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The minority rights revolution
The minority rights revolution
Skrentny, John David.
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Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, [2002]

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xiv, 473 pages ; 25 cm
How war and the Black Civil Rights Movement changed America -- This is war and this is a war measure: Racial equality becomes national security -- National security and equal rights: Limits and qualifications -- We were advancing the really revolutionary view of discrimination: Designating official minorities for Affirmative Action in employment -- In view of the existence of the other significant minorities: The expansion of Affirmative Action for minority capitalists -- Race is a very relevant personal characteristic: Affirmative admissions, diversity, and the Supreme Court -- Learn, Amigo, learn: Bilingual education and language rights in the schools -- I agree with you about the inherent absurdity: Title IX and women's equality in education -- White males and the limits of the minority rights revolution: The disabled, white ethnics, and gays -- Conclusion: The rare American epiphany.
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