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Tortilleras : Hispanic and U.S. Latina lesbian expression
Tortilleras : Hispanic and U.S. Latina lesbian expression
Pertusa, Inmaculada, 1963-
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Philadelphia : Temple University Press, [2003]

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vi, 279 pages ; 26 cm
From the margins to the mainstream: lesbian characters in Spanish fiction (1964-79) / Wilfredo Hernández -- Carme Riera: (un)covering the lesbian subject or simulation of coming out? / Inmaculada Pertusa -- Tomboy tantrums and queer infatuations: reading lesbianism in Magali García Ramis's Felices días, tío Sergio / Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes -- Coming-out stories and the politics of identity in the narrative of Terri de la Peña / Salvador C. Fernández -- Silent pleasures and pleasures of silence: Ana María Moix's "Las virtudes peligrosas" / Nancy Vosburg -- Reading, writing, and the love that dares not speak its name: eloquent silences in Ana María Moix's Julia / Gema Pérez-Sánchez -- Outside the castle walls: beyond lesbian counterplotting in Cristina Peri Rossi's Desastres intimos / Janis Breckenridge -- "He made me a hole!" Gender bending, sexual desire, and the representation of sexual violence / Regina M. Buccola -- Bomberas on stage: Carmelita Tropicana speaking in tongues against history, madness, fate, and the state / Karina Lissette Cespedes -- Empowering the feminine/feminist/lesbian subject through the lens: the representation of women in María Luisa Bemberg's Yo, la peor de todas / Claudia André -- The lesbian family in Cristina Peri Rossi's "The witness": a study in utopia and infiltration / Sara E. Cooper -- Chicana lesbianism and the multigenre text / Elisa A. Garza -- Interracial lesbian erotics in early modern Spain: Catalina de Erauso and Elena/o de Céspedes / Sherry Velasco -- Violence, desire, and transformative remembering in Emma Pérez's Gulf dreams / Lourdes Torres -- Learning to live without black familia: Cherríe Moraga's nationalist articulations / Christina Sharpe -- Shameless histories: Chicana lesbian fictions talking race/talking sex / Catrióna Rueda Esquibel.

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