Cover image for Standard Arabic : an elementary-intermediate course = al-Lughah al-ʻArabīyah : dawrah asāsīyah mutawasiṭah
Standard Arabic : an elementary-intermediate course = al-Lughah al-ʻArabīyah : dawrah asāsīyah mutawasiṭah
Schulz, Eckehard.
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Lehrbuch des modernen Arabisch. English
Revised English edition / by Eckehard Schulz.
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Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, [2000]

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xiii, 641 pages ; 26 cm
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Includes indexes.

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PJ6307 .S3813 2000 Adult Non-Fiction Non-Fiction Area

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This book presents a comprehensive foundation course for beginning students of written and spoken Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), providing an essential grounding for successful communication with speakers of the many colloquial varieties. This long-established and successful text has been completely revised with the needs of English-speaking learners especially in mind, and will prove invaluable to students and teachers alike. Step-by-step guide to understanding written and spoken texts Develops conversational ability as well as reading and writing skills Arabic-English Glossary containing 2600 entries Fresh texts and dialogues containing up-to-date data on the Middle East and North Africa Includes Arab folklore, customs, proverbs, and short essays on contemporary topics Grammatical terms also given in Arabic enabling students to attend language courses in Arab countries Provides a wide variety of exercises and drills to reinforce grammar points, vocabulary learning and communicative strategies Includes a key to the exercises Accompanying cassettes also available.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 The alphabet (pronunciation and writing)
Lesson 2 Article
The equational sentence
Agreement in gender
Lesson 3 Number
The personal pronoun
The noun and the adjective
The adjective
Lesson 4 Radical, root, pattern
The broken plural
Declension and nunation
Lesson 5 The perfect tense
The verbal sentence
The objective clause
The Nisba-ending
Lesson 6 The genitive construction
Affixed pronouns
Definiteness (summary)
The adverb
Lesson 7 The imperfect tense
Demonstrative pronouns
Lesson 8 Subjunctive and jussive
The imperative
Lesson 9 The dual
The numerals 1 and 2
'How much/many'
The names of the months
Lesson 10 Cardinal numerals
The year
Lesson 11 The perfect tense of verbs
Word order and the subject of the sentence
Lesson 12 The imperfect tense of verbs
Subjunctive and jussive of verbs
The imperative of verbs
The verbs
Lesson 13 Temporal auxiliary verbs
Lesson 14 Forms II, III and IV of the verb
The attributive relative clause
Lesson 15 Forms II, III and IV of verbs continued
The nominal relative clause
Lesson 16 Ordinal numbers
The time
Numeral adverbs
Fractional numbers
Numeral adverbs of reiteration
Decimal numbers
Lesson 17 Forms V and VI of the verb
Word order
Genitive constructions
Lesson 18 Forms VII, VIII and X of the verb
Lesson 19 The passive voice
About the construction of doubly transitive verbs
Some characteristic features of the derived forms
Lesson 20 The collective
Names of nationalities
The feminine Nisba
Lesson 21 The participle
Patterns of the participle
The usage of the participles
Shortened relative clauses
The participle as predicate
The False Idafa
Participles and adjectives as 1st or 2nd term of the Idafa
Impersonal expressions
Lesson 22 The infinitive
The use
The infinitive instead of a subordinate clause
Functional verbs
Functional verbs instead of passive constructions
Adverb and adverbial constructions
The usage
The cognate accusative
Lesson 23 Subordinate clauses: a survey
Temporal clauses
Lesson 24 Verbs R2=R3
Verbs with Hamza
The spelling of Hamza
Clauses of reason
Lesson 25 The pattern
The elative as positive
The elative as comparative
The elative as superlative
Common elatives
Lesson 26 Conditional sentences
The real conditional sentence
The unreal conditional sentence
The concessive clause
Lesson 27 Exceptives
Other exceptive particles
Lesson 28 The Hal-accusative
The Hal-clause
Survey of use of the accusative
Exclamations in the accusative