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Sams teach yourself ASP.NET in 24 hours complete starter kit
Mitchell, Scott.
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Indianapolis, Ind. : Sams, [2003]

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xvi, 599 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.)
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Accompanying CD-ROM includes all of the source code for the examples developed in the book, Microsoft's .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable and Software Development Kit, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine, and Web Matrix.
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Easily build content-rich, dynamic Web applications with ASP.NET.

Author Notes

Scott Mitchell has authored hundreds of articles on Microsoft Web technologies since 1998. In addition to his vast collection of online articles, Scott has written other books on ASP/ASP.NET. Scott has also written a number of magazine articles, including articles for Microsoft's MSDN Magazine and asp.netPRO. Scott has been a speaker at numerous ASP/ASP.NET user groups across the country and at ASP.NET conferences. In addition, he taught three ASP.NET classes at the University of California -- San Diego

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Part I Getting Started with ASP.NETp. 3
Hour 1 Getting Started with ASP.NETp. 5
What Is ASP.NET?p. 6
ASP.NET System Requirementsp. 11
Installing the .NET Frameworkp. 15
Installing the ASP.NET Web Matrix Projectp. 18
Installing a Web Serverp. 25
Summaryp. 27
Q&Ap. 28
Workshopp. 28
Hour 2 Understanding the ASP.NET Programming Modelp. 31
Examining the HTML Markup Portion of an ASP.NET Web Pagep. 32
Examining the Source Code Portion of an ASP.NET Web Pagep. 49
A Look at ASP.NET HTML Controlsp. 58
A Look at ASP.NET Web Controlsp. 64
Summaryp. 69
Q&Ap. 69
Workshopp. 70
Hour 3 Creating Our First ASP.NET Web Pagep. 73
Specifying the Design Requirementsp. 74
Creating the User Interfacep. 77
Writing the Source Code for the ASP.NET Web Pagep. 87
Testing the Financial Calculatorp. 91
Summaryp. 93
Q&Ap. 93
Workshopp. 94
Hour 4 Dissecting Our First ASP.NET Web Pagep. 97
Understanding How the Web Controls Are Renderedp. 98
Examining when the Events of a Web Control Firep. 103
Adding an Event Handler for a Web Control's Eventp. 105
Summaryp. 107
Q&Ap. 108
Workshopp. 109
Hour 5 Visual Basic .NET Variables and Operatorsp. 111
The Purpose of Programming Languagesp. 112
The Importance of Knowing How to Programp. 113
Declaring and Using Variablesp. 115
Examining Visual Basic .NET's Operatorsp. 123
Learning Visual Basic .NET's Type Rulesp. 128
Summaryp. 133
Q&Ap. 134
Workshopp. 135
Hour 6 Visual Basic .NET Control Structuresp. 137
Understand Control Structuresp. 138
Exploring the Conditional Control Structurep. 139
Working with Visual Basic .NET's Looping Control Structuresp. 145
Exploring the Modularizing Control Structures: Subroutines and Functionsp. 149
Summaryp. 160
Q&Ap. 161
Workshopp. 161
Hour 7 Working with Objects in Visual Basic .NETp. 165
Reexamining the Role of Classes and Objectsp. 166
Creating an Objectp. 168
Setting an Object's Propertiesp. 170
Calling an Object's Methodsp. 171
Examining the .NET Framework Documentationp. 172
Summaryp. 180
Q&Ap. 181
Workshopp. 181
Hour 8 ASP.NET Web Controls for Displaying Textp. 183
Examining the Web Controls Designed for Displaying Textp. 184
Using the Literal Web Controlp. 185
Using the Label Web Controlp. 192
Summaryp. 207
Q&Ap. 208
Workshopp. 209
Part II Collecting and Processing User Inputp. 211
Hour 9 Web Form Basicsp. 213
Gathering User Input in an HTML Web Pagep. 214
Dissecting Web Formsp. 221
Summaryp. 234
Q&Ap. 235
Workshopp. 235
Hour 10 Using Textboxes to Collect Inputp. 237
Learning the TextBox Web Control Basicsp. 238
Creating Multiline and Password Textboxesp. 244
Examining the TextBox Web Control's Propertiesp. 249
Summaryp. 254
Q&Ap. 255
Workshopp. 256
Hour 11 Collecting Input by Using Drop-down Lists, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxesp. 259
Examining the Different Types of User Input Classificationsp. 260
Examining the DropDownList Web Controlp. 262
Selecting One Option from a List of Suitable Choices with RadioButton Web Controlsp. 270
Using the CheckBox Web Controlp. 275
Summaryp. 280
Q&Ap. 280
Workshopp. 281
Hour 12 Validating User Input with Validation Controlsp. 285
Examining the Need for User Input Validationp. 286
Validating User Input in an ASP.NET Web Pagep. 289
Examining the RequiredFieldValidator Validation Controlp. 291
Examining the CompareValidatorp. 300
Using the RangeValidatorp. 307
Validating Input with the RegularExpressionValidatorp. 309
Aesthetic Properties for the Validation Web Controlsp. 311
A Look at the Remaining Validation Controlsp. 314
Summaryp. 315
Q&Ap. 316
Workshopp. 316
Part III Working with Databasesp. 319
Hour 13 An Introduction to Databasesp. 321
Examining Database Fundamentalsp. 322
Storing Structured Datap. 324
Installing and Setting Up Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE)p. 327
Creating a New Databasep. 332
Creating Database Tablesp. 336
Adding Data to the Customers Tablep. 338
Summaryp. 341
Q&Ap. 342
Workshopp. 342
Hour 14 Understanding SQL, the Language of Databasesp. 345
An Overview of SQLp. 346
Using the SQL SELECT Statementp. 347
Accessing Database Data from an ASP.NET Web Pagep. 355
Constructing SQL Queries by Using the Web Matrix Project's Code Builder Wizardsp. 357
Summaryp. 368
Q&Ap. 369
Workshopp. 369
Hour 15 Displaying Data with the DataGrid Web Controlp. 373
Displaying Database Data in an ASP.NET Web Pagep. 374
Getting Started with the DataGrid Web Controlp. 375
Specifying the Columns That Appear in the DataGridp. 380
Examining the DataGrid's Aesthetic Propertiesp. 387
Learning More about the DataGridp. 392
Summaryp. 394
Q&Ap. 395
Workshopp. 396
Hour 16 Examining Further DataGrid Examplesp. 399
Using a DataGrid to Display Information about a Particular Customerp. 400
Formatting the DataGrid's Datap. 407
Using the HyperLink Columnp. 412
Summaryp. 422
Q&Ap. 422
Workshopp. 425
Hour 17 Working with Data-Bound DropDownList, RadioButton, and CheckBox Web Controlsp. 427
Binding Database Data to a DropDownList Web Controlp. 428
Using the RadioButtonList Web Controlp. 436
Examining the CheckBoxList Web Controlp. 441
Summaryp. 446
Q&Ap. 447
Workshopp. 448
Part IV Advanced Data Display with the DataGridp. 451
Hour 18 Allowing the User to Sort the Data in a DataGridp. 453
Making a High-Level Overview of DataGrid Sortingp. 454
Specifying That a DataGrid Is to Be Sortablep. 457
Obtaining the Database Data in Properly Sorted Orderp. 460
Sorting the Data when a Sortable Column's Header Hyperlink Is Clickedp. 462
Testing the ASP.NET Web Pagep. 468
Summaryp. 469
Q&Ap. 470
Workshopp. 471
Hour 19 Paging Through the DataGrid's Datap. 475
A High-Level Overview of DataGrid Pagingp. 476
Configuring the DataGrid to Support Pagingp. 478
Getting the Data to Page Throughp. 482
Displaying a Different Page of Datap. 484
Testing the ASP.NET Web Pagep. 487
Summaryp. 488
Q&Ap. 489
Workshopp. 490
Hour 20 Editing the Data in a DataGridp. 493
Examining the Steps Required for Providing Editing Supportp. 494
Adding the Edit, Update, Cancel Button Column to the DataGridp. 496
Using the SELECT Data Method Code Builder to Generate the GetCustomers() Functionp. 499
Understanding the EditCommand, UpdateCommand, and CancelCommand Event Handlersp. 500
Using the UPDATE Data Method Code Builderp. 503
Completing the Source Code for the dgCustomers_Update Event Handlerp. 508
Completing and Testing the EditDataGrid.aspx ASP.NET Web Pagep. 510
Summaryp. 512
Q&Ap. 513
Workshopp. 513
Part V Building a Guestbook Web Application with ASP.NETp. 515
Hour 21 Devising a Plan for the Guestbook Applicationp. 517
Specifying the Guestbook's Features and Functionalityp. 518
Deciding on the User Interfacep. 520
Storing the Guestbook Entriesp. 522
Summaryp. 525
Q&Ap. 526
Workshopp. 526
Hour 22 Allowing Users to Add Guestbook Entriesp. 529
Implementing the User Interfacep. 530
Examining the Source Codep. 536
Testing the AddEntry.aspx ASP.NET Web Pagep. 542
Summaryp. 543
Q&Ap. 544
Workshopp. 545
Hour 23 Displaying the Guestbook's Contentsp. 547
Implementing the User Interfacep. 548
Examining the Source Code Portionp. 555
Testing the ViewGuestbook.aspx ASP.NET Web Pagep. 559
Summaryp. 561
Q&Ap. 561
Workshopp. 562
Hour 24 Sending E-Mail when a New Guestbook Entry Is Addedp. 565
Displaying the E-Mail Address as a Mailto Hyperlinkp. 566
Sending E-Mail upon a New Guestbook Entryp. 572
Summaryp. 577
Q&Ap. 578
Workshopp. 578
Conclusionp. 581
Indexp. 583