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The leadership pill the missing ingredient in motivating people today
Blanchard, Kenneth H.
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New York : Simon & Schuster Audio, [2003]

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1 audio disc (approximately 75 min.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.
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Compact disc.
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HD57.7 .B5614 2003D Adult Audiobook on CD Audiobooks

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A BREAKTHROUGH AUDIOBOOK IN THE BESTSELLING TRADITION OF THE ONE MINUTE MANAGERHow can you become a more successful manager, a stronger team leader, and a motivator who gets the best results from a group?The Leadership Pill provides the answer. An entertaining and inspiring parable about the competition between two leaders with totally different management styles, here is a story that reveals the ingredients of truly effective leadership.Consider this tantalizing possibility: What if there was a pill that could actually stimulate the natural powers of the mind and body to provide leadership? In the story, an amazing new pill heightens one leader's powers, but contains the wrong ingredients, stimulating him in an obsessive and shortsighted direction with disastrous results.In contrast, the "Effective Leader," working without a pill, proclaims that "only through sustainability can our teams remain motivated and successful." An inspiring and supportive leader, he supplies the right ingredients, earning his team's respect and trust with a blend of integrity, partnership, and affirmation. The hard-won result is a highly motivated team producing consistent top performance and genuine success. Ultimately it is recognized that "leadership for a lifetime" is much easier to digest than a pill for leaders looking for a quick fix.Destined to be a transforming experience for countless listeners,The Leadership Pillshows business managers at any level how to apply the right techniques for getting both results and and the commitment of their people, even when the pressure to perform is high.

Author Notes

Kenneth Hartely Blanchard was born May 6, 1939, in Orange, New Jersey. He married Marjorie McKee, a business consultant, in 1962. He founded Blanchard Training and Development in 1977.

Blanchard has cowritten several books on management, including one of the best-selling management books of all time, The One-Minute Manager (1982) with Spencer Johnson. In the book, the authors describe effective and efficient management skills. The basics to good management are setting goals, praising, and reprimanding. Blanchard says that these skills can easily be translated to work in the home as well as the office.

Blanchard lives in San Diego, California.

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Blanchard is a veritable self-help book writing machine. His latest-a typically slim volume offering a typically simple parable-concerns a competition between two leaders with wildly different management styles. One leader takes "the leadership pill," which gives him "all the attributes of effective leadership." The other leader does not take the medication. Although the book is presumably not an advertisement for natural healing, it seems that way at times: it turns out the leader who doesn't take the pill winds up winning the competition. The message? Leadership takes time-it can't be learned overnight (or ingested via pill form). Leaders must show integrity, build "a culture of partnership" and affirm their employees' sense of self-worth by letting them know what they do is important. It's a solid, though obvious, message that should resonate with fans of Blanchard's brand of advice. (Sept. 9) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved



Introduction Today's workforce is more sophisticated, diverse, and informed than ever before. As a result, the "my way or the highway" command-and-control approach to management doesn't cut it anymore. Ultimately, people are looking for something different -- and better -- in organizational leadership. They demand leaders who not only get results, but who win the trust and respect of their teams. The Leadership Pill is a fun parable that underscores the need for leaders to show integrity, build a culture of partnership, and affirm people's sense of self-worth by letting them know that what they do is important. Our belief is that when you tune in to what people really want, you can outperform anyone -- even someone who thinks they have found the perfect Leadership Pill. We hope you will read this book to discover what it really takes to become an Effective Leader, and then perhaps share it with others who will benefit from the powerful message and learning points it contains. Remember, leadership is not something you do to people, it's something you do with them. Our very best, Ken and Marc San Diego, California Copyright © 2003 by The Blanchard Family Partnership and People First Group Holdings, LLC The Discovery One sunny day in Corporate America, Leadership Pill Industries (LPI) opened their first production facility with an announcement that received immediate national media coverage: "We can compress all of the attributes of effective leadership into a single pill." Years of research and pilot studies had finally paid off. The company appropriately named their groundbreaking product the Leadership Pill and made plans to mass-market it across the land. The Leadership Pill was viewed by the press as an especially stunning innovation. After lamenting the shortage of talented leaders in business, politics, and other organizational circles, the media clamored for more information. "Industry survey data readily supports the launch of the Leadership Pill," the LPI spokesperson reported. In an effort to further define the market for their new product, Leadership Pill Industries hired an independent agency to conduct a series of focus groups to explore various important questions. One question in particular evoked the liveliest response from most participants: "Of all the leaders you have met, how many of them do you consider to be truly great leaders?" "The focus group data is compelling," LPI reported to the media upon receiving and analyzing the results. "CEOs and vice presidents across the board are concerned with the lack of leadership depth within their ranks, especially at the middle management level. Only a few front-line supervisors and employees recall feeling like they have ever worked for a truly great leader." Case studies conducted by industrial psychologists at a national leadership think tank also substantiated these findings. "The majority of business, government, and nonprofit organizations are stuck in a perpetual leadership crisis," the agency's white paper revealed. "On top of this, stress and job insecurity continue to pervade the business landscape. There are no signs that the situation is likely to change going forward." Mounting anticipation of the Leadership Pill's arrival set off a wave of excitement. Company boardrooms bustled with anticipation. Employees speculated at the watercooler. No one could believe it -- leadership in a pill! "But can the Leadership Pill rid the world of micromanagers and overbearing executives?" many asked. "Is there truly hope that leaders might actually do what they say?" It was a delightfully tempting proposition, they reasoned. While support for the Leadership Pill was tremendous, one prominent and well-regarded figure in organizational leadership -- aptly known as the Effective Leader based on his proven abilities over the years -- raised a strong note of caution. "If they don't have the right blend of leadership ingredients, the Leadership Pill will do more damage than good," the Effective Leader stated in a talk-show interview. Copyright © 2003 by The Blanchard Family Partnership and People First Group Holdings, LLC The Press Conference In response to the attention that the Leadership Pill was receiving, the director of public relations at Leadership Pill Industries called an official press conference. The event was simulcast live on national television and the Internet. Questions and comments were fielded from a broad panel of curious experts, management gurus, and survivors of failed organizations. "Can you guarantee that the Leadership Pill really works?" asked an analyst from the International Leadership Consortium. "Of course," replied LPI's director of PR, who had earned her stripes in corporate communications. "Pre-trials with the Leadership Pill have been convincing enough for us to offer a money-back return policy," she said, smiling. The CEO of the Workplace Affairs Bureau spoke up. "What is actually in this Leadership Pill?" "What I can tell you is that the Leadership Pill contains extracts from the lessons of results-oriented leaders like Patton, Napoleon, and Attila the Hun," revealed the director of PR. "It's a powerful combination of ingredients." Steve Cheney from the Association of Managers asked, "What is the recommended dosage for newly promoted supervisors? Are there any health risks, and is the Leadership Pill FDA approved?" "Steve, the Leadership Pill is completely safe," replied the director of PR reassuringly. "It will be available over the counter or direct through LPI's website at" Motioning to hold all questions for a moment, the director of PR pulled out a container of Leadership Pills from her briefcase. "Now, if the cameras can zoom in for a close-up on the back of this pill bottle, our viewing audience will be able to see the dosage instructions. For those of you here today, please have a look at the flat-screen monitor to my left." DOSAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Take two Leadership Pills every six house. Newly promoted leaders should double teir dosage for the first 90 days. If leadership ability is not improved, seek the advice of a human resources professional. Taking the Leadership Pill with more than three caffeinated beverages per day may result in workaholism. If recently laid off or have accepted an early retirement package, refrain from using this product to prevent passive-aggressive leadership behavior. For more info, contact LPI at The editor of the Leadership Daily Voice, taking scrupulous notes, finally posed the big question still on everyone's mind: "So how does it work? What happens when you actually take the Leadership Pill?" "The Leadership Pill enhances your ability to lead," explained the director of PR. "When you take the Leadership Pill, you become more task-focused and action-oriented. Your ability to direct others and get results increases. Ultimately, the Leadership Pill works fast, putting you in control as a leader. There's nothing quite like it." "That's amazing," remarked the editor. "Indeed it is," agreed the director of PR. "But it's not a magical quick fix. According to the data we have collected, the Leadership Pill jump-starts the leadership center in your brain by stimulating its natural chemistry. Think of it this way: one dosage and the leadership lightbulb goes on. You get the job done in less time, take pleasure in meeting tight deadlines, and easily outperform the competition. Essentially, you become a leadership superhero." "That is amazing!" echoed Bobbi Cassidy from the Leadership Assessment Association. "So how long does the effect of the Leadership Pill last?" "That depends on the individual. We'll know a lot more as time goes on. One thing is for sure, though," said the director of PR as she paused for effect. "The Leadership Pill has the potential to become the first wonder drug for corporate America." Copyright © 2003 by The Blanchard Family Partnership and People First Group Holdings, LLC The Surge The buzz following the press conference ignited a wave of new excitement about the Leadership Pill. Quantity orders flooded into LPI. Throughout every sector of industry, the initial interest in the Leadership Pill was overwhelming. In just one week, the website received over seven million hits. Early statistics showed that the pill was already selling better than Viagra. Shortly thereafter, Leadership Pill Industries unveiled its new slogan: The Leadership Pill -- When You've Got the Need to Lead. LPI's multitiered advertising campaign caught the attention of diverse audiences. Global distributors lined up to obtain Leadership Pill licensing rights. Industry consortiums were created in an effort to secure volume pricing. Independent consultants, in a similar move, formed LPOs -- Leadership Pill Organizations -- to gain leveraging power. Mega-marketing conglomerates stepped forward to forge strategic partnerships with LPI. The Leadership Pill caught on like wildfire. A national poll revealed that 87 percent of all managers favored the use of the Leadership Pill. Even in government agencies, where skeptics had anticipated limited market penetration, the Leadership Pill was making a big splash. Testimonials from satisfied customers were posted daily on the website: "Looking back, I spent most of my time as a leader just trying to get by and survive. The Leadership Pill changed all of that. Now instead of reacting, I take initiative. I make decisions with confidence. Thanks, LPI." Jill -- Minneapolis, Minnesota VP of Operations, Astor Pharmaceuticals "I just got promoted to team leader and have hit the ground running. The Leadership Pill is a real lifesaver." Rob -- New York City, New York Metro Service Team Leader, JLC Wireless "It's hard to imagine life before the Leadership Pill. How did we ever get by without it?" Terry -- Denver, Colorado Director of Sales, Powder Basin Ski Resort Within months, Leadership Pill Industries went public and a professional management team was hired to oversee the landmark growth. became a focal point not only for product sales but also for information on Leadership Pill videos, books on tape, and self-help publications. The momentum was contagious. Leadership Pill product innovations hit the market in rapid succession: custom-colored pills, gel caplets, and even an extended dosage formula for busy leaders. Cottage industries sprang up everywhere -- Leadership Pill workshops, support groups, and advisory councils. Consultants seized the opportunity to make High Performance Pill initiatives a top priority for their clients. Soon Leadership Pill awareness programs were under way in virtually every major company. Meanwhile, the founders of Leadership Pill Industries cashed in the majority of their stock options, as did dozens of LPI employees who had been there from the start. Wall Street pundits labeled them "pillionaires," while analysts questioned whether the heavy sell-off was an omen of things to come. But sales of the Leadership Pill remained strong. For the moment, LPI's future looked brighter than ever. Copyright © 2003 by The Blanchard Family Partnership and People First Group Holdings, LLC The Challenge As the popularity of the Leadership Pill soared, a front-page interview with the Effective Leader appeared in the Leadership Times and was picked up by nationally syndicated news wires. The Effective Leader, who had emerged as a staunch critic of the Leadership Pill, was convinced that the Leadership Pill was composed of the wrong ingredients. "The problem with the Leadership Pill is what's in it. LPI tried to infuse their product with classic lessons in leadership, but apparently they extracted the wrong stuff," stated the Effective Leader. "I've observed people who use the Leadership Pill and find they are concerned only about getting results. Truly effective leaders also win the trust and respect of their team members. They excel at empowering others and letting them know that what they do is important." The Effective Leader's comments sparked concern about the Leadership Pill and prompted a rush of inquiries at LPI corporate headquarters. In response to the growing chaos, the CEO of Leadership Pill Industries went to see his director of public relations. "What's going on here?" demanded the CEO. "Give it to me in sixty seconds or less -- I'm already late for my tee time." "Bottom line, the Effective Leader insists that we've got a faulty pill. He's proposing a Pill-Free Challenge to prove it," explained the director of PR. "Hold on a minute -- the Effective Leader?" mused the CEO. "Is this guy for real?" "The Effective Leader has been a respected business guru for decades. His view on leadership is summarized in this pill-shaped message that was printed in the interview," said the director of PR as she handed the CEO the article: Leading People Is the Opposite of Trying to Control Them. "This Effective Leader needs to get with the program," said the CEO. "No one leads pill-free anymore. He should know that by now." "I just got off the phone with him before you came in," said the director of PR. "The Effective Leader is insistent on holding a Pill-Free Challenge. He says that he has been contacted by the media to make his proposal public at a press conference. The story will hit the papers the following day." "Big deal. So tell me how the Pill-Free Challenge works, then," growled the CEO. The director of PR paused for a moment. "It's kind of like a taste test: pill versus pill-free leadership. An independent panel selects two low-performing cross-functional teams that suffer from poor customer service, bad morale, and diminished profitability. The Effective Leader will step in as the leader of one team, with the goal of turning the team around over a twelve-month period without ever popping a Leadership Pill." "What about the other team?" the CEO asked. "The other team serves as the comparison group and is led by a current leader within that organization who must abstain from Leadership Pills until the start of the Pill-Free Challenge," the director of PR continued. "After that, this leader will take the Leadership Pill religiously over the course of the year while trying to turn the comparison group into a high-performing team." "You must be joking," said the CEO with a snort. "The Effective Leader is doomed. Without Leadership Pills, he is sure to lose. This Pill-Free Challenge can become our advertisement for why the Pill is so essential to leadership survival. I'll get the marketing team on it right away. You notify this Effective Leader fellow that we accept his challenge. This is going to be a piece of cake." And with that, the Pill-Free Challenge became official. Copyright © 2003 by The Blanchard Family Partnership and People First Group Holdings, LLC Excerpted from The Leadership Pill: The Missing Ingredient in Motivating People Today by Ken Blanchard, Marc Muchnick All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.