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Folklore of the Holy Land : Moslem, Christian, and Jewish
Hanauer, J. E. (James Edward), 1850-
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Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications, 2002.
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xxiii, 280 pages ; 22 cm
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Originally published: New and enl. ed. London : Sheldon Press, 1935.
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Stories of the Creation, saints, and sinners tell of Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, and other revered figures; anecdotes describe tribes, people, languages, and sites such as the Jaffa Gate at Jerusalem. Still others illustrate social ideas, superstitions, plant and animal lore, and magical cures. Filled with wit, wisdom, and humor.

Table of Contents

Constance E. PadwickMarmaduke Pickthall
Forewordp. vii
Introduction to the Edition of 1907p. xi
Section I Concerning the Creation and Divers Saints, Sinners and Miracles
I. A Learned Moslem's Ideas on Cosmogonyp. 3
The Tablet of Destiny, and the great fountain-pen
The creation of water, of Allah's throne, of the atmosphere, of the great serpent, of the solid earth and the mountains, the "Kaf" range, and the seven seas and continents
How the universe is upheld
The cause of earthquakes and of eclipses
How all these things became known
A modern educated Moslem's views about the nature of prayer
II. Our Father Adamp. 9
Adam formed out of various kinds of dust
Disobedience of Iblis
Adam's first troubles
"El-Karineh," Lilith, or "La-Brusha."
Creation of Eve
Iblis bribes the serpent, and thus gets back into Paradise
Adam's forethought
The Fall of Man, and the ejection from Eden
Increase and origin of various evil spirits
Repentance of Adam and his reunion with Eve
He is shown his posterity
His great stature
His death
Place of Adam's burial
The cause of human depravity
III. Noah and Ogp. 13
Birth and dwelling-place of Noah
The "Nakus."
The Saw
The Deluge
Iblis gets into the Ark
A donkey in Paradise
Voyage of the Ark
Noah's daughter and her suitors
Iblis and Noah's Vines
Canaan's unfilial conduct
Noah buried at Kerak
IV. Job and his Familyp. 18
His wife's patience
El Hakim Lokman identified with AEsop
Accounts of a surgical operation
V. Abraham, "The Friend of God"p. 23
Circumstances of his birth
Impiety of Nimrud
The child's precocity
His longing for spiritual knowledge
Destruction of idols
The furnace
The flying-machine
Death of Nimrud
Flight of Ibrahim
His buildings
The sheep-skin jacket
Ibrahim's hospitality
A false friend
A churl
Several customs attributed to Ibrahim
His death
He is still alive
His posthumous protection of the Jews at Hebron
VI. Lot and the Tree of the Crossp. 34
VII. The Deaths of Aaron and Mosesp. 36
Aaron's shrine on Mount Hor
Legend concerning his death
Different accounts of the death of Moses
Legend of Moses' shepherd
VIII. David and Solomonp. 40
David's piety
Learns a trade
His presumption and fall
His remorse
Solomon and the two birds
The carob tree
Solomon's death
IX. El Khudrp. 46
El Khudr popularly identified with Phinehas
His haunts and habits
The insane asylum near the "Pools of Solomon."
The holy stone
Other shrines
Elijah's cave on Carmel
An English doctor's story
St. George and the Dragon
Elijah's Synagogue at Jerusalem
El Khudr and Moses
X. Simon the Justp. 54
His so-called tomb
Biographical sketch
Simon the Just and Ptolemy Philopator
Simon and the Nazarite
Rabbi Galanti and the great drought
Section II Containing Legends and Anecdotes Possibly Founded on Fact
I. Bab el Khalil, the Jaffa Gate at Jerusalemp. 61
Origin of name
Two cenotaphs
Jeremiah and Nebuchadnezzar
El 'Ozair
An ass in Paradise
El Edhemieh
Rabbi Judah ha Levi
Mezuzah at Jaffa Gate
II. Turbet Birket Mamilla: Johhap. 64
Kubbet el 'Abd
Johha and his mother
Johha and the donkeys
Johha's peg
The baby saucepan and the defunct cauldron
Johha's neighbours
III. En Nebi Daudp. 69
En Nebi Daud and Ibn Faraj
The dagger
The Jewish washerwoman
IV. Bab el Asbatp. 73
Traditional names
The lions
Sultan Selim's dream
The legend of the Bath-houses of Belkis
V. Detective Storiesp. 77
Incident at house of Rabbi
Two anecdotes of Ibrahim Pasha
VI. Scraps of Unwritten Historyp. 82
Traces of the Essenes
Female recluses
A legend of El Hakim bi amr Illah
The Avengers of Blood
Massacre of Kurds at Hebron
Faction fights
Massacre at Artass
A petty despot
VII. Judgments of Karakashp. 93
The weaver
The red gown
The miser
VIII. The Saragossan Purimp. 97
IX. Sultan Mahmud's Autographp. 99
X. The Right Answerp. 100
Section III Containing Stories and Anecdotes Illustrating Social Ideas, Superstitions, Animal and Plant Lore, Etc.
I. Folks Gentle and Simplep. 103
II. The Secret of Successp. 108
III. Origin of Three Well-known Sayingsp. 113
IV. Moral Talesp. 119
V. The Angel of Deathp. 130
VI. The Underground Folk--Our Betters--The Name of Allah be Round about us!p. 140
VII. Nursery Talesp. 158
VIII. Satirep. 173
IX. About Womanp. 182
X. About Animalsp. 193
XI. About Plantsp. 215
XII. About Coffeep. 218
XIII. Some Magic Curesp. 223
XIV. A Popular Calendar and some Sayingsp. 228
Notesp. 237
Indexp. 277