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The Csound book : perspectives in software synthesis, sound design, signal processing, and programming
Boulanger, Richard Charles, 1956-
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Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, [2000]

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xli, 740 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm + 2 computer optical discs (4 3/4 in.)
Software synthesis. Csound fundmentals. Introduction to sound design in Csound / Richard Boulanger ; Understanding and using Csound's GEN routines / Jon Christopher Nelson ; What happens when you run Csound / John Ffitch ; Optimizing your Csound instruments / Paris Smaragdis ; Using Csound's macro language extensions / John Ffitch -- Imitative synthesis. Designing acoustically viable instruments in Csound / Stephen David Beck ; Designing legato instruments in Csound / Richard Dobson ; Contiguous-group wavetable synthesis of the French horn in Csound / Andrew Horner and Lydia Ayers ; FM synthesis and morphing in Csound : from percussion to brass / Brian Evans ; Modeling "classic" electronic keyboards in Csound / Hans Mikelson -- Algorithmic synthesis. A survey of classic synthesis techniques in Csound / Rajmil Fischman ; FM synthesis in Csound / Russell Pinkston ; Granular synthesis in Csound / Allan S. C. Lee ; FOF and FOG synthesis in Csound / Michael Clarke ; Processing samples with Csound's FOF opcode / Per Byrne Villez -- Mathematical models. A look at random numbers, noise, and chaos with Csound / John Ffitch ; Constrained random event generation and retriggering in Csound / Russell Pinkston ; Using global Csound instruments for meta-parameter control / Martin Dupras ; Mathematical modeling with Csound : from waveguides to chaos / Hans Mikelson -- Signal processing. Understanding signal processing through Csound. An introduction to signal processing with Csound / Erik Spjut ; Understanding Csound's spectral data types / Barry Vercoe -- Delay, chorus, reverberation, and 3D audio. Using Csound to understand delay lines and their applications / Russell Pinkston ; An introduction to reverberation design with Csound / Eric Lyon ; Implementing the Gardner reverbs in Csound / Hans Mikelson ; Csound-based auditory localization / Eli Breder and David McIntyre -- Working with Csound's signal processing utilities. Convolution in Csound : traditional and novel applications / Erik Spjut ; Working with Csound's ADSYN, LPREAD, and LPRESON opcodes / Magdalena Klapper ; Csound's phase vocoder and extensions / Richard Karpen -- Modeling commercial signal processing applications. Efficient implementation of analog waveshaping in Csound / Michael Pocino ; Modeling a multieffects processor in Csound / Hans Mikelson -- Programming. Adding Opcodes. Extending Csound / John Ffitch ; Adding new unit generators to Csound / Marc Resibois.
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