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The Middle East and the United States : a historical and political reassessment
The Middle East and the United States : a historical and political reassessment
Lesch, David W.
Third edition.
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Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, [2003]

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xv, 518 pages ; 24 cm
The ironic legacy of the King-Crane commission / James Gelvin -- The "ambassador for the Arabs" : the Locke mission and the unmaking of U.S. development diplomacy in the Near East, 1952-1953 / Paul W.T. Kingston -- U.S. foreign policy toward Iran during the Mussadiq era / Mark Gasiorowski -- Iranian perceptions of the United States and the Mussadiq period / Sussan Siavoshi -- The Mussadiq era in Iran, 1951-1953 : a contemporary diplomat's view / Sir Sam Falle -- National security concerns in U.S. policy toward Egypt, 1949-1956 / Peter Hahn -- The perils of ambiguity : the United States and the Baghdad pact / Elie Podeh -- The Jeykll-and-Hyde origins of the U.S.-Jordanian strategic relationship / Robert B. Satloff -- The 1957 American-Syrian crisis : globalist policy in a regional reality / David W. Lesch -- U.S. policy and military intervention in the 1958 Lebanon crisis / Erika Alin -- The United States and Nasserist Pan-Arabism / Malik Mufti -- The 1967 Arab-Israeli War : U.S. actions and Arab perceptions / Fawaz A. Gerges -- Flawed strategies and missed signals : crisis bargaining between the superpowers, October 1973 / Janice Gross Stein -- The United States and Israel : the nature of a special relationship / Bernard Reich -- The U.S.-PLO relationship : from dialogue to the White House lawn / JoAnn A. Digeorgio-Lutz -- The specifics of the meaning of peace in the Middle East / Mohamed Sid-Ahmed -- The United States in the Persian Gulf : from twin pillars to dual containment / Gary Sick -- Kuwait and the United States : the reluctant ally and U.S. policy toward the Gulf / Shafeeq Ghabra -- U.S. input into Iraqi decisionmaking, 1988-1990 / Amatzia Baram -- From "over the horizon" to "into the backyard" : the U.S.-Saudi relationship and the Gulf war / F. Gregory Gause III -- The Soviet Union, the Gulf war, and its aftermath : a case study in limited superpower cooperation / Robert O. Freedman -- The Soviet perception of the U.S. threat / Georgiy Mirsky -- The U.S.-GCC relationship : is it a glass leaking or a glass filling? / John Duke Anthony -- The push and pull of strategic cooperation : the U.S. relationship with Turkey in the Middle East / Henri J. Barkey -- The United States and Afghanistan : from marginality to global concern / Marvin Weinbaum -- New U.S. policies for a new Middle East? / William Quandt -- Islamist perceptions of U.S. policy in the Middle East / Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad -- Postscript: Americans and the Muslim World-First encounters / Robert J. Allison.
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