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AutoCAD 2004 and AutoCAD LT 2004 : no experience required
Frey, David.
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San Francisco, Calif. : SYBEX, 2003.
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xx, 681 pages: illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
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AutoCAD 2004 and AutoCAD LT 2004: No Experience Required is your step-by-step introduction to the latest versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, the industry-leading design and drafting programs used by architects, engineers, drafters, and design teams worldwide. Inside this perfectly-paced guide are the clear-cut explanations and practical, step-by-step tutorials that you need to create, develop, and complete even the most elaborate AutoCAD projects. Gain the Imperative AutoCAD Skills Finding your way around AutoCAD and LT Understanding basic commands Applying AutoCAD's coordinate systems Setting up a drawing Mastering drawing strategies Employing Polar and Object Snap Tracking Setting up layers, colors, and linetypes Using blocks and Wblocks Dragging AutoCAD objects from one drawing to another Generating elevations and orthographic views Working with hatches and fills Controlling text in a drawing Managing external references Setting up layouts and printing an AutoCAD drawing Using AutoCAD's tool palettes Creating and rendering a 3D model Setting up attributes

Author Notes

David Frey has been working in the fields of architecture and construction for more than 20 years and has taught AutoCAD to architects, engineers, teachers, and students for 10 years. David is the author of three previous best-selling editions of AutoCAD: No Experience Required.

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xvii
Chapter 1 Getting to Know AutoCADp. 1
Starting Up AutoCADp. 2
The Startup Dialog Boxp. 2
Introduction to the AutoCAD Graphics Windowp. 5
The Command Windowp. 10
Drop-Down Menusp. 11
The Toolbarsp. 12
Toolbar Flyoutsp. 12
Displaying and Arranging Toolbarsp. 14
Custom Toolbarsp. 18
Profilesp. 19
The Keyboardp. 20
The Mousep. 21
Are You Experienced?p. 22
Chapter 2 Basic Commands to Get Startedp. 23
The Line Commandp. 24
Using Coordinatesp. 28
Relative Coordinatesp. 30
Drawing the Boxp. 32
Using Relative Cartesian Coordinatesp. 33
Using Relative Polar Coordinatesp. 34
The Offset Commandp. 35
The Fillet Commandp. 38
Completing the Boxp. 41
Offsetting Lines to Mark an Openingp. 41
Extending Linesp. 42
Trimming Linesp. 44
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 49
Are You Experienced?p. 50
Chapter 3 Setting Up a Drawingp. 51
Drawing Unitsp. 52
Drawing Sizep. 56
The Gridp. 56
Drawing Limitsp. 59
Drawing with Grid and Snapp. 62
Saving Your Workp. 66
A Summary of AutoCAD's Unitsp. 69
Linear Unitsp. 69
Angular Unitsp. 69
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 70
Are You Experienced?p. 71
Chapter 4 Gaining Drawing Strategiesp. 73
Laying Out the Wallsp. 74
The Exterior Wall Linesp. 75
The Interior Wallsp. 79
Cutting Openings in the Wallsp. 88
Creating Doorsp. 96
Drawing Swinging Doorsp. 96
Copying Objectsp. 104
Mirroring Objectsp. 106
Finishing the Swinging Doorsp. 108
Drawing a Sliding Glass Doorp. 110
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 119
An Alternate Sliding Glass Doorp. 119
An Addition to the Cabinp. 120
Draw a Screwp. 121
Are You Experienced?p. 123
Chapter 5 Gaining Drawing Strategies: Part 2p. 125
Drawing the Steps and Thresholdsp. 128
The Front Stepp. 128
The Back Stepp. 132
The Thresholdsp. 136
The Balcony: Drawing Circlesp. 138
Laying Out the Kitchenp. 142
The Counterp. 143
The Stove and Refrigeratorp. 146
Completing the Stovep. 147
The Kitchen Sinkp. 152
Constructing the Bathroomp. 154
Setting Running Object Snapsp. 154
Drawing a Shower Unitp. 156
The Bathroom Sinkp. 158
Positioning a Toiletp. 159
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 164
Draw the Cabin Againp. 164
Draw Something Elsep. 164
Draw Some Furniture for the Cabinp. 164
Draw a Gasketp. 165
Draw a Parking Lotp. 167
Are You Experienced?p. 168
Chapter 6 Using Layers to Organize Your Drawingp. 169
Layers as an Organization Toolp. 170
Setting Up Layersp. 172
The Layer Properties Manager Dialog Boxp. 173
Assigning Objects to Layersp. 186
Turning Off and Freezing Layersp. 194
Drawing the Headersp. 197
Drawing the Roofp. 201
Assigning an Individual Linetype Scale Factorp. 205
Properties of Layers and Objectsp. 211
If You Want More Practice...p. 212
Experiment with Linetypes and Linetype Scalesp. 213
Set Up Layers for Your Own Trade or Professionp. 214
Are You Experienced?p. 214
Chapter 7 Grouping Objects into Blocksp. 215
Making a Block for a Doorp. 217
Inserting the Door Blockp. 220
Finding Blocks in a Drawingp. 229
Using Grips to Detect a Blockp. 229
Using the List Command to Detect a Blockp. 229
Using the Properties Palette to Detect a Blockp. 232
Creating a Window Blockp. 233
Inserting the Window Blockp. 236
Rotating a Block During Insertionp. 237
Using Guidelines When Inserting a Blockp. 240
Using Object Snap Tracking and Polar Tracking to Insert a Blockp. 242
Finishing the Windowsp. 248
Revising a Blockp. 251
Sharing Information Between Drawingsp. 255
Dragging and Dropping between Two Open Drawingsp. 255
Using AutoCAD's DesignCenterp. 259
Other Ways to Share Information Between Drawingsp. 265
If You Want More Practice...p. 272
Are You Experienced?p. 273
Chapter 8 Generating Elevationsp. 275
Drawing the Front Elevationp. 276
Setting Up Lines for the Heightsp. 278
Using Grips to Copy Linesp. 280
Trimming Lines in the Elevationp. 283
Drawing the Roof in Elevationp. 285
Putting in the Door, the Step, and Windowsp. 290
Finishing Touchesp. 296
Generating the Other Elevationsp. 297
Making the Rear Elevationp. 297
Revising the Rear Elevationp. 300
Making the Left and Right Elevationsp. 302
Drawing Scale Considerationsp. 308
Interior Elevationsp. 309
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 310
Are You Experienced?p. 311
Chapter 9 Working with Hatches and Fillsp. 311
Hatching the Front Elevationp. 312
Looking at Hatch Patternsp. 316
Hatching the Rest of the Front Elevationp. 318
Special Effectsp. 321
Modifying a Hatch Patternp. 327
Using Hatches in the Floor Planp. 329
Hatching the Floorsp. 329
Finishing the Hatches for the Floorsp. 333
Hatching the Walls in the Floor Planp. 334
Modifying the Shape of Hatch Patternsp. 336
Creating and Managing Tool Palettesp. 337
Creating a New Tool Palettep. 338
Setting Up a Palette for Hatchesp. 340
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 343
Create a Hatch Pattern for the Roof in Plan Viewp. 343
Create Your Hatch Palettep. 345
Are You Experienced?p. 346
Chapter 10 Controlling Text in a Drawingp. 347
Setting Up Text Stylesp. 348
Text and Drawing Scalep. 349
Defining a Text Style for Room Labelsp. 350
Using Single-Line Textp. 352
Placing Titles of Views in the Drawingp. 352
Placing Room Labels in the Floor Planp. 355
Using Text in a Gridp. 361
Creating a Title Block and Borderp. 370
Using Multiline Textp. 384
Other Aspects of Multiline Textp. 391
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 394
Are You Experienced?p. 396
Chapter 11 Dimensioning a Drawingp. 397
Dimension Stylesp. 398
Making a New Dimension Stylep. 398
Placing Dimensions on the Drawingp. 413
Horizontal Dimensionsp. 414
Vertical Dimensionsp. 420
Other Types of Dimensionsp. 423
Radial Dimensionsp. 423
Leader Linesp. 427
Angular and Aligned Dimensionsp. 429
Modifying Dimensionsp. 433
Modifying Dimension Textp. 434
Dimension Overridesp. 439
Dimensioning Short Distancesp. 441
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 445
Are You Experienced?p. 446
Chapter 12 Managing External Referencesp. 447
Drawing a Site Planp. 449
Using Surveyor Unitsp. 449
Drawing the Drivewayp. 452
Setting Up an External Referencep. 456
The External Reference Dialog Boxp. 456
Controlling the Appearance of an Xrefp. 458
Moving and Rotating an Xrefp. 460
Modifying an Xref Drawingp. 463
Modifying an Xref by Making It the Current Drawingp. 463
Modifying an Xref from within the Host Drawingp. 468
Applications for Xrefsp. 471
Additional Xref Featuresp. 472
The Xref Pathp. 472
Binding Xrefsp. 474
Other Features of Xrefsp. 476
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 477
Are You Experienced?p. 477
Chapter 13 Using Layouts to Set Up a Printp. 479
Setting Up Layoutsp. 480
Drawing a Border on a Layoutp. 486
Designing a Title Block for a Layoutp. 488
Adjusting a Viewportp. 492
Switching between Model Space and a Layoutp. 494
Working with Multiple Viewports in a Layoutp. 496
Setting Up Multiple Viewportsp. 497
Aligning Viewportsp. 501
Finishing the 11" x 17" Drawingp. 503
Setting Up Viewports in Different Scalesp. 506
Adding Multiple Viewports to a Layoutp. 512
Adding Text to Paper Spacep. 521
Turning Off Viewportsp. 524
If You Would Like More Practice...p. 526
Are You Experienced?p. 528
Chapter 14 Printing an AutoCAD Drawingp. 529
The Plot Dialog Boxp. 531
Paper Size and Paper Unitsp. 532
Drawing Orientation and Plot Scalep. 534
Shaded Viewport Optionsp. 534
Plot Offset and Plot Optionsp. 535
The Plot Areap. 536
Printing a Drawingp. 541
Determining Lineweights for a Drawingp. 541
Setting Up the Other Parameters for the Printp. 545
Previewing a Printp. 545
Printing a Drawing Using Layoutsp. 549
Printing a Drawing with Multiple Viewportsp. 550
Printing the Site Planp. 552
A Few Words About Plot Stylesp. 555
Plot Style Table Filesp. 556
Are You Experienced?p. 563
Appendix A A Look at Drawing in 3Dp. 565
3D Modelingp. 567
Viewing a Drawing in 3Dp. 567
Making the Wallsp. 569
Cutting Doorway Openingsp. 573
Subtracting Window Openingsp. 575
Creating a Floor for the Cabinp. 579
Forming the Steps and the Balcony in 3Dp. 582
Finishing the 3D Modelp. 587
Putting a Roof on the Cabinp. 591
Further Directions in 3Dp. 593
Other Solids Modeling Toolsp. 594
Surface Modeling Toolsp. 595
Rendering with AutoCADp. 597
Appendix B An Introduction to Attributesp. 611
Using Attributes for a Gridp. 613
Defining Blocks with Attributesp. 616
Inserting Blocks with Attributesp. 618
Editing Attribute Textp. 619
Setting Up Multiple Attributes in a Blockp. 621
Defining a Block with Multiple Attributesp. 624
Inserting the Room_Info Blockp. 627
Controlling the Visibility of Attributesp. 629
Editing Attributesp. 630
Extracting Data from an AutoCAD Drawingp. 631
Creating a Template File for Data Extractionp. 632
Extracting Attribute Datap. 633
Summaryp. 635
Glossaryp. 633
Indexp. 649