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Digital photography for dummies
King, Julie Adair.
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Fourth edition.
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New York : Wiley, [2002]

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357 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.).
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In the 1840s, William Henry Fox Talbot combined light, paper, a few chemicals, and a wooden box to produce a photographic print, laying the foundation for modern film photography. Over the years, that process was refined, and people discovered the joy of photography. Now, more than 160 years after Talbot's innovation, photography has entered a new age, with the arrival of the digital camera and a new and exciting way to think about photography. In fact, digital photography has spawned an entirely new art form.

With a digital camera, a computer, and some photo-editing software, you can explore the unlimited creative opportunities of digital photography. Just think - no more film, no more film development costs, no more limitations of working only with what's there. With digital photography, you have almost instant access to your photos, and with photo-editing software, you can easily clean up your photos and add special effects that used to be nearly impossible for the amateur photographer to achieve.

Digital Photography For Dummies, 4th Edition, is your introduction to the world of digital photography, whether you're a beginner taking your first shot or an experienced photographer looking to try a new medium. In this newly revised edition, you'll discover the following topics and more:

Explore the different kinds of equipment - from cameras and computers to photo-editing software Understand the science behind digital photography, including resolution, aperture, shutter speeds, and f-stops Compose great shots, including how to light your subject Solve common photographic dilemmas - such as capturing a moving target and dealing with unfriendly lighting Edit your photos by sharpening them, removing red eye, and cropping them Display your photos in a variety of ways - on CD, on the Web, or in slide shows Top Ten lists on ways to improve your digital images, great ways to use your photos, and online resources all digital photographers should know about

Digital Photography For Dummies, 4th Edition, also comes with a CD that includes trial versions of popular photo-editing software, as well as some original photos taken by the author that you can use to experiment with.

Author Notes

Julie Adair King is an active photographer and bestselling author of several books on digital photography, including Shooting & Sharing Digital Photos For Dummies

Table of Contents

Introductionp. 1
Why a Book for Dummies?p. 2
What's in This Book?p. 2
Icons Used in This Bookp. 5
Conventions Used in This Bookp. 6
What Do I Read First?p. 6
Part I Peering through the Digital Viewfinderp. 9
Chapter 1 Filmless Fun, Facts, and Fictionp. 11
Film? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Film!p. 12
Fine, but Why Do I Want Digital Images?p. 13
But Can't I Do All This with a Scanner?p. 19
Now Tell Me the Downsidep. 20
Just Tell Me Where to Send the Checkp. 21
Camerasp. 22
Memory cardsp. 22
Hardware, software, and other accessoriesp. 23
Chapter 2 Mr. Science Explains It Allp. 25
From Your Eyes to the Camera's Memoryp. 26
The Secret to Living Colorp. 27
Resolution Rulesp. 29
Pixels: Building blocks of digital photosp. 29
Pixels and print qualityp. 31
Pixels and screen imagesp. 33
Pixels and file sizep. 34
How many pixels are enough?p. 36
Can't I add pixels later?p. 36
More mind-boggling resolution stuffp. 38
What all this resolution stuff means to youp. 39
Lights, Camera, Exposure!p. 40
Aperture, f-stops, and shutter speeds: The traditional wayp. 40
Aperture, shutter speed, and f-stops: The digital wayp. 43
ISO ratings and chip sensitivityp. 43
RGB, CMYK, and Other Colorful Acronymsp. 45
Chapter 3 In Search of the Perfect Camerap. 49
Mac or Windows - Does It Matter?p. 50
Picture Quality Optionsp. 50
You say you want a resolutionp. 51
File format flexibilityp. 53
Memory Mattersp. 56
Monitor, Viewfinder, or Both?p. 58
SLR or Point-and-Shoot?p. 60
Hybrid Camerasp. 62
Flash Fundamentalsp. 63
Through a Lens, Clearlyp. 64
Fun facts about focal lengthp. 64
Optical versus digital zoomp. 67
Focusing aidsp. 67
Lens adaptabilityp. 68
Exposure Exposedp. 68
Still More Features to Considerp. 71
Now playing, on your big-screen TVp. 71
Self-timer and remote controlp. 72
There's a computer in that camera!p. 72
Action-oriented optionsp. 73
Little things that mean a lotp. 74
Sources for More Shopping Guidancep. 76
Chapter 4 Extra Goodies for Extra Funp. 77
Memory Cards and Other Camera Mediap. 78
Memory shopping tipsp. 79
Care and feeding of memory cardsp. 80
Download Devicesp. 81
Storing Your Picture Filesp. 83
On-the-Go Storage and Viewingp. 86
Software Solutionp. 87
Image-editing softwarep. 87
Specialty softwarep. 91
Camera Accessoriesp. 93
Mouse Replacement Therapy: The Drawing Tabletp. 95
Part II Ready, Set, Shoot!p. 97
Chapter 5 Choosing the Right Camera Settingsp. 99
Getting Started: Basic Camera Settingsp. 100
Selecting a File Formatp. 102
JPEGp. 102
TIFFp. 106
Camera Rawp. 106
Setting the Pixel Count (Resolution)p. 108
Balancing Your Whites and Colorsp. 111
Tweaking Picture "Processing"p. 114
Chapter 6 Controlling Exposure and Focusp. 117
Setting Light Sensitivity: ISOp. 118
Automatic Exposure: Making It Workp. 120
Choosing an autoexposure metering modep. 121
Going semi-automaticp. 123
Applying exposure compensation (EV)p. 125
Taking Flash Photosp. 128
Fill flash (or force flash)p. 128
No flashp. 129
Flash with red-eye reductionp. 129
Slow-sync flashp. 130
External flashp. 130
Switching on Additional Lightsp. 131
Lighting Shiny Objectsp. 133
Compensating for Backlightingp. 134
Focus on Focusp. 136
Working with fixed-focus camerasp. 136
Taking advantage of autofocusp. 137
Focusing manuallyp. 139
Shifting Depth of Fieldp. 139
Taking Advantage of Scene Modesp. 140
Chapter 7 Take Your Best Shotp. 143
Composition 101p. 143
A Parallax! A Parallax!p. 146
Composing for Compositingp. 147
Zooming In without Losing Outp. 149
Shooting with an optical (real) zoomp. 149
Using a digital zoomp. 151
Catching a Moving Targetp. 151
Shooting Pieces of a Panoramic Quiltp. 154
Avoiding the Digital Measlesp. 157
Part III From Camera to Computer and Beyondp. 159
Chapter 8 Building Your Image Warehousep. 161
Downloading Your Imagesp. 162
A trio of downloading optionsp. 162
Using a card reader or adapterp. 164
Cable transfer how-tosp. 166
Take the bullet TWAINp. 169
Camera as hard drivep. 170
Tips for trouble-free downloadsp. 170
Translating Camera Raw Filesp. 173
Converting Proprietary Camera Filesp. 176
Photo Organization Toolsp. 176
Chapter 9 Can I Get a Hard Copy, Please?p. 181
Fast and Easy: Prints from a Labp. 182
Buying a Photo Printerp. 184
Inkjet printersp. 185
Laser printersp. 186
Dye-sub (thermal dye) printersp. 187
Thermo-Autochrome printersp. 188
How Long Will They Last?p. 189
So Which Printer Should You Buy?p. 191
Comparison Shoppingp. 192
Does the Paper Really Matter?p. 197
Setting Print Size and Resolutionp. 198
Sending Your Image to the Dancep. 201
Getting better results from your printerp. 202
These colors don't match!p. 203
Preparing a TIFF Copy for Publicationp. 205
Chapter 10 On-Screen, Mr. Sulu!p. 209
Step into the Screening Roomp. 209
That's About the Size of Itp. 213
Understanding monitor resolution and picture sizep. 213
Sizing images for the screenp. 215
Sizing screen images in inchesp. 217
Nothing but Net: Photos on the Webp. 218
Basic rules for Web picturesp. 218
JPEG: The photographer's friendp. 221
Drop Me a Picture Sometime, Won't You?p. 224
Viewing Your Photos on a TVp. 226
Part IV Tricks of the Digital Tradep. 229
Chapter 11 Making Your Image Look Presentablep. 231
What Software Do You Need?p. 232
Opening Your Photosp. 234
Editing Rules for All Seasonsp. 237
Save now! Save often!p. 237
Editing safety netsp. 240
Straightening a Tilting Horizonp. 242
Cream of the Cropp. 244
Fixing Exposure and Contrastp. 248
Basic brightness/contrast controlsp. 248
Brightness adjustments at higher Levelsp. 251
Using the Shadows/Highlights filterp. 253
Give Your Colors More Oomphp. 255
Help for Unbalanced Colorsp. 257
Focus Adjustments (Sharpen and Blur)p. 259
Applying sharpening filtersp. 260
Blur to sharpen?p. 262
Out, Out, Darned Spots!p. 263
Chapter 12 Cut, Paste, and Cover Upp. 267
Why (And When) Do I Select Stuff?p. 268
What selection tools should I use?p. 269
Working with Elements toolsp. 270
Brushing on a selection outlinep. 280
Selecting (and deselecting) everythingp. 281
Reversing a selection outlinep. 282
Refining your selection outlinep. 283
Selection Moves, Copies, and Pastesp. 285
Cut, Copy, Paste: The old reliablesp. 286
Adjusting a pasted objectp. 287
Deleting Selected Areasp. 289
Pasting Good Pixels Over Badp. 289
Enlarging the Image Canvasp. 293
Chapter 13 Amazing Stuff Even You Can Dop. 295
Giving Your Image a Paint Jobp. 296
What's in your paint box?p. 297
Setting the paint colorp. 299
Exploring Brush and Pencil optionsp. 303
Painting away red-eyep. 306
Painting large areasp. 309
Smudging Paintp. 312
Spinning Pixels around the Color Wheelp. 314
Creating a Tinted or Grayscale Photop. 315
Uncovering Layers of Possibilityp. 317
Working with Elements layersp. 321
Building a multilayered collagep. 326
Turning Garbage into Artp. 327
Part V The Part of Tensp. 329
Chapter 14 Ten Ways to Improve Your Digital Imagesp. 331
Remember the Resolution!p. 332
Don't Overcompress Your Imagesp. 333
Look for the Unexpected Anglep. 333
Turn Down the Noisep. 334
Press the Shutter Button Correctlyp. 334
Turn Off Digital Zoomp. 335
Take Advantage of Your Photo Editorp. 335
Print Your Images on Good Paperp. 335
Practice, Practice, Practice!p. 336
Read the Manual (Gasp!)p. 336
Chapter 15 Ten Great Uses for Digital Imagesp. 339
Creating Online Photo Albumsp. 339
Putting Together a Screen Saverp. 340
Hanging Photo Wallpaperp. 343
Giving Photos an Artistic Twistp. 345
Putting Your Mug on a Mugp. 346
Printing Photo Calendars and Cardsp. 346
Including Visual Information in Databasesp. 347
Putting a Name with the Facep. 347
Exchanging a Picture for a Thousand Wordsp. 347
Hanging a Masterpiece on Your Wallp. 348
Chapter 16 Ten Great Online Resources for Digital Photographersp. 349
Digital Photography Reviewp. 350
Imaging Resourcep. 350
Megapixel.netp. 350
PCPhoto Magazinep. 351
PCPhotoREVIEW.comp. 351
Shutterbugp. 351
Digital Photography Newsgroupp. 351
Printing Newsgroupp. 352
Manufacturer Web Sitesp. 352
This Book's Companion Sitep. 353
Glossaryp. 355