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CyberEthics : morality and law in cyberspace
Spinello, Richard A.
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Second edition.
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Boston : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, [2003]

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xvi, 238 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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An excellent primary text to use in conjunction with Readings in CyberEthics, Second Edition, this volume carefully reviews the social costs and moral problems that have been triggered by the expanded

Author Notes

Richard A. Spinello: Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Table of Contents

Prefacep. x
Chapter 1 The Internet and Ethical Valuesp. 1
Introductionp. 1
Cyberethics and "The Law of the Horse"p. 2
An Iron Cage or a Gateway to Utopia?p. 8
Ethical Frameworks and the Digital Frontierp. 10
Utilitarianismp. 11
Contract Rights (Contractarianism)p. 13
Natural Rightsp. 15
Moral Duty (Pluralism)p. 16
Postscript on Moral Theoryp. 21
Normative Principlesp. 23
The Principle of Autonomyp. 23
The Principle of Nonmaleficencep. 23
The Principle of Beneficencep. 24
The Principle of Justicep. 24
Discussion Questionsp. 25
Referencesp. 25
Chapter 2 Regulating and Governing the Internetp. 29
Introductionp. 29
A Short History of the Internetp. 31
The Internet's Current Architecturep. 33
The World Wide Webp. 35
Electronic Commercep. 37
Social Problems and Social Costsp. 40
The Invisible Handp. 41
Regulating the Net: The Visible Handp. 42
A "Bottoms-Up" Approach: The Sovereignty of Codep. 45
Internet Governancep. 47
Net Regulation and Ethicsp. 48
Discussion Questionsp. 51
Referencesp. 51
Chapter 3 Free Speech and Content Control in Cyberspacep. 53
Introductionp. 53
Speech and Internet Architecturep. 55
Pornography in Cyberspacep. 56
The Communications Decency Act (CDA)p. 56
Child Online Protection Act (COPA)p. 59
Children's Internet Protection Act (CHIPA)p. 60
Automating Content Controlsp. 62
Hate Speech and Online Threatsp. 70
Anonymous Speechp. 73
Student Web Sitesp. 75
Spam as Commercial Free Speechp. 77
Postscriptp. 81
Discussion Questionsp. 82
Cases: The Librarian's Dilemmap. 83
Spam or Free Speech at Intel?p. 84
L'Affair Yahoop. 86
Referencesp. 89
Chapter 4 Intellectual Property in Cyberspacep. 91
Part I Background on Intellectual Propertyp. 91
Introductionp. 91
What Is Intellectual Property and Why Does It Matter?p. 93
Legal Protections for Intellectual Propertyp. 95
Copyright Lawsp. 95
Patentsp. 96
Trademarksp. 97
Moral Justification for Intellectual Propertyp. 98
Labor-Desert Theoryp. 99
Personality Theoryp. 100
Utilitarianismp. 100
Recent Legislationp. 102
The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA)p. 102
The Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (CTEA)p. 103
Part II Issues for the Internetp. 105
Copyright and the Digital Dilemmap. 105
Digital Musicp. 105
The DeCSS Lawsuitp. 110
Software Ownership and the Open Source Code Movementp. 112
Digital Rights Architecturesp. 117
Business Method Patents in Cyberspacep. 118
Domain Names and Interconnectivity Issuesp. 121
Ownership of Domain Namesp. 121
Linking and Framingp. 124
Metatagsp. 127
Creative Integrityp. 129
Postscriptp. 131
Discussion Questionsp. 132
Cases: The www.nga Domain Name Disputep. 132
Patent War on the Web: Amazon vs. Barnes & Noblep. 133
Morpheus: The Next Napster?p. 135
Referencesp. 137
Chapter 5 Regulating Internet Privacyp. 141
Introductionp. 141
Definition and Theory of Privacyp. 142
Personal Information on the Internetp. 145
Consumer Privacy on the Internetp. 147
Privacy-Invasive Technologiesp. 147
Policy Considerationsp. 152
Moral Considerationsp. 155
The United States and Europe: Divergent Paths to Privacy Protectionp. 159
Privacy Legislation in the U.S.p. 159
Privacy Protection in Europep. 162
Privacy and Internet Architecturesp. 166
A Prescription for Privacyp. 168
Privacy in the Workplacep. 170
Privacy Rights at Riskp. 170
Comparing U.S. and European Policiesp. 171
The Case for E-Mail Privacy Rightsp. 173
Discussion Questionsp. 177
Cases: DoubleClick: The Ethics of Online Advertisingp. 177
Amazon's New Privacy Policyp. 181
Newport Electronicsp. 183
Referencesp. 185
Chapter 6 Securing the Electronic Frontierp. 189
Vulnerabilities of the Netp. 189
Cybercrimep. 192
Antipiracy Architecturesp. 194
Trespass and Unauthorized Access in Cyberspacep. 196
Questionable Forms of Trespassp. 200
Security Measures in Cyberspacep. 203
The Encryption Controversy: A Public Policy Perspectivep. 207
The Clipper Chipp. 208
Clipper IIp. 210
Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) or Clipper IIIp. 211
Policy Reversalp. 213
Encryption Code, Privacy, and Free Speechp. 213
Discussion Questionsp. 215
Cases: The Case of the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Encryption Programp. 215
eBay v. Bidder's Edge: Trespass or Legitimate Access?p. 217
Referencesp. 219
Glossary: The Language of the Internetp. 223
Bibliographyp. 227
Legal Cases Citedp. 231
Indexp. 233