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Menopause for dummies
Jones, Marcia L.
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New York : Wiley, [2003]

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xviii, 336 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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As baby boomers hit their late forties and fifties, women are entering menopause in record numbers. Soon, for the first time in history, there will be more women beyond menopause than have yet to go through it. Yet, amazingly, getting reliable, practical information about menopause isn't easy. Usually the only information you're likely to find is in the glossy brochures from pharmaceutical companies scattered around your gynecologist's waiting room. If you're really persistent, you can hunt down an article or two in medical journals, but it's a safe bet that you'll be sound asleep long before you find straightforward answers even to one of your practical questions.

Whether you're going through the change, have already been there, or are about to start off down that road, you'll find the information you need in Menopause For Dummies . In plain English, it covers all the health issues and therapy choices that confront women during the menopausal years. It helps y ou:

Put menopause in perspective Understand how it can affect your body, emotions ,and libido Evaluate your risk of disease Know all your therapy options Make sense of the hormone therapy debate Ask intelligent questions and discuss your alternatives with you doctor Make smarter life-style choices Live a long, healthy life

Menopause For Dummies gives you accurate, up-to-date information from the most credible sources, including the latest medical studies, without a lot of technical jargon. You get straightforward advice and guidance on:

Recognizing the signs of menopause Preventing and treating osteoporosis Cardiovascular disease and menopause Vaginal and urinary changes during menopause The effects of menopause on your skin, hair, and nasal cavities Menopause and your sex life Hormone therapy and heart disease, breast cancer, and other cancers Alternative therapies Menopause and good nutrition The benefits of exercise during menopause

Menopause is not a disease, and it doesn't have to be a harbinger of accelerated aging and declining health. Menopause For Dummies gives you the information you need to take charge of your menopause and make this transition as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Author Notes

Marcia L. Jones, PhD, has been a freelance writer for more than 18 years
Theresa Eichenwald, MD, is an internist

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 2
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 5
Taking in shorthandp. 5
Eyeing the iconsp. 6
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I The Main Facts about Menopausep. 7
Chapter 1 Reversing Pubertyp. 9
Defining Menopausep. 10
Anticipating Menopausep. 13
Experiencing Menopausep. 14
Making Time for Menopausep. 15
Treating Menopausep. 16
Promoting Longevityp. 17
Chapter 2 Talking Biology and Psychology: Your Mind and Body on Menopausep. 19
Setting the Stagep. 20
Making the Menstrual Cycle and Hormone Connectionp. 20
Surveying the Role of Hormonesp. 22
Acting Out the Stages of Menopausep. 27
Prepping for Surgical Menopausep. 30
Chapter 3 Getting in Sync with the Symptomsp. 31
Kicking Things Off with Perimenopausal Symptomsp. 32
Visiting the Menopausal Symptomsp. 37
Unraveling the Mysteryp. 40
Part II The Effects of Menopause on Your Body and Mindp. 43
Chapter 4 The Business of Your Bonesp. 45
Homing In on Bone Healthp. 45
Keeping Pace with Bone Reconstructionp. 47
Boning Up on Osteoporosisp. 50
Preventing Osteoporosis by Managing Your Risk Factorsp. 56
Finding Out whether You Have Osteoporosisp. 62
Treating Osteoporosisp. 65
Chapter 5 You Gotta Have Heartp. 67
Cardiovascular Disease and the Menopausal Womanp. 67
Your Cardiovascular Systemp. 68
Understanding Cardiovascular Diseasesp. 74
Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors for Womenp. 78
Being Smart about Your Heartp. 80
Chapter 6 Vaginal and Urinary Changesp. 83
Doc, Can We Talk?p. 84
Vaginal Atrophy and Other Issuesp. 84
Hold It! We Need to Talk about Urinary Problemsp. 87
Chapter 7 Surfaces and Sinuses: Your Skin, Hair, and Nasal Cavitiesp. 95
Getting the Skinny on Skinp. 96
Sniffing Out Nasal Changesp. 99
Handling Hairy Issuesp. 100
Chapter 8 Menopause and Your Sex Lifep. 101
Looking at Menopause and Your Libidop. 102
Talking Turkey about Testosteronep. 106
Keeping Sex Sexyp. 107
To Fertility and Beyondp. 108
Chapter 9 Mental and Emotional Issuesp. 117
Understanding the Mental and Emotional Stresses of Menopausep. 118
Part III Treating the Effectsp. 43
Chapter 10 The Basics of Hormone Therapyp. 129
Defining Hormone Therapyp. 129
Ticking through the Therapiesp. 132
Pills, Patches, and Pomades: A Smorgasbord of Delivery Optionsp. 139
Searching for Sourcesp. 141
Doing the Dosingp. 145
Chapter 11 Hormone Therapy and Your Heartp. 149
Meeting the Players: Hormones and Your Heartp. 150
Understanding the Significance of the Women's Health Initiative Studyp. 152
Skimming the Fat: Hormone Therapy and Your Bloodp. 152
Keeping the Pipes Clean: HT and Your Blood Vesselsp. 154
Oiling the Pump: HT and Your Heartp. 158
Chapter 12 Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancerp. 161
Beginning with Breast Basicsp. 161
Defining Breast Cancerp. 162
Taking Care of Your Breastsp. 163
Determining Estrogen's Rolep. 164
Assessing Your Risksp. 165
Evaluating the Facts about HT Risksp. 170
Finding the Right HT Programp. 173
Chapter 13 Hormone Therapy, Cancer, and Your Reproductive Organsp. 175
Colorectal Cancerp. 175
Endometrial (Uterine) Cancerp. 179
Cancers Unaffected by Hormone Therapyp. 183
Chapter 14 Hormone Therapy and Other Health Conditionsp. 187
Dealing with Deep Vein Thrombosis and Other Impeding Issuesp. 187
Dissecting Diabetesp. 190
Facing the Facts about Fibromyalgiap. 192
Getting the Goods on Gallbladder Diseasep. 193
Looking at Lupusp. 194
Monitoring Migrainesp. 196
Chapter 15 Making the Decision about Hormone Therapyp. 199
Outlining Attitudes about HTp. 199
Weighing the Benefits and Risks of HTp. 201
Summing Up the Studiesp. 209
Presenting the Options for Perimenopausep. 212
Quitting HTp. 214
Finding Your Comfort Zonep. 215
Chapter 16 Taking an Alternate Route: Non-Hormone Therapiesp. 219
Plowing through the Pros and Cons of Herbsp. 220
Relieving Your Symptoms with Plantsp. 223
Avoiding Problems with Plantsp. 227
Getting Touchy about Acupuncturep. 227
Soothing Symptoms with Relaxation Therapiesp. 228
Slip Sliding Away with Topical Treatmentsp. 229
Chapter 17 Treating Conditions without Hormone Therapyp. 231
Battling Bone Loss and Osteoporosis with Medicationp. 231
Controlling Cardiovascular Diseasep. 233
Part IV Lifestyle Issues for Menopause and Beyondp. 239
Chapter 18 Eating for The Changep. 241
Eating to Promote Good Healthp. 242
Eating to Prevent or Contain Problemsp. 248
Weighing in on the Weight Issuep. 251
Chapter 19 Focusing on Fitnessp. 257
Benefiting from Exercise during the Menopausal Yearsp. 257
Focusing on the Fundamental Facets of Fitnessp. 262
Getting Personal about Your Fitness Planp. 265
Exercises for Women with Osteoporosisp. 271
Exercises to Protect Your Heartp. 277
Part V The Part of Tensp. 281
Chapter 20 Menopause Myths Exposedp. 283
You're Too Young to Be Menopausal in Your Thirties and Fortiesp. 283
Menopause Is a Medical Condition that Must Be Treatedp. 284
Menopause Isn't a Disease, So There's No Need to See a Doctorp. 285
You Lose the Urge to Have Sex after the Changep. 285
Irregular Vaginal Bleeding Always Means Cancerp. 286
Humps Accompany Old Age--End of Storyp. 286
Only HRT Can Relieve the Symptomsp. 287
Women Don't Need to Worry about Heart Attacksp. 288
Most Women Get Really Depressed During Menopausep. 288
You'll Break a Bone if You Exercise Too Hardp. 288
A Blood Test Can Determine whether You're Going through Menopausep. 289
Chapter 21 More Than Ten Medical Tests for Menopausal Womenp. 291
Pelvic Exam and Pap Smearp. 291
Rectal Examp. 292
Colonoscopyp. 292
Bone-Density Screeningp. 293
Mammogramp. 293
Cholesterol Screeningp. 293
Fasting Blood-Glucose Testp. 294
Thyroid Screeningp. 294
CA 125 Testp. 294
Ovarian Hormone Screeningp. 294
Stress Testp. 295
Chapter 22 Ten Terrific Fitness Programs for Menopausal Womenp. 297
Core-Stability Trainingp. 298
Walkingp. 298
Elliptical Trainingp. 299
Runningp. 299
Swimmingp. 299
Cyclingp. 300
Yogap. 300
T'ai Chip. 301
Pilatesp. 301
Water Aerobicsp. 301
Part VI Appendixesp. 303
Appendix A Glossaryp. 305
Appendix B Resourcesp. 313
Fabulous Books about Menopause, Health, Fitness, and Related Issuesp. 313
Wonderful Web Sites for Womenp. 315
Indexp. 319