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Mac OS X power tools
Frakes, Dan.
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San Francisco, Calif. ; London : SYBEX, [2003]

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xxx, 607 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Includes index.
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Expert Dan Frakes Toiled Endlessly with OS X So You Don't Have To...

OS X expert and incurable Mac addict Dan Frakes delved into the deepest, darkest regions of Apple's newest operating system to uncover the best and most efficient ways to get things done. The result of his tireless efforts, Mac OS X Power Tools , takes you step-by-step through insightful and essential tips, shortcuts, and solutions. Filled with choice coverage on installation, the Finder, networking, security, Unix, software, and much more-Mac OS X Power Tools is certain to save you countless hours (and frustration) and turn you in to the OS X expert you've always dreamed of becoming.

Coverage includes:

Foiling Finder Frustration Setting Up Your Mac Sensationally Mastering Mac OS and Third-Party Software Installations Developing a Dynamic Dock Clobbering Classic Networking and Surfing Superiorly Connecting Conveniently and Running Remotely Fine-Tuning Firewalls and Strengthening System Security Utilizing UNIX

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Author Notes

Dan Frakes is a technology writer, shareware author, and long-time Mac user. He is a frequent contributor to Macworld magazine. Dan is also the creator of the award-winning guide to the Classic Mac OS, InformINIT, and is a frequent speaker at Mac-related expos and conferences

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xix
Part I Setup, Startup, and (In)Stallingp. 1
Chapter 1 The Power of Permissions: Understanding Users and Unix Organizationp. 3
The Basics: Permissions, Accounts, and File Organizationp. 3
Mastering Permissions and Accountsp. 22
Moving On...p. 50
Chapter 2 Sensational Setupp. 51
System Preferences: Beyond the Basicsp. 51
Application Preferencesp. 87
Working with Preference Filesp. 89
Moving On...p. 92
Chapter 3 Subjugating Startup and Leveraging Loginp. 93
The Boot Processp. 93
Choosing a Startup Volume or Systemp. 94
Customizing the Boot Panelp. 98
The Login Processp. 102
Managing Startup/Login Optionsp. 106
Stopping and Restarting Startup Processesp. 111
Special Startup Optionsp. 114
Moving On...p. 117
Chapter 4 Installations, Inc.p. 119
Installation Basicsp. 119
Installing Third-Party Softwarep. 124
Installing Mac OS and Apple Softwarep. 132
Uninstalling Softwarep. 147
Transferring Mac OS X between Computers or Hard Drivesp. 151
Supporting "Unsupported" Stuffp. 154
Moving On...p. 155
Part II Files, Finders, Docks, and Apps (including Classic)p. 157
Chapter 5 Finagle Files and Foil Finder Frustrationp. 159
File Basicsp. 159
Finder Preferences and View Optionsp. 167
The Desktop and the Desktop Folderp. 170
Working with Windows (Finder Windows, not Microsoft Windows)p. 175
File and Folder Finessep. 193
Super Saving (and Opening)p. 209
Moving On...p. 213
Chapter 6 Developing a Dynamite Dockp. 215
Dock Settings and Customizationp. 215
Using and Abusing the Dockp. 221
Accessorizing Your Dockp. 229
Alternatives to the Stock Dockp. 232
Moving On...p. 237
Chapter 7 Apple-ication Aptitudep. 239
Applications 101p. 239
Getting the Most from Mac OS X Applications and Utilitiesp. 242
Basic Application Troubleshootingp. 273
Text Testimonials: Working with Text in OS Xp. 276
Moving On...p. 284
Chapter 8 Clobbering Classicp. 285
A Quick Primer on the Classic Environmentp. 285
The Classic System Preferencesp. 289
Optimizing Classicp. 294
Using Classicp. 298
Classic Troublep. 304
Moving On...p. 306
Part III The Internet, Networking, Sharing, and Printingp. 307
Chapter 9 Networking Notables and Internet Illuminationsp. 309
Network Basicsp. 310
Internet and Networking Setup Subtletiesp. 310
Better Browsing Basicsp. 330
Moving On...p. 339
Chapter 10 Stellar Sharing Strategiesp. 341
Sharing Locally: The Public and Shared Foldersp. 342
Sharing Files Locally: Bluetoothp. 344
Sharing Remotely: iDiskp. 347
Sharing Remotely: Personal File Sharingp. 351
Sharing Remotely: FTPp. 361
Sharing Remotely: Secure FTP (SFTP)p. 364
Sharing Remotely: Windows File Sharing (SMB)p. 367
Sharing Remotely: Personal Web Sharingp. 374
Quick Access to Sharing Servicesp. 377
Moving On...p. 377
Chapter 11 Connection Convenience and Remote Controlp. 379
IP Addresses, URLs, and Portsp. 379
Connecting to Shares on Other Computers/Serversp. 382
Connecting to Frequently Accessed Servers and Sharesp. 394
Connecting to Virtual Private Networks (VPN)p. 399
Remote Access and Controlp. 401
Moving On...p. 409
Chapter 12 Printing Practicalitiesp. 411
Printing Basicsp. 411
Printer Prep: Setting Up and Managing Printers in OS Xp. 414
Supporting Unsupported Printersp. 431
Sharing Your Printerp. 435
Printing Pointersp. 438
Moving On...p. 445
Part IV Mastering Your Mac-Security, Maintenance, and Unixp. 447
Chapter 13 Strengthening System Security and Fine-tuning Firewallsp. 449
Security Basicsp. 449
Keeping Your Mac Safe: Networks and the Internetp. 452
Keeping Your Mac Safe: Local Accessp. 464
Keeping Sensitive Data Safep. 468
Protecting Yourself (and Your Friends) from Virusesp. 481
Moving On...p. 482
Chapter 14 Mac Maintenance and Administrative Actionsp. 483
Disk Drive Diligencep. 483
Maintenance Magicp. 497
Admin Artistryp. 502
Backup Basicsp. 509
Moving On...p. 518
Chapter 15 Utilizing Unixp. 519
What Is Unix Doing in Mac OS X?p. 519
Understanding Unix: Philosophy and Design Decisionsp. 520
Getting Started with Terminal and a Shellp. 523
Installing Unix-Based Softwarep. 540
Hands-On with Some Unix Programsp. 545
Moving On...?p. 552
Appendix A A Tale of Two Systemsp. 553
Transition Technicalitiesp. 553
For the Stubborn: Making OS X Work Like OS 9p. 555
Bringing Back the Classic Apple Menup. 555
Restoring the Application Menup. 556
Making Application Windows Stick Togetherp. 556
WindowShading Your Windowsp. 557
Approximating Tabbed Windowsp. 558
Putting the Trash on the Desktopp. 559
Revealing Labelsp. 560
Hearing What You've Been Missing (Interface Sounds)p. 560
For the Indecisive: Tips for Those Who Switch Back and Forthp. 560
Switching Issuesp. 561
Why You Should Consider Multiple OS 9 System Foldersp. 564
Why You Should Consider Having OS 9 on a Different Partition or Drives than OS Xp. 564
Appendix B Multiple Mounts, Various Volumes, and Divided Disksp. 567
Working with Multiple Volumes in OS Xp. 567
Accessing Non-Boot Volumesp. 569
Copying versus Moving with Multiple Volumesp. 569
Permissions on Non-Boot Volumesp. 570
Permissions on Removable Volumesp. 571
Sharing a Non-Boot Volumep. 572
Changing the Startup Volumep. 572
Installing OS X on FireWire Volumesp. 572
Using Drive Partitionsp. 573
Benefits of Partitioningp. 573
Drawbacks of Partitioningp. 575
Partitioning a Drive in OS Xp. 576
Customizing OS X When Using Multiple Volumesp. 578
Moving a User Folder--or All User Folders--to a Non-Boot Volumep. 578
Using a Non-Boot Volume for System Swap Filesp. 580
Indexp. 583