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Living your colors : practical wisdom for life, love, work, and play
Maddron, Tom.
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New York : Warner Books, [2002]

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vii, 178 pages ; 23 cm
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These days colour is used in everything from design to diet. But what's your colour? Tom Maddron has put together a quick and easy guide that will tell you what your colour says about you and your relationships.

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Library Journal Review

These two books are based on the ancient Greek concept of the four temperaments (sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic, and choleric). First-time author Maddron refers to them as colors-orange, gold, green, and blue, respectively. Each has a "ruling sign" (air, earth, water, and fire) and is typified by physicality, high standards, intellectualism, and sensitivity respectively. Chapters cover the characteristics of each personality type as well as various combinations, and the author includes an instrument for self-analysis. Particularly intriguing is Maddron's discussion of how colors complement one another in functional society and the importance of understanding and appreciating the strengths and limitations of each. Despite the risks inherent in oversimplifying people and society, Maddron's treatment is nonetheless very thoughtful. Rolfe's passionate examination of the role and function of the four temperaments in life translates into half handbook, half treatise. Like Maddron, Rolfe (The 7 Secrets of Successful Parents) describes the traits and characteristics typical of each humor and accounts for the blending of multiple humors. Reasonable and encouraging in tone, the book emphasizes that "the humors can only add to and not detract from your deepest understanding as your life unfolds." Rolfe uses a holistic and ambitious approach that sometimes meets with uneven results. Discussing all the humors at once is often confusing, and the nutritional suggestions feel incomplete. While neither author tries to pigeonhole people, both present "a set of lenses for looking at the world" and its inhabitants. Both are recommended; Maddron's narrower scope results in a clear, entertaining read, while Rolfe is for readers seeking a serious treatment. (c) Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.



ASSESSING YOUR COLORS Welcome!This is a book about you ... and about me. This is a book about personality styles. It is based on ancient traditional wisdom and also on modern research. The human patterns it reveals are natural, positive, and valuable. When you have assessed your own personality style and read about the styles of the important people in your life, you will have a new understanding and appreciation of the remarkable balance and harmony that is possible in human relationships. There are no wrong answers in your personal assessment. All the "Colors" are equally valuable and important. So enjoy! Celebrate the richness of human differences. A "COLORS" QUIZ Below you will find a questionnaire for determining your "Colors" profile. As you fill out the questionnaire, set aside what you've been told to be like and try to think of yourself as you are when you're most comfortable and natural. Of course, we all have some of all these qualities, and they may come out more strongly at different times. For purposes of this quiz, however, try to look beyond specific situations, set aside what others think you "should" be like, look past the demands of your job, and forget for the moment about the requirements of your role in life. Just be yourself as you most naturally and comfortably are. Please note: Extra assessment sheets are provided at the back of the book. Directions In each of the 10 items, Put a 4 by the set of words that seems to describe you best. Put a 3 by the set of words that describes you second best. Put a 2 by the set of words that describes you third best. Put a 1 by the set of words that seems the least like you. When you have completed the 10 items, Total the a's. Enter the a total beside "Gold" in the spaces provided at the bottom of the page. Total the b's. Enter the b total beside "Blue" in the spaces provided at the bottom of the page. Total the c's. Enter the c total beside "Green" in the spaces provided at the bottom of the page. Total the d's. Enter the d total beside "Orange" in the spaces provided at the bottom of the page. Your highest totals indicate the Colors that you chose as being most like you in the quiz. Some people find that one or two Colors are really strong and the others very weak. Some people find that all four Colors are about equal in strength. As you read on through the book, you may find changes in your sense of which Colors best describe you. You may feel that the relative weight of the Colors in your life is different than you thought or even than the quiz might suggest. Remember, you are always the best judge of what is right for you. A Colors Quiz: Rank the four sets of words in each item, 4, 3, 2, or 1 according to how well they describe you. (4 is most like you.) 1. a. ___________solid, steady, careful b. ___________feeling, sympathetic, kind c. ___________cool, clever, independent d. ___________lively, witty, energetic 2. a. ___________reasonable, moral, hardworking b. ___________sensitive, sincere, caring c. ___________logical, abstract, moral d. ___________skillful, playful, fun-loving 3. a. ___________dependable, faithful, devoted b. ___________close, personal, involved c. ___________curious, scientific, thoughtful d. ___________daring, energetic, brave 4. a. ___________reliable, organized, serious b. ___________peaceful, harmonious, warm c. ___________impatient, perfectionist, heady d. ___________here-and-now, impulsive, active 5. a. ___________consistent, structured, planned b. ___________meaningful, spiritual, inspired c. ___________analyzing, testing, model making d. ___________high impact, persuasive, generous 6. a. ___________sane, faithful, supportive b. ___________poetic, musical, artistic c. ___________theoretical, studious, principled d. ___________performing, playing, creating 7. a. ___________commit, follow through, persist b. ___________communicate, encourage, nurture c. ___________inform, discuss, question d. ___________energize, compete, engage 8. a. ___________conserve, maintain, protect b. ___________inspire, understand, appreciate c. ___________design, invent, construct d. ___________promote, excite, activate 9. a. ___________value, honor, provide b. ___________share, connect, express c. ___________respect, stimulate, dialogue d. ___________touch, pleasure, surprise 10. a. ___________traditional, loyal, conservative b. ___________belonging, involved, cooperative c. ___________skeptical, nonconforming, fair d. ___________free, independent, rebellious Totals a. Gold . Blue c. Green d. Orange You'll have to read the book to find the answers to THE COLORS IN A NUTSHELL (Continues...) Excerpted from Living Your Colors by Thomas Maddron Copyright © 2002 by Thomas Maddron Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Assessing Your Colorsp. 1
A "Colors" Quizp. 1
The Colors in a Nutshellp. 5
Chapter 2 Introduction to Colorsp. 7
Chapter 3 Goldp. 17
Chapter 4 Bluep. 25
Chapter 5 Orangep. 33
Chapter 6 Greenp. 41
Chapter 7 Troublesp. 49
Chapter 8 Relationships: When Colors Meet Each Otherp. 57
Chapter 9 When the Colors Blendp. 101
Chapter 10 The Workplacep. 109
Chapter 11 Childrenp. 133
Child Needs, Strengths, Challenges Tablep. 146
Chapter 12 Parentsp. 151
Parent Strengths and Challenges Tablep. 161
Teaching and Learning Styles Tablep. 163
Chapter 13 Moving Forward with the Colorsp. 167
Appendix Extra Quiz Sheetsp. 173