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In other words : literature by Latinas of the United States
Fernández, Roberta.
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Houston, Tex. : Arte Público Press, [1994]

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xxxvii, 554 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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English and Spanish.
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This collection of fiction, poetry, drama and essays is arranged by genre. While most of the pieces are in English, some are in Spanish, and some are presented bilingually.

Table of Contents

Forewordp. xiv
Prefacep. xxi
A Mosaic of Latino Literature in the United Statesp. xxv
Part 1 Poetry
Teresa Palomo Acosta
My Mother Pieced Quiltsp. 6
I Should Be Trying to Start Some New Begonia Plantsp. 8
For Matissep. 9
Untitledp. 10
Museum Piecesp. 12
Marjorie Agosín
Familiares en la pieza oscurap. 14
Family Members in the Dark Roomp. 15
Ritual de mis senosp. 16
Ritual of My Breastsp. 17
Mis piesp. 18
My Feetp. 19
Los zapatos rojosp. 20
The Red Shoesp. 21
La mesa de billar en New Bedford, Massachusettsp. 22
The Pool Table in New Bedord, Massachusettsp. 23
Estados Unidosp. 24
United Statesp. 25
Rosemary Catacalos
Katakalosp. 28
The History of Abuse, a Language Poemp. 32
Keeping the Vigilp. 34
A Vision of La Lloronap. 35
Lorna Dee Cervantes
Poem for the Young White Man Who Asked Me How I, an Intelligent, Well-Read Person Could Believe in the War Between Racesp. 38
Beneath the Shadow of the Freewayp. 40
For Virginia Chávezp. 43
Astro-no-míap. 45
Pleiades from the Cables of Genocidep. 46
Lucha Corpi
Romance negrop. 50
Dark Romancep. 51
Los poemas de Marina
I Marina Madrep. 54
II Marina Virgenp. 54
III La hija del diablop. 56
IV Ella (Marina ausente)p. 56
The Marina Poems
I Marina Motherp. 55
II Marina Virginp. 55
III The DevilÆs Daughterp. 57
IV She (Marina Distant)p. 57
Dosp. 58
Diecisietep. 58
Vocesp. 58
Twop. 59
Seventeenp. 59
Voicesp. 59
Verónica Cunningham
Poetp. 62
A Language of Survivalp. 63
Porcupine Lovep. 64
Heart Piecesp. 65
El Besop. 66
Angela de Hoyos
To Walt Whitmanp. 68
A Walt Whitmanp. 68
Arise, Chicano!p. 69
Tonantzín Morenap. 70
ôSi amas, perdonaùsi no amas, olivada...öp. 72
Una mañana cualquierap. 74
Lo inaceptablep. 74
One Ordinary Morningp. 75
On the Unacceptablep. 75
Invention of the Camelp. 76
Rhina Espaillat
Snapshots in an Albump. 80
Where Childhood Livesp. 82
Translationp. 83
The Ballad of San Isidrop. 84
You Call Me by Old Namesp. 88
Bodegap. 88
Sandra María Esteves
Autobiography of a Nuyoricanp. 90
Love Affair with a Welfare Hotelp. 92
Sistasp. 93
Raising Eyebrowsp. 94
Amor negrop. 96
Gringolandiap. 97
Ochap. 98
Poem to My Therapistp. 99
Religious Instructions for Young Casualtiesp. 100
Lourdes Gil
A Stranger Camep. 102
Mutation Comes by Waterp. 104
Last Portp. 105
This, My Last Thoughtp. 106
Carolina Hospital
HellÆs Kitchenp. 108
A Visit to West New Yorkp. 109
Dear Tíap. 110
On the Last Stretch of the Journeyp. 111
For a Sister Herep. 112
Iraida Iturralde
A Fragile Heritagep. 116
The Man Who Saved the Fishp. 117
Rite of Passagep. 118
Over a Baroque Portal: The Meow of the Offspringp. 118
The Obligatory Versep. 119
On the Altars of Tikalp. 120
Natashia López
Epitaphp. 122
All Body and No Soulp. 124
From Between Our Legsp. 127
For Women Who Need Strengthp. 128
Olga Elena Mattei
Ms Bourgeoisp. 132
The Angel of the Millennium (Accident at the Nuclear Plant)p. 136
Pat Mora
Mi Madrep. 142
The Eye of Texasp. 143
Curanderap. 144
Tigua Elderp. 145
Picturesque: San Cristóbal de las Casasp. 146
La Dulceríap. 147
Doña Felicianap. 148
Tornadép. 149
The Young Sor Juanap. 150
Mothers and Daughtersp. 152
Naomi Quiñónez
Ánimap. 154
La Lloronap. 156
Hesitationsp. 157
No Shelterp. 158
El Salvadorp. 159
Good Fridayp. 160
Nina Serrano
Antepasados/Ancestorsp. 162
Lolita Lebrónp. 164
Multi-Media Witchp. 169
Woman Piratep. 170
International WomanÆs Dayp. 171
Carmen Tafolla
Right in One Languagep. 174
MotherMotherp. 177
Nací la hijap. 178
Markedp. 179
Allí por la Calle San Luisp. 180
Woman-Holep. 181
In Guatemalap. 182
Luz María Umpierre
To a Beautiful Illusion / Bella ilusión (danza)p. 184
ElliotÆs Sunsetp. 186
For Ellenp. 189
Gloria Vando
Divorcep. 192
Latchkey Kidp. 193
At My FatherÆs Funeralp. 194
Cry Unclep. 197
Legend of the Flamboyánp. 198
Commonwealth, Common Povertyp. 200
Faithp. 202
Anita Vélez Mitchell
Aprilp. 204
Junep. 206
Octoberp. 208
Decemberp. 210
Abrilp. 212
Juniop. 214
Octubrep. 216
Diciembrep. 217
Cecilia Vicuña
Enteringp. 220
The Origin of Weavingp. 222
Precariousp. 224
Poncho: Ritual Dressp. 225
De Palabrarmasp. 226
From Palabrarmasp. 227
Evangelina Vigil-Piñón
El Mercado en San Antonio Where the Tourists Trotp. 234
Legacyp. 237
Daily Progressp. 239
Equinoxp. 245
Omnisciencep. 246
Alma Luz Villanueva
An Act of Creationp. 248
Trustp. 250
Indian Summer Ritualp. 252
Marie Elise Wheatwind
Abortionp. 254
Perverted Villanellep. 256
Bernice Zamora
Above Aguilarp. 258
Shadep. 259
SummerÆs Ragep. 260
Open Gatep. 260
Peatmossp. 261
Original Seedingp. 261
Piles of Sublimep. 261
A Willing Abdicationp. 262
Our Instructionsp. 262
Part 2 Essay
Gloria Anzaldúa
La Conciencia de la Mestiza/Towards a New Consciousnessp. 266
Roberta Fernández
(Re)vision of an American Journeyp. 282
Cherríe Moraga
Art in América con Acentop. 300
Judith Ortiz Cofer
Silent Dancingp. 308
Part 3 Fiction
Elena Castedo
From Paradisep. 320
Lucha Corpi
From Eulogy for a Brown Angelp. 332
Beatriz de la Garza
Margaritap. 338
Margarita Engle
Buenaventura and the Fifteen Sistersp. 362
Cimarrónp. 369
Paula María Espinosa
Three Day Flightp. 374
Roberta Fernández
Zulemap. 384
Linda Feyder
Marta del Ángelp. 398
Alicia Gaspar de Alba
Cimarronap. 404
Nora Glickman
A Day in New Yorkp. 424
Aurora Levins Morales
A Remedy for Heartburnp. 432
Graciela Limón
From In Search of Bernabép. 440
Nicholasa Mohr
ôHappy Birthdayöp. 450
Judith Ortiz Cofer
Monologue of the Spanish Gentlemanp. 460
Mary Helen Ponce
ôGreen? or Red?öp. 466
Estela Portillo Trambley
The Burningp. 478
Bessy Reyna
And This Blue Surrounding Me Againp. 488
Helena María Viramontes
Growingp. 492
The Mothsp. 499
Part 4 Drama
Dolores Prida
Beautiful Señoritasp. 508
Bibliographyp. 533
Translators, Artists and Criticp. 549
Permissionsp. 551