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Native Americans
Grinde, Donald A., 1946-
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Washington, D.C. : CQ Press, [2002]

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xv, 399 pages : maps ; 29 cm.
Native Americans and the founding of the United States / Donald A. Grinde -- The enduring influence of Native American ideas on American government / Bruce E. Johansen -- Native American self-government and its impact on democracy's development / Bruce E. Johansen -- Native American treaties : diplomacy and legality / Vine Deloria -- Subverting the law of nations : American Indian rights and U.S. distortions of international legality / Ward Churchill -- Native American self-government / Philip L. Fetzer -- Native Americans and civil rights / Donald A. Grinde.

Native Americans and judicial review / Philip L. Fetzer -- Native Americans and equal protection / Carole Goldberg -- Red, black, and divided : federal recognition and the imposition of identity on the Seminole Nation / Natsu Taylor Saito -- The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 : barriers to implementation and recommendations for the future / Carol A. Markstrom -- The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and American Indian religious freedom / James Riding In -- The American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978 / Lawrence W. Gross.

Scope of state power in American Indian affairs / David E. Wilkins -- State and federal law and California Indians / Jack Norton -- Native American tribal property / Stacy L. Leeds -- Native American Water Rights and Winters Doctrine (1908) / M.A. Jaimes-Guerrero -- Hunting, fishing, and gathering rights / Philip L. Fetzer -- Tribal governments and environmental protection / Dean B. Suagee -- Indian gaming / Philip L. Fetzer -- Native American gaming in California / Joely De La Torre -- Native American rights and the American Indian movement / Donald A. Grinde.
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Using both contributed essays from eminent scholars and excerpts of primary source documents with explanatory headnotes, the new reference series, American Political History, will focus on broad-based issues in American political history. The first title in the series explores the political history of Native Americans. Through a combination of documents and analytical essays-court cases, legislation, executive branch statements and activities-Native Americans will explain a wide range of historical, political, and social issues that have impacted Native Americans since the founding of the United States. Native Americans will explain: The historical and legal federal Indian policy Native American self-government and politics Social Issues like religious freedom, women's rights, criminal justice, equal protection, welfare, and the environment Governing Issues such as sovereignty of tribal government, genocide, ethnocide, taxation, hunting rights, water rights, and property rights.

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Its unassuming title does not hint at this book's wealth of scholarship and primary source materials about Native American political history. Grinde has collected 22 multifaceted critical essays (by scholars such as Vine Deloria) that cover three centuries of Native American political history and legal issues, and he offers an invaluable chronological collection of 68 primary source documents. Branching out from introductory chapters that explore Native influences on American democracy and the Constitution, later chapters cover treaties; Native American civil rights and equal protection; self-government; federal recognition; recent legislation (Indian Child Welfare Act, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, American Indian Religious Freedom Act); water rights; hunting, fishing, and gathering rights; gaming; and the American Indian Movement. The primary source documents (treaties, legislation, etc.) round out the volume, along with helpful appendixes (lists of cases and statutes, maps of land cessions, list of contributors/affiliation) and an index. This is the first volume in the new "American Political History Series." By condensing salient aspects of Native political history into one volume, Grinde (history, Univ. of Vermont, expert on Iroquois Great Law, author of many books and articles on Native history) performs a unique, valuable service. ^BSumming Up: Essential. All academic libraries. M. Cedar Face Southern Oregon University

Table of Contents

Donald A. Grinde Jr.Bruce E. JohansenBruce E. JohansenVine Deloria Jr.Ward ChurchillPhilip L. FetzerDonald A. Grinde Jr.Philip L. FetzerCarole GoldbergNatsu Taylor SaitoCarol A. MarkstromJames Riding InLawrence W. GrossDavid E. WilkinsJack NortonStacy L. LeedsM. A. Jaimes-GuerreroPhilip L. FetzerDean B. SuageePhilip L. FetzerJoely De La TorreDonald A. Grinde Jr.
Prefacep. xiii
Part I U.S.-Native American Relations
1 Native Americans and the Founding of the United Statesp. 3
2 The Enduring Influence of Native American Ideas on American Governmentp. 11
3 Native American Self-Government and Its Impact on Democracy's Developmentp. 21
4 Native American Treaties: Diplomacy and Legalityp. 29
5 Subverting the Law of Nations: American Indian Rights and U.S. Distortions of International Legalityp. 37
Part II The Courts and Congress
6 Native American Self-Governmentp. 53
7 Native Americans and Civil Rightsp. 59
8 Native Americans and Judicial Reviewp. 79
9 Native Americans and Equal Protectionp. 83
10 Red, Black, and Divided: Federal Recognition and the Imposition of Identity on the Seminole Nationp. 89
11 The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978: Barriers to Implementation and Recommendations for the Futurep. 101
12 The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and American Indian Religious Freedomp. 107
13 The American Indian Religious Freedom Act of 1978p. 117
Part III State and Federal Power
14 The Scope of State Power in American Indian Affairsp. 127
15 State and Federal Law and California Indiansp. 131
Part IV Law and the Land
16 Native American Tribal Propertyp. 141
17 Native American Water Rights and the Winters Doctrine (1908)p. 145
18 Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering Rightsp. 153
19 Tribal Governments and Environmental Protectionp. 159
Part V Recent Movements
20 Indian Gamingp. 169
21 Native American Gaming in Californiap. 173
22 Native American Rights and the American Indian Movementp. 185
Part VI Documents
Introduction to the Documentsp. 191
1 Northwest Territory, July 13, 1787p. 193
2 Establishment of the War Department, August 7, 1789p. 193
3 Trade and Intercourse Act, July 22, 1790p. 194
4 Establishment of Government Trading Houses, April 18, 1796p. 196
5 Trade and Intercourse Act, March 30, 1802p. 197
6 President Thomas Jefferson to William Henry Harrison, February 27, 1803p. 203
7 President Thomas Jefferson to Secretary of War Henry Dearborn, August 28, 1807p. 204
8 Authorization of Indian Agents, 1818p. 204
9 Secretary of War John C. Calhoun on Indian Trade, December 5, 1818p. 206
10 Civilization Fund Act, March 3, 1819p. 209
11 Johnson and Graham's Lessee v. William McIntosh (1823)p. 210
12 Creation of a Bureau of Indian Affairs in the War Department, March 11, 1824p. 213
13 Authorization of Treaties and Trade Regulations, May 25, 1824p. 214
14 Indian Removal Act, May 28, 1830p. 215
15 Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831)p. 217
16 Worcester v. Georgia (1832)p. 220
17 Authorization of a Commissioner of Indian Affairs, July 9, 1832p. 223
18 Indian Commissioner William Medill on Indian Territories, November 30, 1848p. 224
19 Treaty of Fort Laramie, September 17, 1851p. 227
20 Creation of an Indian Peace Commission, July 20, 1867p. 229
21 Treaty of Fort Laramie, April 29, 1868p. 231
22 Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners, November 23, 1869p. 238
23 Indian Commissioner Ely S. Parker on the Treaty System, December 23, 1869p. 242
24 President Ulysses S. Grant's Peace Policy, December 5, 1870p. 244
25 Cherokee Tobacco Case, December 1870p. 245
26 Abolition of Treaty Making, March 3, 1871p. 246
27 Indian Commissioner Ezra A. Hayt on Indian Police, November 1, 1877p. 246
28 United States ex rel. Standing Bear v. Crook (1879)p. 247
29 Indian Commissioner Hiram Price on Civilizing the Indians, October 24, 1881p. 250
30 General William T. Sherman Asserts the End of the Indian Problem, October 27, 1883p. 253
31 Courts of Indian Offenses, November 1, 1883p. 253
32 Ex Parte Crow Dog (1883)p. 256
33 Elk v. Wilkins (1884)p. 258
34 Major Crimes Act, March 3, 1885p. 259
35 United States v. Kagama (1886)p. 260
36 General Allotment Act (Dawes Act), February 8, 1887p. 261
37 Amendment to the General Allotment Act (Dawes Act), February 28, 1891p. 266
38 Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes (Dawes Commission), March 3, 1893p. 268
39 Report of the Dawes Commission, November 20, 1894p. 270
40 Curtis Act, June 28, 1898p. 275
41 Stephens v. Cherokee Nation (1899)p. 277
42 Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock (1903)p. 278
43 Burke Act, May 8, 1906p. 280
44 Lacey Act, March 2, 1907p. 281
45 Indian Commissioner Cato Sells, A Declaration of Policy, October 15, 1917p. 282
46 Indian Citizenship Act, June 2, 1924p. 285
47 Johnson-O'Malley Act, April 16, 1934p. 286
48 Wheeler-Howard Act (Indian Reorganization Act), June 18, 1934p. 287
49 Indian Commissioner John Collier on the Wheeler-Howard Act, 1934p. 291
50 Indian Claims Commission Act, August 13, 1946p. 296
51 House Concurrent Resolution 108, August 1, 1953p. 298
52 Public Law 83-280, August 15, 1953p. 299
53 Termination of the Menominee Indians, June 17, 1954p. 300
54 Transfer of Indian Health Services, August 5, 1954p. 303
55 Relocation of American Indians to Urban Areas, 1954p. 304
56 Native American Church v. Navajo Tribal Council (1959)p. 306
57 Declaration of Indian Purpose, June 1961p. 307
58 President Lyndon B. Johnson, Special Message to Congress, March 6, 1968p. 310
59 Civil Rights Act, April 11, 1968p. 313
60 Return of Blue Lake Lands to Taos Pueblo, 1970p. 318
61 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, December 18, 1971p. 321
62 Menominee Restoration Act, December 22, 1973p. 325
63 American Indian Religious Freedom Act, August 11, 1978p. 328
64 Indian Child Welfare Act, November 8, 1978p. 329
65 Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association (1988)p. 330
66 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, November 16, 1990p. 350
67 American Indian Religious Freedom Act Amendments, January 25, 1994p. 362
68 Bureau of Indian Affairs Apology, September 8, 2000p. 365
Part VII Appendices
List of Casesp. 371
List of Statutesp. 375
1 Indian Land Cessations, 1784-1809p. 379
2 Indian Land Cessations, 1820-1829p. 380
3 Indian Land Cessations, 1860-1869p. 381
4 Indian Reservations in the Continental United States, 2002p. 382
Contributorsp. 385
Indexp. 387