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Selected poems
Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000.
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Poems. Selections
First Perennial Classics edition.
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New York : HarperPerennial, 1999.

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xii, 137 pages ; 21 cm.
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Originally published: New York : Harper & Row, 1963.
Street in Bronzeville: Street in Bronzville -- Kitchenette building -- Mother -- Southeast corner -- Hunchback girl: she thinks of heaven -- Song in the front yard -- Ballad of chocolate Mabbie -- Preacher: ruminates behind the sermon -- Sadie and Maud -- Independant man --Of De Witt Williams on his way to Lincoln cemetery -- Vacant lot - Sundays of Satin-legs Smith -- Negro hero -- Gay chaps at the bar: Gay chaps at the bar -- Still do I keep my look, my identity... -- My dreams, my work, must wait till after hell -- Looking -- Piano after war -- Mentors-- White troops had their orders but the negros looked like men -- Firstly inclined to take what it is told -- "God works in a mysterious way" -- Love note I: surely -- Love note II: flags -- Progress -- Annie Allen: Notes from the childhood and the girlhood -- Clogged and soft and sloppy eyes -- Chicken, she chided early, should not wait -- After the baths and bowel-work, he was dead -- Late Annie in her bower lay -- Duck fats rot in the roasting pan -- "Do not be afraid of no' -- But can see better there, and laughing there -- Anniad: Think of sweet and chocolate -- Appendix to the Anniad: You need the untranslatable ice to watch -- Certainty we two shall meet by God -- Oh mother, mother, where is happiness -- Womanhood: People who have no children can be hard -- What shall I give my children? who are poor -- And shall I prime my children, pray, to pray? -- First fight. Then fiddle. Ply the slipping string -- When my dears die, the festival-colored brightness -- Life for my child is simple, and is good -- Sweet Sally took a cardboard box -- Light and diplomatic bird -- Carried her unprotesting out the door -- They get to Benvenuti's. There are booths -- Dry brown coughing beneath their feet -- If the sun comes -- One wants a Teller in a time like this -- People protest in sprawling lightless ways -- Men of careful turns, haters of forks in the road -- Bean eaters: In honor of David Anderson Brooks, my father -- My little 'bout-town gal -- Strong men, riding horses -- Bean eaters -- We real cool -- Old Mary -- Bronzeville mother loiters in Mississippi. Meanwhile, a Mississippi mother burns bacon -- Last quatrain of the ballad of Emmett Till -- Mrs. Small -- Jessie Mitchell's mother -- Chicago defender sends a man to Little Rock -- Lovers of the poor -- Sunset of the city -- Man of the middle class -- Crazy woman -- Bronzeville man with a belt in the back -- Lovely love -- Penitent considers another coming of Mary -- Bronzeville woman in a red hat -- In Emanuel's nightmare: another coming of Christ -- Ballad of Rudolph Reed -- New poems: Riders to the blood-red wrath -- Empty woman -- To be in love -- Of Robert Frost -- Langston Hughes -- Catch of shy fish: Garbageman: Man with the orderly mind -- Sick man looks at flowers - Old people working (garden, car) -- Weaponed woman -- Old tennis player -- Surrealist and Omega -- Spaulding and Francois -- Big Bessie throws her son into the street -- About Gwendolyn Brooks.
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