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Fibromyalgia for dummies
Staud, Roland.
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New York : Wiley, [2002]

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xviii, 336 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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"Expert advice on controlling pain and fatigue"-- Cover.
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Remember the body aches you experienced the last time you had a bad flu? Now multiply that pain times ten and you have some idea of what everyday life can be like for fibromyalgia sufferers. A chronic medical condition characterized mainly by pain in the muscles and tendons throughout the entire body, fibromyalgia is known to afflict more than 6 million people in the United States and millions more around the world. Yet, many people, including some doctors, think that "fibromyalgia" is just another word for "hypochondria."

If you have fibromyalgia you have some idea of how frustrating it is to have your suffering dismissed by your friends, family, and coworkers, and how hard it can be to find professional help in managing your disease. Now for the good news: Written by one of the world's leading experts on fibromyalgia, Fibromyalgia For Dummies is a complete, easy-to-use guide to coping with chronic pain and other symptoms associated with that disease. You get expert advice and guidance on how to:

Determine if you have fibromyalgia Minimize pain Control fatigue and dramatically boost your energy level Sleep better Find the right doctor to help manage your problem Know which foods to eat and which to avoid Develop an exercise routine Manage the strains on your work and family lives

Dr. Roland Staud offers you immediate relief from the physical and emotional pain of fibromyalgia with. He fills you in on the latest science on what fibromyalgia is and how you get it, and he offers a wealth of practical information on:

The pros and cons of traditional prescription medications Over-the-counter remedies and how to use them Alternative therapies that can help, including herbs, supplements, botox, acupuncture, aromatherapy and more Life-style changes that help ease your pain Managing the emotional stress associated with fibromyalgia

A gold mine of expert information and guidance, Fibromyalgia For Dummies will help you feel better and live and happier, more productive life-starting today.

Author Notes

Roland Staud, M.D., is a diplomat of the American Board of Rheumatology. He is dedicated to treating fibromyalgia patients
Christine Adamec has been a freelance medical writer for over 20 years

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
About This Bookp. 2
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 2
Foolish Assumptionsp. 3
How This Book Is Organizedp. 3
Icons Used in This Bookp. 5
Where to Go from Herep. 6
Part I Fibromyalgia Is the Real Deal: What It Is and Is Notp. 7
Chapter 1 Yes, Fibromyalgia Is Realp. 9
Dumping Your Doubts about the Validity of FMSp. 9
Examining the Symptoms, Causes, and Pain Problems Associated with FMSp. 10
Considering Who Gets FMSp. 12
Looking at Related Medical Problemsp. 12
Finding a Doctor Who's a "True Believer" in Fibromyalgiap. 13
Treating the Problemp. 14
Making Lifestyle Changes: Pulling Yourself into a Non-Fibro Worldp. 14
Coping with Fibromyalgia at Home and on the Jobp. 15
Do You Have Fibromyalgia? A Self-testp. 17
Chapter 2 Recognizing Key Symptoms of Fibromyalgiap. 21
Describing Where It Hurts: Everywhere!p. 22
Feeling Extremely Fatiguedp. 24
Facing Fibro Fog: Mental Malaisep. 26
Weathering Your Reactions to Weatherp. 27
Dealing with Common Sleep Disordersp. 28
Experiencing Related Medical Problemsp. 28
Chapter 3 Understanding Possible Causes of Fibromyalgiap. 37
What is for Certain About Fibromyalgiap. 38
Down But Not Out: Physical Traumap. 38
Catching FMSp. 42
Regarding Gulf War Syndromep. 45
Studying Chemical Imbalancesp. 47
Examining Environmental Causesp. 49
Exploring Other Theoriesp. 50
Looking to the Futurep. 54
Chapter 4 Understanding Fibromyalgia Painp. 55
Grasping Pain and Why People Have to Have Itp. 56
Regarding the Different Kind of Pain That's Fibromyalgiap. 58
Working with Your Doctor to Manage FMS Painp. 59
Part II Finding Out If You Have Fibromyalgiap. 65
Chapter 5 Who Gets Picked to Have Fibromyalgia?p. 67
Looking at the Numbers: Who Has FMS?p. 68
Wondering Why Women Suffer More from FMS than Menp. 68
Considering How FMS Relates to Women's Agesp. 69
FMS and Men: It Isn't Just a Woman Thingp. 71
Chapter 6 Identifying Diseases Often Confused with Fibromyalgiap. 73
Understanding the Uncertaintyp. 74
Chronic Fatigue Syndromep. 75
Myofascial Pain Syndromep. 78
Arthritisp. 81
Thyroid Diseasep. 84
The Other Suspectsp. 86
Chapter 7 Working with a Good Fibromyalgia Doc: You Need a True Believerp. 91
Working with Your Primary Care Doctorp. 92
Looking Elsewhere for a Doctor: How to Know if It's Timep. 94
Considering Types of Specialistsp. 95
Finding a Good Specialist (Or New Primary Care Doctor)p. 97
Interviewing Your Physician Candidate: What's Up, Doc?p. 100
Chapter 8 Getting Physical: Your Initial Exam and Diagnosisp. 103
Diving into Your Medical History: What the Doctor Should Ask Youp. 104
Volunteering Info if the Doc Doesn't Ask Youp. 105
Getting All Your Questions Out in the Openp. 108
Identifying the Tender Points of Fibromyalgiap. 109
Test-ifying About FMSp. 111
Part III Getting to Wellness: How Fibromyalgia is Treatedp. 117
Chapter 9 Medicating the Problem: Over-the-Counter Drugs May Helpp. 119
Examining the Nuts and Bolts of Guaifenesinp. 120
Relieving Pain with Painkillersp. 126
Warming up to Cold Remedies for FMSp. 128
Talking About Topical Remediesp. 129
Chapter 10 Prescribing Health with Medicationsp. 133
Relaxing Your FMS: Muscle Relaxantsp. 134
Easing Pain with Painkillersp. 135
Reducing Inflammation: NSAIDsp. 140
Fighting FMS with Antidepressantsp. 141
Other Prescribed Medicines for FMSp. 143
Opening Your Eyes to Info on Sleep Remediesp. 146
Thinking About Future Remediesp. 147
Chapter 11 Using Hands-On Therapiesp. 149
Chilling Out! Icing the Painp. 149
Heating Up the Problem: Heat Therapyp. 151
Massaging the Problem: Massage Therapyp. 153
An Electrifying Solution: TENSp. 159
Considering Chiropractorsp. 161
Chapter 12 Considering Alternative Remedies and Treatmentsp. 163
Thinking Through Alternative Remediesp. 164
Fighting FMS Naturally with Herbs and Supplementsp. 165
Pinning Down a Solution: Acupuncturep. 168
Beating FMS with Botox Injectionsp. 171
Taking On T'ai Chip. 174
Repelling Magnet Therapyp. 175
Smelling Your Way to Health with Aromatherapyp. 176
Part IV Lifestyle Changes: What You Can Do on Your Ownp. 177
Chapter 13 Depressurizing Yourself: Controlling the Stress-Eyed Monsterp. 179
Knowing When You're Too Stressedp. 180
Chilling Out with Relaxation Therapyp. 182
Stress-busting with Biofeedback Therapyp. 184
Mesmerizing the Pain: Hypnotherapyp. 186
Meditating, Doing Yoga, and Prayingp. 189
Chapter 14 Sweet Dreams! Combating Sleep Disordersp. 191
What is Sleep?p. 192
Understanding the Importance of Sleep Stagesp. 193
Identifying Key Sleep Problemsp. 195
Analyzing Your Sleep: A Self-testp. 197
Adjusting Your Lifestyle to Cope with the Problemp. 199
Slipping Into Slumber Using Medications and Other Remediesp. 201
Chapter 15 Exercising, Losing Weight, and Avoiding Trigger Foods/Drinksp. 205
Exercising to Relieve FMS Painp. 206
Exploring Pain-Relieving Exercisesp. 207
Losing Weight to Decrease Pain and Fatiguep. 214
Discovering Dietary Effects: Good Foods/Bad Foodsp. 218
Chapter 16 Coping with Emotions: Your Ownp. 221
Dealing with Depressionp. 222
Determining If Your Problem Is Anxietyp. 223
Taking Your Emotional Temperaturep. 224
Finding a Therapistp. 226
Treating Emotional Problems with Medicationp. 228
Part V Living and Working with Fibromyalgiap. 231
Chapter 17 Working with Fibromyalgia--Or Going on Disabilityp. 233
Explaining Fibromyalgia to Your Boss and Coworkers: Should You?p. 234
Deciding Whether You Should Stay at Your Jobp. 236
Getting Your Insurance Company to Pay for Treatmentp. 238
Taking the Next Step If FMS Is Disablingp. 241
Finding an Attorney to Help Youp. 245
Chapter 18 Helping Loved Ones Deal with Your Fibromyalgiap. 247
Understanding How Fibromyalgia Can Affect Your Relationshipsp. 248
Putting Yourself in the Right Frame of Mindp. 249
Opening Up for Some Honest Dialoguep. 250
Anticipating Difficultiesp. 251
Knowing How to Respond to "Helpful" Commentsp. 252
Helping Your Significant Other Copep. 253
Explaining FMS to Your Kidsp. 255
Joining a Support Groupp. 257
Chapter 19 Helping Someone You Care About Who's Hurtingp. 261
Understanding Without Feeling Their Painp. 262
Coping with Your Own Emotionsp. 267
Going to Support Meetingsp. 270
Chapter 20 Parenting a Child with Fibromyalgiap. 271
Looking at Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Childrenp. 272
Accurately Diagnosing the Problemp. 274
Getting Help for Your Child with Fibromyalgiap. 275
Treating a Child with Fibromyalgiap. 275
Including Your Children Who Don't Have Fibromyalgiap. 277
Working with Your Child's Teacherp. 277
Dealing with Jeers from Peersp. 280
Part VI The Part of Tensp. 283
Chapter 21 Ten Ways to Explain Fibromyalgia to Everyone (Even Your Doctor!)p. 285
Chapter 22 Ten Must-Dos for Everyone with Fibromyalgiap. 289
Chapter 23 Ten Ways to Beat the Effects of Brain Fogp. 295
Chapter 24 Ten Myths about Fibromyalgiap. 299
Part VII Appendixesp. 303
Appendix A Glossaryp. 305
Appendix B Fibromyalgia Medicationsp. 309
Appendix C Resources and Supportp. 315
Indexp. 321