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Terrorism : an introduction
White, Jonathan Randall.
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Third edition.
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Belmont, CA : Wadsworth Thomson Learning, [2002]

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xviii, 326 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm.
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Recognized as the most objective, best-selling terrorism text in the market, TERRORISM: AN INTRODUCTION strives to discuss the most sophisticated theories by the best terrorist analysts in the world, while still focusing on the domestic and international threat of terrorism and the basic security issues surrounding terrorism today. The student-oriented writing style is complemented by rich pedagogy, and there is an adequate amount of research and theoretical discussion to make this an ideal text for both the undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Table of Contents

I The Criminology of Terrorismp. 1
1 Mutating Forms of Terrorismp. 3
The Context of Terrorismp. 4
Some Common Contexts of Terrorismp. 5
Changing Contextsp. 7
Some Common Definitionsp. 7
Typologies of Terrorismp. 10
Toward a Tactical Typology of Terrorismp. 11
The Tactics of Terrorismp. 16
Guide to the Key Conceptsp. 16
Food for Thoughtp. 17
Further Readingp. 17
2 Individual and Group Behaviorp. 18
Terrorists and Ordinary Criminalsp. 19
Group Reinforcement and the Justification of Terrorismp. 22
The "Doctrine of Necessity" Justificationp. 24
Terrorist Profiles--A Practical Viewp. 25
Terrorist Profiles--An Unpromising Viewp. 26
Terrorist Profiles--A Promising Viewp. 27
Facilitating Traitsp. 28
Frustration/Narcissism-Aggressionp. 28
Associational Drivesp. 28
Learning Opportunitiesp. 28
Cost-Benefit Calculationsp. 28
Warrior Dreamsp. 29
Key Conceptsp. 30
Food for Thoughtp. 30
Further Readingp. 30
3 Changing Group Structures and the Metamorphosis of Terrorismp. 31
Trying to Walk the Walkp. 32
Size and the Length of Campaignsp. 32
Size Is Importantp. 33
Basic Organizational Structures of Terrorist Groupsp. 35
Management Processes and Problemsp. 37
Adams's Analysis of the Financing of Terrorismp. 40
Leaderless Resistance, Lone Wolves, and Berserkersp. 42
Key Conceptsp. 44
Food for Thoughtp. 45
Further Readingp. 45
4 Religion and Terrorp. 46
The Logic of Religion and Terrorismp. 47
Huntington's Clash of Civilizationsp. 49
Hoffman's Analysis of Religious Terrorismp. 51
Role of Eschatologyp. 53
The Process of Demonizationp. 54
A Brief Overview of Contemporary Religious Conflictsp. 56
Indiap. 56
Irelandp. 57
The Middle Eastp. 58
The United Statesp. 59
Key Conceptsp. 60
Food for Thoughtp. 61
Further Readingp. 61
II Essential Backgroundp. 63
5 The Origins of Modern Terrorismp. 65
Enlightenment, Revolution, and Terrorismp. 66
Class Revolution and Changing Meaningsp. 67
Terrorism and the Role of the Anarchistsp. 69
Terrorism and the Russian Revolutionp. 71
Old and New Terrorismp. 74
Key Conceptsp. 76
Food for Thoughtp. 76
Further Readingp. 77
6 The Origins of the Irish Troublesp. 78
The Origins and Development of the Anglo-Irish Conflictp. 79
The Early History of the Irish Republican Armyp. 82
The 1916 Easter Rebellionp. 84
The Influence of Russian Revolution: De Valera, Collins, and the Tan Warp. 85
Trends in the IRA: 1930-1985p. 86
Orange Terrorp. 89
Key Conceptsp. 90
Food for Thoughtp. 91
Further Readingp. 91
7 The Origins of Middle Eastern Terrorismp. 92
An Introduction to the Regionp. 93
A Synopsis of Some Major Problemsp. 95
Three Sources of Middle Eastern Terrorismp. 97
Zionism in Palestine 1914-1936p. 97
The Birth of Modern Israelp. 100
Intra-Arab Rivalriesp. 100
Shia Islam and Revolutionary Iranp. 104
Key Conceptsp. 110
Food for Thoughtp. 111
Further Readingp. 111
8 Latin American Influences on Terrorismp. 112
The Theory of Urban Terrorismp. 113
Terrorism and Guerrilla Warp. 117
Urban Terrorism in Practicep. 119
The Influence of the Tupamarosp. 124
The Urban Philosophyp. 125
Tupamaros Tacticsp. 126
Organizational Characteristicsp. 129
Key Conceptsp. 131
Food for Thoughtp. 131
Further Readingp. 131
III Modern Terrorismp. 133
9 International Terrorism and the Question of Palestinep. 135
The Growth of the PLO and International Terrorismp. 136
Karamahp. 138
Black September: PLO Terrorism Spreads to Europep. 140
The PLO and the Changing Face of Middle Eastern Terrorismp. 141
The Invasion of Lebanonp. 142
The PLO in Exile and Returnp. 144
Abu Nidal: Origins, Structure, and Operationsp. 145
Key Conceptsp. 150
Food for Thoughtp. 151
Further Readingp. 151
10 Religion and Middle Eastern Terrorismp. 152
Two Views of Islam and Terrorismp. 153
The Iranian Revolution and Hizbollah's Metamorphosisp. 154
The Islamic Jihadp. 156
Hamasp. 159
The Rise of Osama bin Ladinp. 162
Declaring War on the United Statesp. 164
Bin Ladin's Bombingsp. 166
Other Groups Combining Religion and Violencep. 167
Jewish Fundamentalism and Violencep. 168
Key Conceptsp. 170
Food for Thoughtp. 170
Further Readingp. 170
11 International Terrorism: The Rise and Fall of the Left and Rightp. 171
Left-Wing Terrorism in Europep. 172
The Red Army Factionp. 175
The Demise of Other West European Terrorist Movementsp. 178
The Japanese Red Armyp. 180
Neofascism Rejuvenatesp. 182
Key Conceptsp. 184
Food for Thoughtp. 185
Further Readingp. 185
12 Nationalistic and Ethnic Terrorismp. 186
Byman's Logic of Ethnic Terrorismp. 187
The ETA in Spainp. 188
The PKK in Turkeyp. 191
Ireland and the Mutating IRAp. 193
Outlawing Terrorism and Internmentp. 193
The Evolution of Security Force Tactics in Northern Irelandp. 195
A Criminological Analysis of Irish Terrorismp. 197
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelamp. 199
Key Conceptsp. 202
Food for Thoughtp. 202
Further Readingp. 203
13 Terrorism in the United Statesp. 204
Domestic Terrorism: Early Works of Cooper, Bell, and Gurrp. 205
Vigilante Terrorismp. 206
Insurgent Terrorismp. 206
Transnational Terrorismp. 207
Problems of Conceptualizing Domestic Terrorismp. 207
Smith's Analysis of Terrorism in the United Statesp. 210
Emerson: Jihad in the United Statesp. 214
Abortion Clinic Bombings and Terrorismp. 217
Key Conceptsp. 219
Food for Thoughtp. 219
Further Readingp. 219
14 Violent Extremism in the United Statesp. 220
A Brief History of Right-Wing Extremism in the United Statesp. 221
Modern Right-Wing Resurgencep. 223
William Pierce's Blueprint for Revolutionp. 229
Criminal Behavior Among Right-Wing Extremistsp. 230
Ecoterrorism and Animal Rightsp. 232
Black Hebrew Israelitesp. 234
Key Conceptsp. 236
Food for Thoughtp. 236
Further Readingp. 236
IV Issues in Modern Terrorismp. 237
15 Technological Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destructionp. 239
Aum Shinrikyop. 240
Technological Terrorismp. 242
U.S. Vulnerability to Technological Terrorismp. 244
Security Problems in the Energy Industryp. 247
The Threat of Nuclear Terrorismp. 248
Biological and Chemical Terrorismp. 251
Cyberterrorismp. 253
Key Conceptsp. 255
Food for Thoughtp. 255
Further Readingp. 255
16 Terrorism and the Mediap. 256
Security Forces Versus Reportersp. 257
The Contagion Effect of Media Coveragep. 259
Terrorism as a Form of Communicationp. 260
Censorship and Freedom of the Pressp. 262
Key Conceptsp. 265
Food for Thoughtp. 266
Further Readingp. 266
17 Policy, Liberty, Security, and the Futurep. 267
Toward a Counterterrorist Policyp. 268
Stansfield Turner's Search for Solid Groundp. 271
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Predicting the Futurep. 273
Outlawing Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Libertiesp. 274
The Use of Military Force Against Terrorismp. 277
Secrecy and Shared Informationp. 279
Stinson's Analysis of Securityp. 280
Key Conceptsp. 282
Food for Thoughtp. 283
Further Readingp. 283
Appendix An Introductory Dictionary of Extremismp. 284
Selected Bibliographyp. 293
Indexp. 315