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St. John's gospel : a Bible study guide and commentary
Ray, Stephen K.
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San Francisco, CA : Ignatius Press, [2002]

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461 pages ; 23 cm
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As Catholics in ever-growing numbers are taking part in Bible studies, many questions arise. How do I study the Bible? Where do I begin? Is it OK to interpret the Bible for ourselves? What Bible should I use? How can I understand such a deep book as the Gospel of St. John? This book has the answer to these and many other such questions. Stephen Ray takes the difficult and makes it easy; he takes the confusion and makes things clear. It gives a simple start for a beginner while providing the depth and profundity for the scholar. This book is one of a kind. It is the first extensive, easy to use and thoroughly Catholic study guide available. This Bible study provides extensive "text boxes" with detailed information that helps students discover the cultural, religious, historical and other information on the specific passage they are studying. It utilizes quotes for a wide range of scholars, historians and specialists to instruct the student and give valuable insights into the background and meaning of the text. This book can serve as a basic Bible study guide for working through the Gospel of John, helping the student plumb the depths of St. John?s marvelous and deeply spiritual Gospel. It is excellent for use by individuals or groups, for families or schools.

Table of Contents

Abbreviationsp. 15
Introductionp. 17
Simple Guidelines for Studying the Biblep. 18
Which Translation to Use?p. 24
How to Use This Study Guidep. 27
Who Wrote the Gospel of St. John?p. 29
The Apostle Johnp. 31
John's Audience and Purpose in Writingp. 33
John 1a The "Overture": The Word Becomes Fleshp. 37
John 1:1-2 In the Beginning Was the Wordp. 39
John 1:3-5 All Things Came into Being through Himp. 42
John 1:6-13 True Light and Children of Godp. 44
John 1:14-18 The Incarnation--The Word Became Fleshp. 48
John 1b John the Baptist; Choosing the Disciplesp. 60
John 1:19-34 Testimony of John the Baptistp. 60
John 1:35-51 Jesus Chooses Disciplesp. 64
John 2 Jesus, Mary, and the Wedding in Cana--Cleansing the Temple in Jerusalemp. 72
John 2:1-5 The Wedding in Cana: Mary and Jesusp. 73
John 2:6-11 The Wedding in Cana: Water into Wine, Old Transformed into the Newp. 81
John 2:12-21 The Temple in Jerusalem, the Resurrection Proclaimedp. 84
John 2:22-25 Belief and the Heart of Manp. 91
John 3 "You Must Be Born Anew"--"For God So Loved the World"p. 93
John 3:1-21 Jesus and Nicodemusp. 93
John 3:22-36 John the Baptizerp. 107
John 4 The Samaritan Woman, the Gentile Official: Conversion and Faithp. 110
John 4:1-42 The Samaritan Woman Is Offered Living Waterp. 110
John 4:43-54 Jesus' Second Sign; He Heals a Gentile's Sonp. 121
John 5 Infirm Man Healed at the Pools of Bethesda--Jesus Calls Four Witnessesp. 123
John 5:1-9 Healing at the Pool on the Sabbathp. 123
John 5:10-18 The Jews React to the "Sabbath Violation"p. 127
John 5:19-47 Jesus Defends and Explains His Equality with Godp. 130
John 6a Miraculous Bread to Feed the People--Jesus Walks on the Waterp. 136
John 6:1-15 Multiplication of Loaves, the Eucharist Foreshadowedp. 136
John 6:16-21 Jesus Walks on the Water: The Fifth Signp. 145
John 6b "Unless You Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood"--The Eucharistp. 149
John 6:22-59 Jesus, the Bread of Lifep. 149
John 6:60-70 Many Disciples Abandon the Words of Eternal Lifep. 165
John 7 Jewish Feast of Booths--Two Debates: Who Is Jesus? Rivers of Living Waterp. 172
John 7:1-13 Jesus Goes Up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Boothsp. 172
John 7:14-24 Jesus Teaches at the Feastp. 176
John 7:25-44 Is Jesus the Christ?p. 180
John 7:45-53 Unbelief of Jewish Leadersp. 183
John 8 The Adulterous Woman; More Debates: Who Is Christ? True "I am"p. 185
John 8:1-13 The Woman Caught in Adulteryp. 185
John 8:12-30 Jesus Is the Light of the Worldp. 189
John 8:31-59 The Truth Will Make You Freep. 192
John 9 The Blind Man Sees--The Seeing Men Are Blind; More Debates: Who Is Jesus?p. 199
John 9:1-12 Jesus Heals the Blind Beggarp. 199
John 9:13-34 Dispute over the Healed Manp. 204
John 9:35-41 Jesus Reaffirms His Deityp. 207
John 10 The Good Shepherd Makes Himself Out to Be God! Who Is Jesus?p. 210
John 10:1-21 The Bad Shepherds Oppose the Good Shepherdp. 210
John 10:22-42 The Feast of Dedication: Are You the Messiah? Are You God?p. 216
John 11 Lazarus Raised from the Dead: "I Am the Resurrection and the Life"p. 224
John 11:1-16 The Setting for the Seventh Signp. 224
John 11:17-33 Jesus Goes to Bethanyp. 227
John 11:34-44 Jesus Raises Lazarusp. 232
John 11:45-57 The Sanhedrin Condemns Jesusp. 234
John 12 Anointing Jesus--the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalemp. 238
John 12:1-11 Jesus Anointed at Bethanyp. 238
John 12:12-19 Triumphal Entry into Jerusalemp. 242
John 12:20-36 Greeks Seek Jesus; His Death Foretoldp. 245
John 12:37-50 The Disbelief of the Jewsp. 248
John 13 The Humble, Compassionate King; The Foolish, Treacherous Servantp. 251
John 13:1-17 Maundy Thursday: Jesus Washes Feetp. 251
John 13:18-38 The Betrayal and Gloryp. 257
John 14 The Way to Heaven--The Gift of the Holy Spiritp. 265
John 14:1-14 Heaven and the Way to Get Therep. 265
John 14:15-31 Jesus Promises the Holy Spiritp. 272
John 15 The Vine and Branches--In the World, but Not of the Worldp. 278
John 15:1-17 Abide Fruitfully in Christ or Burnp. 278
John 15:18-27 In the World, but Not of the Worldp. 285
John 16 Jesus Prepares to Leave and Return; The Action of the Holy Spiritp. 289
John 16:1-6 Christians and Persecutionp. 289
John 16:7-15 The Action of the Holy Spiritp. 291
John 16:16-24 Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection Foretoldp. 295
John 16:25-33 Jesus' Last Consolationsp. 296
John 17 Our High Priest Prays--The Visible Unity of the Churchp. 300
John 17:1-5 Jesus Prays for Himselfp. 300
John 17:6-19 Jesus Prays for His Disciplesp. 306
John 17:20-26 Jesus Prays for the Church--Those Believing the Apostles' Wordp. 309
John 18 The Betrayal, Arrest, and Trials of Jesus--"King of the Jews?"p. 313
John 18:1-11 Jesus Is Betrayed and Arrestedp. 313
John 18:12-23 Trial before Annasp. 317
John 18:24-27 Trial before Caiaphasp. 323
John 18:28-40 Trial before Pilatep. 324
John 19a Jesus Condemned--The Pain of the Crucifixionp. 331
John 19:1-16 Jesus Abused before Pilatep. 331
John 19:17-24 The Crucifixion Beginsp. 337
John 19b The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus--The Birth of the Churchp. 346
John 19:25-27 Mary and John at the Crossp. 346
John 19:28-37 Jesus Dies on the Crossp. 353
John 19:38-42 The Burial of Jesusp. 361
John 20 Death Could Not Hold Him--"My Lord and My God"p. 366
John 20:1-10 The Empty Tombp. 366
John 20:11-18 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalenep. 370
John 20:19-31 Jesus Appears to the Disciplesp. 373
John 20:24-31 Jesus and "Doubting Thomas"p. 379
John 21 The Grand Finale: Jesus Meets the Apostles--The Pope and the Churchp. 383
Appendix St. John's Grand "Finale"!p. 383
John 21:1-14 Jesus Appears in Galileep. 384
John 21:15-17 Peter Appointed as Shepherdp. 391
John 21:18-23 The Future of Peter and Johnp. 397
Concluding Thoughtsp. 401
Bibliographyp. 403
Acknowledgmentsp. 417
Index of Scripturep. 419
Index of Topicsp. 453