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The complete idiot's guide to photography like a pro
Stensvold, Mike.
Personal Author:
Second edition.
Publication Information:
Indianapolis, IN : Alpha Books, [2002]

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xxiii, 431 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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Petersen's Photographic magazine.
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TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf
TR146 .S813 2002 Adult Non-Fiction Open Shelf

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This book contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to choose and expertly use a point-and-shoot 35mm and auto-focus SLR camera. Camera mechanics is covered early in the book so the reader can find a reliable camera no matter what the brand. Chapters on film types, film processing, lenses, filters and other tools offer a full range of advice and tips on camera accessories. In the second half of the book the reader is introduced to important photography techniques like using light and shadows, gauging exposure, flash, filter effects and creating a composition. More chapters follow on applying these methods to specific subjects in landscape, portrait, group, action and travel photography. Expanded coverage on darkroom basics, SLR cameras and more material exploring digital photography will make this one of the most accessible and complete beginner's guides to photography at this price point.

Author Notes

Primedia's PHOTOgraphic® Magazine is a how-to magazine dedicated to increasing photographic knowledge, skill and enjoyment. Edited for amateurs by professionals, PHOTOgraphic blends equipment coverage with helpful features to create an exciting challenge for the reader. Photographic is the source book for information regarding camera equipment and accessories, workshops, schools, contests, books, seminars, photo travel and digital photography.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Cameras: Tools of the Tradep. 1
1 You and Your Camerap. 3
Ready, Aim, Shootp. 4
Photo Philosophy 101: What Photography Isp. 4
From Pinhole to Point-and-Shootp. 8
Cameras, Cameras, Cameras!p. 10
Cameras Don't Shoot Pictures--People Dop. 13
Photograph or Snapshot?p. 14
2 35mm Point-and-Shoot Camerasp. 17
What's the Best Camera?p. 18
No Loading Required!p. 19
Fixed-Focus Reloadable Camerasp. 20
Autofocus Zoom Camerasp. 22
The Best of Both Worldsp. 24
3 Camera Featuresp. 29
A Gray Area That Makes Things Clearp. 30
Focusing Modesp. 30
Zoom Modesp. 34
Exposure Modesp. 35
Metering Modesp. 37
Flash Modesp. 39
Advance Modesp. 41
Continuous Advancep. 41
Multiple-Exposure Modep. 42
Other Featuresp. 43
4 Master the Mechanicsp. 45
I'm in the Bookletp. 46
Power Trip: What You Need to Know About Batteriesp. 46
Becoming Attached to Your Camerap. 48
Steady as She Goesp. 48
Pushing the Buttonp. 50
Through the Looking Glassp. 51
Focusingp. 52
Setting Shooting Modesp. 55
Loading Film (Aaarrrggghhh!)p. 56
Taking Carep. 59
5 APS: Amazingly, Positively Simple!p. 61
What Is APS?p. 62
Would You Believe It? I Have a Codep. 65
Image Qualityp. 67
But Seriously, Nowp. 68
APS Camerasp. 69
APS Filmsp. 70
APS Accessoriesp. 71
Part 2 Other Vital Stuffp. 73
6 All About Filmsp. 75
How Film Worksp. 76
35mm vs. APSp. 80
Film Speedp. 81
So Which Film Should You Use?p. 85
7 Exposure Exposedp. 87
Why It's Importantp. 88
What Is Proper Exposure, Anyway?p. 88
Shutter Speeds and F-Stopsp. 89
How the Camera Determines Proper Exposurep. 91
What If Your Meter Fails?p. 97
Bracketing Exposuresp. 97
8 Processing: Turning Your Film Into Picturesp. 99
Types of Processing Labsp. 100
Working with the Labp. 105
Digital Servicesp. 107
Doing It Yourselfp. 110
9 Lenses-Interchangeable Eyesp. 113
What Is a Lens?p. 114
Getting Focusedp. 115
Letting the Light Shine Inp. 116
The Long and Short of Itp. 118
How Deep Is My Field?p. 121
Interchangeable Eyesp. 122
Double Your Pleasurep. 129
Lens Talkp. 130
TLC for Lensesp. 133
10 The Brilliance of Flashp. 135
Why Use Flash?p. 136
Fascinating Flash Factsp. 136
Back in the Good Old Days (Not!)p. 137
Flash Exposurep. 138
Fill-Flashp. 143
Slow-Sync Flashp. 144
Strobe Flashp. 145
Bounce Flashp. 146
Off-Camera Flashp. 147
Problems, and What to Do About Themp. 149
Angle of Coveragep. 151
11 Useful Shooting Accessoriesp. 153
Lens Hoodsp. 153
Triggering Devicesp. 155
Tripodsp. 157
Other Camera Supportsp. 160
Storing and Carrying Your Photo Gearp. 161
Date-Backsp. 164
Optional Power Sourcesp. 165
12 Photo Filtersp. 167
Colored Filtersp. 168
Filter Factorsp. 171
Color Balancep. 173
Fine-Tuning Color with CC Filtersp. 174
Mixed Light Sourcesp. 174
Polarizing Filtersp. 175
Neutral-Density Filtersp. 176
Graduated Filtersp. 177
Types of Filtersp. 177
Taking Care of Your Filtersp. 178
Part 3 How to Make Better Photos with Any Camera, Right Nowp. 181
13 The Secret Is in the Seeingp. 183
The Magic of Seeingp. 184
Missing the Bull's-Eye Can Be a Good Thingp. 184
The Rule of Thirdsp. 185
Viewfinder Awarenessp. 186
Simplicityp. 187
Form vs. Functionp. 187
A Sense of Directionp. 188
Tripods--the Serious Shooter's Best Friendp. 188
Where Should I Put That Horizon?p. 188
The Classic S-Curvep. 189
It's Okay to Move the Camerap. 189
Framed!p. 191
Timing Is Everythingp. 191
Putting It All Togetherp. 192
Making It Happenp. 192
14 Does the Camera See What I See?p. 195
As Time Goes By, in the Blink of an Eyep. 196
Freezing Motion with Flashp. 197
Long Time, Go See!p. 198
Really Long Exposuresp. 198
Depth of Field: A Little or a Lotp. 201
Do You See What I See?p. 201
Odd Eyesp. 202
Overexposed?p. 203
Double Your Pleasurep. 203
15 Shedding Light on the Subjectp. 207
Light and Shadowp. 208
Hard Light and Soft Lightp. 213
How Much Is Enough?p. 214
What Color Is White?p. 215
Putting It All Togetherp. 216
Common Photographic Light Sourcesp. 216
Part 4 How to Photograph ...p. 221
16 How to Photograph Peoplep. 223
Saving Facesp. 224
The Height of Deceptionp. 225
Lighting Up Their Livesp. 225
People Filmsp. 231
Posingp. 231
What's Going On Behind My Back?p. 235
Weddingsp. 235
Petsp. 236
17 How to Photograph Landscapesp. 239
Aerial Photographyp. 246
Cloudsp. 249
That Person-al Touchp. 250
Landscape Lensesp. 252
Landscape Filmsp. 252
18 How to Photograph Actionp. 253
Freeze It or Blur It?p. 254
Getting Focusedp. 257
Action Lensesp. 258
Point of Viewp. 259
Lightingp. 260
Action Filmsp. 261
19 How to Get Closer to Your Subjectsp. 263
How to Get Closep. 264
Close-Up Lensesp. 264
Split-Field Lensesp. 266
Extension Tubesp. 267
Bellowsp. 268
Macro Lensesp. 269
Lens-Reversing Ringsp. 270
Tele-Convertersp. 271
Close-Up Equipment Tipsp. 273
Close-Up Shooting Tipsp. 274
20 How to Photograph Great, Outdoorsp. 277
Bagging Beastiesp. 278
People Outdoorsp. 282
Florap. 283
Buildingsp. 284
Outdoor Filmsp. 287
21 Travel Photographyp. 289
Researchp. 290
Deciding What to Takep. 290
Taking Itp. 295
On the Wayp. 296
Things to Photograph While Travelingp. 297
22 Using the Light That Is Therep. 303
What You Need to Shoot in Dim Lightp. 304
Focusing in Dim Lightingp. 308
Photographing Shows and Concertsp. 308
Night Photographyp. 310
Part 5 Extras! Extras!p. 319
23 In-Camera Special Effectsp. 321
Special-Effects Lensesp. 322
Focus Effectsp. 325
Reflections and Flarep. 326
Special Filmsp. 327
Special-Effects Filtersp. 330
A Parting Thoughtp. 336
24 Digital Imagingp. 339
What Do You Need?p. 340
Editing Photosp. 341
Getting Inp. 347
Storagep. 357
Getting the Photos Back Outp. 358
Other Fun Stuffp. 359
25 In the Darkroomp. 361
Black-and-Whitep. 362
Film Developmentp. 362
Doing Itp. 367
The Contact Sheetp. 372
Making Your First Printp. 379
Processing and Drying the Printp. 382
A Buying Photo Equipmentp. 385
B Displaying Your Picturesp. 389
C Photo Addresses and Websitesp. 395
D Further Readingp. 401
E Contemporary Camera Equipmentp. 403
Indexp. 419