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The endless Jihad : the Mujahidin, the Taliban and Bin Laden
Shay, Shaul.
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Herzliya, Israel : International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Interdisiplinary Center Herzliya, [2002]

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176 pages : illustrations, 1 map ; 24 cm
Islamic fundamentalism-background -- Afghanistan-the ethnic structure -- Historical background-milestones in the formation of Afghanistan -- The role of Mohammed Daoud -- The Soviet invasion and the Karmal government -- The government of Najib (Najibullah) -- The fall of Najibullah's regime and the rise of the Mujahidin -- Afghanistan-Islamic opposition and the Mujahidin movements -- The Afghan Mujahidin movements -- Leaders of the Mujahidin movements in Afghanistan -- Military leadership of the Mujahidin -- The Mujahidin regime of Rabbani -- The Taliban movement-roots and ideology -- The Taliban and the road to power -- Milestones on the Taliban's road to power -- The Taliban regime-main characteristics -- The Anti-Taliban Coalition-the Northern Alliance -- Internal power struggles among the Uzbekis -- Involvement of outside agents in the Civil War in Afghanistan -- Pakistan-Afghanistan (Taliban) relations -- Iran-Afghanstan (Taliban) relations-- Diplomatic moves to resolve the conflict in Afghanistan 1993-2000 -- "Afghan terror" in the international arena as a reflectin of cultural conflict -- International terror-theoretical background -- "Cultural terror" -- Destruction of the statues of Buddha at Bamian-Afghanistan-2001 -- Afghan terror in the international arena.
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