Cover image for The doctors book of home remedies : simple, doctor-approved self-care solutions for 146 common health conditions
The doctors book of home remedies : simple, doctor-approved self-care solutions for 146 common health conditions
Prevention Health Books.
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Emmaus, Pa. : Rodale, [2002]

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xvi, 672 pages ; 24 cm
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Includes index.
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It's hard to make a great book even better, but we've done it.

The revised and updated Doctors Book of Home Remedies cuts through the clutter of health information to deliver the best, straightforward advice from the nation's top doctors and specialists.

Covering new ground in every chapter, this indispensable health classic now offers even more valuable tips for addressing serious problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and depresion, as well as solving a variety of everyday health complaints such as pizza burn and motion sickness. From acne to age spots, from teething to pet problems, you'll have the information you need to help the whole family, right in the privacy of your own home.

Organized in a handy format with a comprehensive index, every chapter provides easy-to-follow remedies that show you how to use things you probably have around the house. You'll find out how to make the most of common foods such as honey, bananas, and oatmeal. You'll learn which vitamins and over-the-counter medications you should use and when. You'll even discover new ways to make the mind-body connection and how to tap into the unique healing power of the herbs that might be growing in yourown backyard.

Among the thousands of helpful remedies are those that will show you how to:

* Control excessive worrying
* Calm a rapid heartbeat
* Prevent jet lag
* Relieve ulcer pain
* Cope with carpal tunnel syndrome
* Head off your next headache
* Soothe an upset stomach
* Get a good night's sleep
* Stop a nosebleed
* Conquer weight problems

Trusted. Valued. Essential. The Doctors Book of Home Remedies is sure to address your most frequent health questions with practical, useful answers. this book endures as a superb one-stop resource that will offer you and your family peace of mind for many years to come.

Author Notes

Prevention , America's #1 Choice for Healthy Living, is the single most popular health magazine in the country and is the third most trusted source for health advice in the country, trailing only the doctor and pharmacist in authority.

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Publisher's Weekly Review

Health care gets another draught of do-it-yourself spirit in the updated version of this 1990 bestseller (some 16 million copies were sold, and it was translated into more than 20 languages). Employing advice culled from hundreds of doctors, the editors present an A-to-Z of common ailments from asthma to menopause to warts, and multiple suggestions about what to do about them. Included within are "8 Tips to Stop the Cough," "14 Soothing Ideas" for lactose intolerance, "12 Comforting Steps" for vaginal infections and "35 Hints for a High-Energy Life." The advice isn't always assured-e.g., witch hazel for cold sores is something patients "claim...really helps"; and "theoretically, it is possible" that phenol could kill the herpes simplex 1 virus-but there's more than enough solid ideas to make this volume worthwhile. It's not a medical manual, warn the editors, but a reference "designed to help you make informed decisions about your heath"-and perhaps to help you refrain from calling your doctor at 10 p.m. on a Sunday owing to a particularly violent case of the hiccups. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

Table of Contents

Introductionp. xv
A Acne: 14 Remedies for Smoother Skinp. 3
Addiction: 11 Steps to Recoveryp. 7
Age Spots: 9 Ways to Out the Spotsp. 11
Allergies: 16 Ways to Alleviate the Symptomsp. 15
Anal Fissures and Itching: 14 Soothing Solutionsp. 21
Angina: 12 Long-Life Strategies to Protect the Heartp. 24
Anxiety: 21 Ways to Control Excessive Worryingp. 28
Asthma: 28 Steps to Better Breathingp. 33
Athlete's Foot: 16 Ways to Get Rid of Itp. 40
B Backache: 24 Pain-Free Ideasp. 44
Bad Breath: 16 Ways to Overcome Itp. 50
Bed-Wetting: 5 Options for Sleep-Through Nightsp. 53
Belching: 10 Steps to Squelch the Belchp. 55
Bites, Scratches, and Stings: 50 Hints to Relieve the Painp. 57
Black Eye: 8 Ways to Clear Up the Bruisep. 65
Blisters: 18 Hints to Stop the Hurtp. 68
Body Odor: 10 Ways to Feel Fresh and Cleanp. 73
Boils: 8 Tips to Stop an Infectionp. 76
Breast Discomfort: 18 Hints to Reduce Sorenessp. 78
Breastfeeding: 21 Problem-Free Nursing Ideasp. 83
Bronchitis: 8 Tips to Stop the Coughp. 87
Bruises: 7 Healing Ideasp. 90
Burnout: 18 Paths to Renewalp. 92
Burns: 10 Treatments for Minor Accidentsp. 96
Bursitis: 10 Ways to Ease Your Painp. 99
C Calluses and Corns: 18 Ways to Smooth and Soothep. 102
Canker Sores: 13 Ways to Ease the Stingp. 107
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: 14 Coping Techniquesp. 110
Chafing: 10 Ways to Rub It Outp. 114
Chapped Hands: 24 Soothing Tipsp. 116
Chapped Lips: 12 Tips to Stop the Drynessp. 122
Colds: 29 Remedies to Win the Battlep. 125
Cold Sores: 18 Tips to Heal Herpes Simplexp. 131
Colic: 10 Ideas to Quell the Criesp. 135
Conjunctivitis: 7 Remedies for Pinkeyep. 137
Constipation: 17 Solutions to a Common Problemp. 139
Cough: 19 Throat-Soothing Strategiesp. 144
Cuts and Scrapes: 15 Ways to Soothe a Sorep. 149
D Dandruff: 16 Tips to Stop Flakingp. 153
Denture Troubles: 13 Ideas for a More Secure Smilep. 157
Depression: 28 Mood Liftersp. 159
Dermatitis and Eczema: 23 Clear-Skin Remediesp. 164
Diabetes: 43 Ways to Steady Blood Sugarp. 170
Diaper Rash: 6 Easy Solutionsp. 181
Diarrhea: 21 Strategies to Deal with Itp. 183
Diverticulosis: 23 Self-Care Techniquesp. 189
Dizziness: 17 Tips to Stop the Spinningp. 193
Dry Eyes: 17 Moistening Ideasp. 197
Dry Mouth: 17 Mouthwatering Solutionsp. 201
Dry Skin and Winter Itch: 10 Cold-Weather Optionsp. 205
E Earache and Ear Infection: 25 Ways to Stop the Painp. 208
Earwax: 4 Steps to Clean Earsp. 214
Emphysema: 23 Tips for Easy Breathingp. 215
Eyestrain: 10 Tips to Avoid Itp. 220
F Fatigue: 35 Hints for a High-Energy Lifep. 223
Fever: 22 Cooling Tacticsp. 229
Flatulence: 8 Gas-Reducing Ideasp. 234
Flu: 20 Remedies to Beat the Bugp. 237
Food Poisoning: 25 Solutions for Food Flup. 242
Foot Aches: 16 Feet Treatsp. 246
Foot Odor: 16 Deodorizing Secretsp. 250
Frostbite: 19 Safeguards against the Coldp. 253
G Genital Herpes: 15 Managing Strategiesp. 257
Gingivitis: 21 Ways to Stop Gum Diseasep. 261
Gout: 15 Coping Ideasp. 265
H Hair Problems: 16 "Bad Hair Day" Fixesp. 269
Hangovers: 17 Ways to Deal with the Day Afterp. 273
Headaches: 39 Hints to Head Off the Painp. 277
Heartburn: 24 Ways to Put Out the Firep. 284
Heat Exhaustion: 27 Tactics to Stave Off Troublep. 289
Hemorrhoids: 18 Tips to Find Reliefp. 294
Hiccups: 17 Home-Tested Curesp. 298
High Blood Pressure: 19 Pressure-Lowering Strategiesp. 301
High Cholesterol: 37 Steps to Total Controlp. 306
Hives: 9 Hints to Stop the Itchp. 314
Hostility: 11 Soothers for Seethersp. 317
Hot Flashes: 18 Ways to Put Out the Firep. 321
I Impotence: 14 Secrets for Successp. 325
Incontinence: 22 Tips to Gain Controlp. 329
Infertility: 19 Ways to Get a Baby on Boardp. 334
Ingrown Hair: 10 Ways to Get a Clean Shavep. 339
Ingrown Nails: 7 Feet-Treating Methodsp. 341
Insomnia: 22 Steps to a Good Night's Sleepp. 343
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: 20 Coping Suggestionsp. 350
J Jet Lag: 21 Hints for Arriving Alertp. 355
K Knee Pain: 23 Ways to Handle the Hurtp. 360
L Lactose Intolerance: 14 Soothing Ideasp. 366
Laryngitis: 15 Hoarseless Hintsp. 369
Leg Pain: 6 Tips to Ease the Painp. 372
M Marine Bites and Stings: 15 Soothing Strategiesp. 375
Memory Problems: 21 Ways to Forget Lessp. 380
Menopause: 18 Ways to Embrace the Changep. 386
Morning Sickness: 12 Ways to Counteract Queasinessp. 391
Motion Sickness: 24 Quick-Action Curesp. 395
Muscle Pain: 40 Ways to Reliefp. 400
N Nail Brittleness: 14 Strengthening Secretsp. 407
Nail Discoloration: 7 Nail Remediesp. 411
Nail Ridges: 6 Ridge Reducersp. 414
Nausea and Vomiting: 14 Stomach-Soothing Solutionsp. 416
Neck Pain: 27 Ways to Get the Kinks Outp. 421
Night Blindness: 11 Ways to Deal with the Darkp. 425
Nosebleed: 15 Hints to Stop the Flowp. 427
O Oily Hair: 16 Neutralizing Solutionsp. 431
Oily Skin: 7 Restoratives for a Shine-Free Facep. 434
Osteoarthritis: 28 Ways to End the Achep. 437
Osteoporosis: 20 Ways to Preserve Bone Strengthp. 442
P Pet Problems: 31 Treatments for Cats and Dogsp. 448
Phlebitis: 13 Remedies to Keep It at Bayp. 457
Phobias and Fears: 12 Coping Measuresp. 461
Pizza Burn: 6 Cooling Treatmentsp. 466
Poison Plant Rashes: 18 Itch Relieversp. 468
Premenstrual Syndrome: 29 Ways to Treat the Symptomsp. 473
Prostate Problems: 22 Gland Helpersp. 479
Psoriasis: 22 Skin-Soothing Remediesp. 485
R Rashes: 15 Skin-Salving Solutionsp. 490
Raynaud's Phenomenon: 18 Toasty Tipsp. 495
Restless Legs Syndrome: 20 Calming Techniquesp. 499
Road Rage: 14 Tips for a More Pleasant Drivep. 502
Rosacea: 14 Face-Saving Stepsp. 506
S Scarring: 10 Ways to Decrease the Damagep. 510
Sciatica: 18 Strategies to Knock Out Nerve Painp. 513
Seasonal Affective Disorder: 15 Steps to a Brighter Outlookp. 518
Shingles: 17 Tips to Combat the Painp. 523
Shinsplints: 13 Ways to Soothe Sore Legsp. 527
Side Stitches: 9 Ways to Avoid the Nuisancep. 531
Sinusitis: 16 Infection Fightersp. 533
Snoring: 10 Tips for a Silent Nightp. 537
Sore Throat: 26 Ways to Put Out the Firep. 541
Splinters: 9 Ways to Get Them Outp. 547
Sprains: 18 Self-Care Strategiesp. 549
Stress: 22 Tips to Ease Tensionp. 553
Sunburn: 37 Cooling Treatmentsp. 560
T Tachycardia: 12 Ways to Calm a Rapid Heartbeatp. 566
Teething: 6 Ways to Soothe the Painp. 569
Temporomandibular Disorders: 17 Ideas to Ease the Discomfortp. 571
Tendinitis: 14 Soothing Remediesp. 575
Tinnitus: 17 Ways to Cope with the Dinp. 578
Toothache: 12 Tips for Pain Reliefp. 583
Tooth Stains: 11 Brightening Ideasp. 586
U Ulcers: 16 Tips for Quick Reliefp. 588
Urinary Tract Infections: 17 Germ-Fighting Strategiesp. 593
V Vaginal and Yeast Infections: 12 Comforting Stepsp. 597
Varicose Veins: 17 Helpers and Healersp. 601
W Warts: 20 Healing Secretsp. 605
Weight Problems: 29 Ways to Win the Battle of the Bulgep. 610
Wrinkles: 15 Age-Defying Secretsp. 620
Guidelines for Safe Use of Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplementsp. 625
Combinations to Avoidp. 633
Indexp. 639

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