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The classics of Western philosophy : a reader's guide
Gracia, Jorge J. E.
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Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.
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xviii, 614 pages ; 26 cm
Pre-Socratics, Fragments / T.M. Robinson ; Plato, Phaedo / K. Dorter ; Plato, Republic / C.D.C. Reeve ; Aristotle, Metaphysics / M.J. Loux ; Aristotle, Nicomachean ethics / T.H. Irwin ; Lucretius, De rerum natura / D. Sedley ; Plotinus, Enneads / D.J. O'Meara ; Augustine, On free choice of the will / G.B. Matthews ; Augustine, Confessions / S. MacDonald ; Boethius, The consolation of philosophy / J. Marenbon ; Anselm of Canterbury, Proslogion / J. Hopkins ; Averroës, The incoherence of "The incoherence" / D.L. Black ; Maimonides, The guide of the perplexed / A.L. Ivry ; Thomas Aquinas, On Being and essence / J.J.E. Gracia ; Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae / J.F. Ross ; John Duns Scotus, Questions on the metaphysics of Aristotle / T.B. Noone ; William of Ockham, Summa logicae / C. Panaccio ; Nicolas of Cusa, On learned ignorance / P. Casarella ; Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince / B. Thommessen ; Francisco de Vitoria, De Indis and De iure belli relectiones / G.M. Reichberg ; Francisco Suárez, Metaphysical disputations / J.J.E. Gracia ; Francis Bacon, New organon / R.K. Faulkner ; René Descartes, Meditations on First philosophy / Emily R. Grosholz ; Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan / H. Syse ; Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics / D. Garrett ; John Locke, Essay concerning human understanding / V. Chappell ; George Berkeley, Three dialogues / G. Pappas ; G.W. Leibniz, Monadology / R. Sleigh ; Giambattista Vico, The new science / D.P. Verene ; David Hume, Treatise of human nature / F. Wilson ; Baron de Montesquieu, The spirit of laws / D.W. Carrithers ; Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Of the social contract / R. Velkley ; Immanuel Kant, The critique of pure reason / A.W. Wood ; Immanuel Kant, Groundwork of the metaphysics of morals / A. Reath ; Friedrich Schiller, The aesthetic education of man in a series of letters / D.O. Dahlstrom ; G.W.F. Hegel, Phenomenology of spirit / S. Houlgate ; Karl Marx, The economic and philosophical manuscripts of 1844 / W. McBride ; Søren Kierkegaard, Concluding unscientific postscript to philosophical fragments / M. Westphal ; John Stuart Mill, On liberty / G.W. Smith ; Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond good and evil / R. Schacht ; Gottlob Frege, "Über sinn und bedeutung" / M. Dummett ; Edmund Husserl, Logical investigations / D.W. Smith ; William James, Varieties of religious experience / S.B. Rosenthal ; G.E. Moore, Principia ethica / T. Baldwin ; Charles Sanders Peirce, 1903 Harvard lectures on pragmatism: the practice of inquiry / V. Colapietro ; Bertrand Russell, "On denoting" and "Mathematical logic as based on the theory Of types" ; Henri Bergson, Creative evolution / F.C.T. Moore ; Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus logico-philosophicus / Hans-Johann Glock ; John Dewey, Experience and nature / J. McDermott ; Martin Heidegger, Being and time / B.N. Schumacher ; Alfred North Whitehead, Process and reality / G.R. Lucas, Jr. ; Karl Popper, The logic of scientific discovery / M. Thalos ; Jean-Paul Sartre, Being and nothingness / T.R. Flynn ; Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Phenomenology of perception / S. Priest ; R.G. Collingwood, The idea of history / J. Rée ; Gilbert Ryle, The concept of mind / L. Addis ; Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical investigations / N. Garver ; P.F. Strawson, Individuals: an essay in descriptive metaphysics / D. Bell ; W.V. Quine, Word and Objec / R. Dipert ; J.L. Austin, How to do things with words / N. Fotion ; Thomas S. Kuhn, The structure of scientific revolutions / E. Begby.
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The Classics of Western Philosophy brings together 61 newly-commissioned essays on classic texts ranging from Ancient Greece to the twentieth century. Surveying the history of philosophy, the book focuses on historical texts rather than historical figures and covers the entire range of classics in a single volume.

Provides 61 chapters written by leading experts on the classics of Western thought.
Includes current references to the scholarly literature in addition to a select bibliography of major articles and books.
Contributors include C.D.C. Reeve on Plato's Republic , Terrence Irwin on Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics , Dominic O'Meara on Plotinus' Enneads , James Ross on Aquinas' Summa Theologiae , Don Garrett on Spinoza's Ethics , Allen Wood on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason , Stephen Houlgate on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit , Michael Dummett on Frege's 'Über Sinn und Bedeutung,' Hanjo Glock on Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus and David Woodruff Smith on Husserl's Logical Investigations .
Surveys the history of philosophy by focussing on the historical texts rather than historical figures.
Covers the entire range of classics in a single volume.

Author Notes

Jorge J. E. Gracia is Samuel P. Capen Chair and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is author of several books, including Hispanic/Latino Identity (Blackwell, 2000) and How Can We Know What God Means? (2001). He is editor, with Timothy B. Noone, of A Companion to Philosophy in the Middle Ages (Blackwell, 2003).

Gregory M. Reichberg is Senior Research Fellow at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO) and associate editor of the Journal of Military Ethics . He has published widely on the ethics of war and peace, and on topics in Thomistic philosophy.

Bernard N. Schumacher is Privatdocent of Philosophy at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. He is the author of Une philosophie de l'espérance (2000) and Auseinandersetzung mit dem Tode (2003). He is also the editor of several books, including Penser l'homme et la science (1996).

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors
1 Pre-Socratics, Fragments (c. 600#8211;440 BC): The Birth of Philosophical InvestigationT. M. Robinson
2 Plato, Phaedo (c. 385 BC): The Soul''s Mediation Between Corporeality and the GoodKenneth Dorter
3 Plato, Republic (c. 380 BC): The Psycho-politics of JusticeC. D. C. Reeve
4 Aristotle, Metaphysics (367#8211;323 BC): Substance, Form, and GodMichael J. Loux
5 Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics (367#8211;323 BC): A Sort of Political ScienceT. H. Irwin
6 Lucretius, De rerum natura (c. 99#8211;55 BC): Breaking the Shackles of ReligionDavid Sedley
7 Plotinus, Enneads (250#8211;270): A Philosophy for Crossing BoundariesDominic J. O''Meara
8 Augustine, On Free Choice of the Will (388#8211;395): Evil, God''s Foreknowledge, and Human Free WillGareth B. Matthews
9 Augustine, Confessions (c. 400): Real-life PhilosophyScott MacDonald
10 Boethius, The Consolation of Philosophy (c. 525): How Far Can Philosophy Console?John Marenbon
11 Anselm of Canterbury, Proslogion (c. 1078): On Thinking of That-than-which-a-Greater-Cannot-Be-ThoughtJasper Hopkins
12 Averro#235;s, The Incoherence of #8220;The Incoherence#8221; (c. 1180): The Incoherence of the PhilosophersDeborah L. Black
13 Maimonides, The Guide of the Perplexed (c. 1190): The Perplexities of the GuideAlfred L. Ivry
14 Thomas Aquinas, On Being and Essence (ante 1256): Toward a Metaphysics of ExistenceJorge J. E. Gracia
15 Thomas Aquinas, Summa theologiae (c. 1273): Christian Wisdom Explained PhilosophicallyJames F. Ross
16 John Duns Scotus, Questions on the Metaphysics of Aristotle (c. 1300): A New Direction for MetaphysicsTimothy B. Noone
17 William of Ockham, Summa Logicae (c. 1324): Nominalism in Thought and LanguageClaude Panaccio
18 Nicolas of Cusa, On Learned Ignorance (c. 1440): Byzantine Light en route to a Distant ShorePeter Casarella
19 Niccol#242; Machiavelli, The Prince (1513): Politics as the Pursuit of PowerBj#248;rn Thommessen
20 Francisco de Vitoria, De Indis and De iure belli relectiones (1557): Philosophy Meets WarGregory M. Reichberg
21 Francisco Su#225;rez, Metaphysical Disputations (1597): From the Middle Ages to ModernityJorge J. E. Gracia
22 Francis Bacon, New Organon (1620): The Politics and Philosophy of Experimental ScienceRobert K. Faulkner
23 Ren#233; Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy (1641): Thought, Existence, and the Project of ScienceEmily R. Grosholz
24 Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (1651): The Right of Nature and the Problem of Civil WarHenrik Syse
25 Benedict de Spinoza, Ethics (1677): The Metaphysics of BlessednessDon Garrett
26 John Locke, Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690): An Empirical View of Knowledge and RealityVere Chappell
27 George Berkeley, Three Dialogues (1713): Idealism, Skepticism, Common SenseGeorge Pappas
28 G. W. Leibniz, Monadology (1714): What There Is in the Final AnalysisRobert Sleigh
29 Giambattista Vico, The New Science (1730/1744): The Common Nature of NationsDonald P