserp. 35
Want the Default Colors? Just "D-Do" Itp. 35
Color Correction for Dummiesp. 36
Can't Find the Airbrush Tool? Don't Freak Outp. 36
Hide That Harsh, Nasty Edgep. 37
Escape from the Crop Tool (or Die!)p. 37
Brushes Palette: That's Not a Header, It's a Buttonp. 38
Dangerous Intersection?p. 38
Nudging Your Way Aroundp. 39
Make That Options Bar Float--Float???p. 39
Protect Your Original Imagep. 40
Kill the Palettes!p. 40
Supersize Itp. 41
Lock Those Pixels and Fillp. 41
Steal Color from Anywherep. 42
Ask Photoshop to Remember Morep. 42
The Mondo-Cool Batch Ranking Secret Shortcutp. 43
Shrink Those Palettes Down to Sizep. 43
Show Me the Extrasp. 44
Creating the Uber Palettep. 44
Killing Layers with No Mercyp. 45
Tired of Pressing the Shift Key to Rotate Through Tools?p. 45
Fix Those Tool Settings Fastp. 46
Bring Order Back to Your Worldp. 46
The Undocumented Fill Shortcutp. 47
Deselected and Forgot to Save? Don't Sweat Itp. 47
Super Fast Inches to Pixelsp. 48
Lightning-Fast Featherp. 48
Boss Around Your Color Swatchesp. 49
Zoomed In? Don't Use the Scroll Barsp. 49
Let Photoshop Do the Math When Copying/Pastingp. 50
Instant Selection from Any Pathp. 50
The Coolest File Formatp. 51
Bring Your Documents Down to Sizep. 51
Save Clicks When You Closep. 52
Been Bingeing on Ram? Maybe It's Time to Purge!p. 52
If It Sounds Like the Tool, It Probably Isp. 53
Transforming and Copying at the Same Timep. 53
The Smaller Toolbox Trickp. 54
Snap Your Palettes to Orderp. 54
One-Button Refresh for the File Browserp. 55
Don't Let the File Browser Preview Fool Youp. 55
Chapter 3 Greased Lightnin': Way Cool Tipsp. 56
More Gradient Color Stops Than You Can Shake a Stick Atp. 58
To Defringe, or Not to Defringe, That Is the Questionp. 58
Cracking the Easter Egg Mysteryp. 59
Supercharge Your Filter Effectsp. 59
Undo on a Slider!p. 60
New Renaming Powerp. 60
Two Files Are Better Than Onep. 61
Resizing Paths the Easy Wayp. 61
Let Those Windows Breathe!p. 62
The Multiple Undo Shortcutp. 62
Want Arrowheads? Photoshop Can Add Them for You!p. 63
Smack It, Flip It, Free Transform Itp. 63
Dragging and Dropping Where You Wantp. 64
Custom Brushes Don't Have to Be Square Anymorep. 64
Feather a Selection Without the Guessing Gamep. 65
Creating a Flattened Version of Your Layered Imagep. 66
If It's Not Square, You Can Still Crop Itp. 66
Top-Secret Photoshop Splash Screenp. 67
Fall in Love With a Temporary Brush, or Notp. 67
Undo a Save? That's Impossible, Isn't It?p. 68
Make a Photoshop Client Presentationp. 68
Change Brush Softness On-the-Flyp. 69
Lights, Camera, Action: Slide Shows Using Photoshopp. 69
Lightning-Quick Color Correctionp. 70
Building a Better Background Eraser Toolp. 71
Getting Angrier Cloudsp. 72
Custom Brushes: Start with a Clean Slatep. 72
Timing Is Everything!p. 73
Instant Thumbnail Size Controlp. 73
Preferences Speed Tipp. 74
Photo-Retouching Safety Tipp. 74
The Undocumented Airbrush Toggle Trickp. 75
New Documents with Your Custom Specs in 7.0p. 75
Chapter 4 Burn Rubber: Smokin' Type Tipsp. 76
Type Changes, No Problemp. 78
Rendering Text in Just One Clickp. 78
Made to Fitp. 79
Text-Path-Making Maniacp. 79
Picture This: Putting a Photo Inside Typep. 80
Fonts, Fonts, and More Fontsp. 81
Make Your Text Jump into Actionp. 81
Double Your Pleasurep. 82
Seeing Your Type Change Colorp. 82
Move Your Type, Without Switching Toolsp. 83
Editing Text by Highlighting Itp. 83
Rasterize Times 2,4,6...p. 84
Honey, I Need Some Space: Visually Adjust Kerningp. 84
Tell Photoshop When You're Done with Typep. 85
Bring Those Type Layers Togetherp. 85
The Long and the Short of Typep. 86
Made to Fit: Part Twop. 86
Type Mask Function: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymorep. 87
Exact Sizing for Your Text Columnsp. 88
Removing Those Typographically Incorrect Spacesp. 88
Tweak All Your Type with One Fell Swoop!p. 89
Don't Have Italic or Bold? Don't Sweat itp. 89
I Need My Dumb Quotes Againp. 90
Making the Spell Checker Obey Your Commandsp. 90
Chapter 5 Fast & Furious: Killer Web Tipsp. 92
Zoom Out for Sharper Web Imagesp. 94
ImageReady Feature Comes to Photoshopp. 94
Two Easy Ways to Create Transparencyp. 95
Need to Shrink the File Size? Use Transparencyp. 95
If It's Web Safe, Don't Use Itp. 96
Change One Preference, Save a Bundlep. 96
Get the Real 100% Viewp. 97
Let Photoshop Make the File Size Callp. 98
Let Photoshop Write the Code Too!p. 98
Get Super-Clean Type for the Webp. 99
Got a Folder Full of Images for the Web? Batch 'Em!p. 99
File-Naming Timesaver for Mac Usersp. 100
Read the Web Color Onscreenp. 100
Crop It Even Closerp. 101
Lose Those Annoying Numbers in the Upper Left-Hand Cornerp. 101
Make Sure You're Viewing It the Same Way They See Itp. 102
Don't Load That Bogus Slice!p. 102
Use Layer-Based Slicesp. 103
Blur That JPEG and Shrink It Downp. 103
ImageReady Window Speed Tipp. 104
Spend More Time Animating, Less Time Clickingp. 104
ImageReady's Supercharged Eyedropperp. 105
ImageReady's Auto Tile Makerp. 105
Exercising Your Influence on GIFsp. 106
Style Warning for Web Designersp. 106
Chapter 6 Fast Company: Photoshop Design Tipsp. 108
Focusing Attention Using Colorp. 110
Focusing Attention by Adding Depthp. 110
Shadow Opacity and Softnessp. 111
Overlap Graphic Elements to Add Visual Interestp. 112
Use Correct CMYK Builds to Match Pantone Colorsp. 112
Add Color to Your Shadowsp. 113
Picking Colors? Use the Built-In Color Wheelp. 114
Color Combinations Affect Size and Proportionp. 115
Use Tight Cropping to Spice Up Imagesp. 115
Determining the Length of a Cast Shadowp. 116
Two-Color May Be Better than Fourp. 117
Don't Make It Black--Make It Mega Black!p. 117
Effective Ghosting or Backscreeningp. 118
Create Your Own Custom Typefacep. 118
Add a Point of Reference to Convey Sizep. 119
Chapter 7 Speedy Gonzalez: Layer Tipsp. 120
Missing Your Background Layer? Here's the Fixp. 122
Naming Layers (and Why You Should)p. 122
Lock All Those Layers in Just One Clickp. 123
Toggle Through the Blend Modesp. 123
Hide Your Layers in the Blink of an Eyep. 124
Why Dragging and Dropping Styles Rocks!p. 124
Applying Layer Styles to Your Background Layerp. 125
Lock, Load, and Move Layersp. 125
Managing Your Layersp. 126
Instant Opacity Changep. 126
Copy a Layer into the Same Location in Another Documentp. 127
Moving Multiple Layers from Document to Documentp. 127
Centering Dragged Layers the Easy Wayp. 128
Easier Drop Shadow Angle Adjustmentsp. 128
Layer Navigation Shortcutp. 129
Super-Fast Layer Copiesp. 129
Instant Layer Alignmentp. 130
Separation Anxiety: Put a Layer Style on a Separate Layerp. 130
Layer Effects Removal Speed Tipp. 131
Jump to Any Layer Just by Clicking in Your Imagep. 131
Color-Coding Made Easyp. 132
Can't Paint on a Layer? Here's Whyp. 132
Speed Up Photoshop by Merging Layersp. 133
Layer Set Super-Speed Tipp. 133
Save Room in Your Layers Palettep. 134
Can't We All Just Have the Same Style?p. 135
Layer Palette Navigation Speed Tipsp. 135
Quick Copy Your Layer Maskp. 136
Select Everything on Your Layer in One Clickp. 136
View Your Layer Mask as a Rubylithp. 137
Selecting Just One Object on a Layerp. 137
Keep Layer Styles from Affecting New Workp. 138
Un-Filling for Fun and Profitp. 139
Opacity Slider Speed Tipsp. 139
Change Layer Set Blend Modes with Cautionp. 140
Avoiding the Layer Menup. 140
More Control over Blends: Advanced Blendingp. 141
Shapes Without the Shape Layerp. 141
Secret Opacity See-Through Part of a Layer Tipp. 142
Chapter 8 Speed Freak: Troubleshooting Tipsp. 144
Let's Do the Text Warp Againp. 146
Unlocking the Background Layerp. 146
Trimming Your Plug-Ins for Faster Startupp. 147
The Reappearing/Disappearing Brush Tipp. 147
Do You Have Enough RAM? Ask Photoshopp. 148
How to Use RGB Filters on Grayscale Imagesp. 148
The Killer Troubleshooting Tip: Deleting the Preferencesp. 149
Getting Back Your Background Layerp. 150
Getting Print Resolution from Your Digital Camera Imagesp. 150
Fixing the "Rounded Corners" Selection Problemp. 151
Making Global Light Work for Youp. 151
Find the Hidden Magnetic Pen Tool Optionsp. 152
Printing Shadows over Solid Colors in Page-Layout Appsp. 153
Let Photoshop Rebuild Your Prefsp. 154
Keeping Your Layer Styles Intact in Adobe After Effectsp. 154
Faster Application Switchingp. 155
Stop the Crop Snappingp. 155
The Scoop on Rounded Corners When Expanding Selectionsp. 156
Getting Smaller Photoshop Filesp. 156
Keeping Your JPEGs Looking Goodp. 157
Making Your Color Printouts Match Your Monitorp. 157
Getting Better EPS Previewsp. 158
Can You Create All Your Type in Photoshop?p. 158
How to Use Actions from the Webp. 159
Will More RAM Make Photoshop Run Faster?p. 159
Don't Use Crop to Fix Barrel Distortionp. 160
Stop the "Click-and-Jump-to-That-Layer" Bluesp. 160
Chapter 9 Speed 2: Image-Correction and Prepress Tipsp. 162
Say Good-Bye to Gradient Bandingp. 164
Sharpening Your Images Like a Prop. 164
Five Tips for Getting Rid of Moire Patternsp. 165
Scan Line Art at the Resolution You Needp. 166
Using the High Pass Filter for Sharpeningp. 166
Spot Color Gradient Film Saverp. 167
Correct in CMYK or RGB?p. 167
Straightening Scans in 10 Seconds (or Less)p. 168
Stay Away from the Sponge Toolp. 168
Removing Noise in Digital Camera Imagesp. 169
Scanners Aren't Just for Flat Objectsp. 169
Instant Red-Eye Removalp. 170
Are Your Colors Press Ready?p. 170
Never Swap Colors Again When Cleaning Line Artp. 171
Let Photoshop Do Your Resolution Mathp. 171
Going to Press? Make Sure Your Monitor Is in the "Right Space"p. 172
Want Better Gradients on Press? Here's the Tipp. 172
Getting Before and After Previewsp. 173
Cloning from Image to Imagep. 173
Get More Realistic Drop Shadows on Pressp. 174
Making Sure Your Whites Are Really Whitep. 174
Try Not Correct More than Oncep. 175
Have Photoshop Help Find Your Highlights/Shadowsp. 175
Talkin" Bout My Resolutionp. 176
Are You Really Seeing Your Sharpening?p. 176
Adjusting Curve Points with Precisionp. 177
Apply Unsharp Mask to CMYK Imagesp. 177
RGB Flesh Tones: Getting The "Red" Outp. 178
Once You're in CMYK Mode, Stay Therep. 178
The Simple Tip to Better Color Separationsp. 179
How to Sharpen Flesh Tones in CMYKp. 179
How to Read Four Areas at Oncep. 180
More Curve Point Quick Tipsp. 180
Healing with Pressurep. 181
Control the Opacity of Your Healing Processp. 181
Chapter 10 Speed Kills: Advanced Tipsp. 182
Power Up Your Layer Stylesp. 184
Swapping Files? Make Sure Your Color Stays Intactp. 184
Freeform/Pen Tool Quick Switchp. 185
Visual Control over Your Selections Using Quick Maskp. 185
Better Color to Grayscale Using Labp. 186
Have Photoshop Select the Shadows and Highlightsp. 186
Troubleshooting Actions? Slow Down!p. 187
Accessing Grayed-Out Filters In CMYKp. 187
More Control over Filtersp. 188
Getting Rid of Edge Fringe with a Smudge Strokep. 188
Applying Multiple Filters? Not on My Layer!p. 189
New Snapshot, the Mistake Insurance Policyp. 189
Saving Your Actions as Printable Text Filesp. 190
3D Print Effects (and Where to Get Those Goofy Glasses)p. 190
Creating Reusable Diagonal Guidesp. 191
Faster Scanning for Multiple Imagesp. 191
Save Trips to the Select Menup. 192
Drag-and-Drop Curves for Quick Correctionp. 192
Actions Power Tip: Add an Action to Your Actionp. 193
Prepress Cleanups--In a Snapp. 193
Blend Mode Power Tipp. 194
Putting Your Lens Flare on the Spotp. 194
No More Creating Type in Channelsp. 195
Let Photoshop Tell You the Highlight and Shadowp. 195
Using the Lasso--Don't Stop to Navigatep. 196
Load Any Saved Selection Without the Channels Palettep. 196
Plot Multiple Curve Points in Just One Clickp. 197
Tough Selection Tipp. 197
Making the Color Picker Show CMYKp. 198
Moving Multiple Curve Points at Oncep. 198
Add to Your Selections Thru the Channels Palettep. 199
Embedding Paths into Actionsp. 199
Measure Twice, Look Oncep. 200
Stroking Half a Path--Half a Path????p. 201
Speeding Up Batch Actionsp. 201
Photoshop Web Design Heavenp. 202
Learn Photoshop from the Ground Upp. 202
The Bible of Color Correctionp. 203
The Indispensable Referencep. 203
Photoshop Sites That Rock: Designs by Markp. 204
The Best Tutorials on the Planetp. 204
Take One for the Teamp. 205
Learning from the Mothershipp. 205