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The complete idiot's guide to yoga
Budilovsky, Joan.
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Second edition.
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Indianapolis, IN : Alpha Books, [2001]

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xvi, 349 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
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This book is for anyone interested in health, fitness, or the healing arts. It teaches you the basics of stretching, breathing, and meditation, with exercises designed to help you relax, become more flexible, more productive, and more self-satisfied.

Author Notes

Eve Adamson is the co-author of numerous books including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Zen Living, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Yoga Illustrated, The Complete Idiot's Guide Dream Dictionary, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meditation, Empowering Your Life with Joy, and The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine. She is also a contributing editor to Dog Fancy.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Let's Get Into Yogap. 1
1 Why Practice Yoga?p. 3
What Is Yoga?p. 4
Yoga Is Occident Insurancep. 5
Yoga Is a Great Stress Busterp. 6
Yoga Promotes Whole-Body Fitnessp. 6
Yoga Is Healing Powerp. 8
My Yogi, Myselfp. 9
Yoga Sets You Freep. 11
2 Yoga Fitness Power: Beyond Stretchingp. 13
Yoga Means Connectionp. 13
Are You Off Balance?p. 14
Mind Meet Body, Body Meet Mindp. 14
Coming Back to Centerp. 15
Tapping Into Your Yoga Power Sourcep. 15
Bend Without Breakingp. 15
Balancing Actsp. 16
Strength from the Gutp. 16
Keeping the Faithp. 17
Yoga vs. Other Exercisep. 17
Awesome Aerobicsp. 18
Rockin' Runningp. 18
Super-Charged Stretchingp. 19
Superior Swimmingp. 19
Uplifting Weight Liftingp. 19
Ecstasy: Yoga Unionp. 20
It's All in Your Mind!p. 20
Maximize Your Performancep. 20
3 How Comfortable Are You in Your Body?p. 23
A Self-Test for the Yoga-Challengedp. 24
What Your Body Is Telling You, and Whether It's Good Newsp. 26
The Shape You Are Inp. 27
The Slim Ectomorphp. 28
The Curvaceous Endomorphp. 29
The Muscular Mesomorphp. 30
Your Body and Yoga 101p. 31
Your Personal Energy Cyclep. 31
The Muscle and Bone Connectionp. 32
Eastern Body, Western Bodyp. 33
Do You Trust Your Body?p. 33
4 Yoga Mind Power: Go with the Flowp. 35
A Fight-or-Flight Worldp. 35
Concentration, Relaxation, Meditationp. 36
From Full Mind to Mindfulnessp. 38
Relax Past Your Boundariesp. 39
Find the Zone--and Move In!p. 42
Go with the Flow Right Here, Right Nowp. 42
Release Your Inner Delightp. 44
Part 2 Let's Get Spiritual: Growing with the Tree of Yogap. 47
5 Going Back in Time: The Yoga Traditionp. 49
People Practiced Yoga in 2500 B.C.E.p. 49
Yoga Studies All Religionsp. 50
In Search of the Sacred (Svadhyaya)p. 50
Planting the Seeds: Yoga Branches for All Growing Personalitiesp. 52
Hatha Yoga: Know Your Body, Know Your Mindp. 52
Raja Yoga: Know Your Mind, Know the Universep. 52
Kriya Yoga and Karma Yoga: Act It Out!p. 52
Bhakti Yoga: Open Your Heartp. 53
Jnana Yoga: Sagacious Youp. 53
Tantra, Mantra, and Kundalini Yogap. 53
Why Practicing Yoga Is So Twenty-First Centuryp. 56
East Meets Westp. 56
Can You Do Yoga Without Being Spiritual?p. 57
6 Walking Yoga's Eightfold Pathp. 59
Yoga Don'ts: Just Say No (Yamas)p. 60
Do No Harm (Ahimsa)p. 60
Tell No Lies (Satya)p. 61
No More Stealing (Asteya)p. 62
Cool It, Casanova (Brahmacharya)p. 62
Don't Be Greedy (Aparigraha)p. 63
Yoga Do's: Just Say Yes (Niyamas)p. 64
Be Pure (Shauca)p. 64
Be Content (Santosha)p. 64
Be Disciplined (Tapas)p. 65
Be Studious (Svadhyaya)p. 66
Be Devoted (Ishvara-Pranidhana)p. 66
Are You Wearing Your Walking Shoes? More Yoga Pathwaysp. 67
Body Control (Asanas)p. 68
Breath Control (Pranayama)p. 68
Detachment (Pratyahara)p. 68
Concentration (Dharana)p. 69
Meditation (Dhyana)p. 70
Pure Consciousness (Samadhi)p. 70
7 Can You Breathe?p. 73
Prana, the Universal Life Forcep. 74
Breath Control Equals Mental Controlp. 76
Blow Your Mindp. 77
Om Exhalationp. 77
Ujjayi: Drawing Breathp. 77
Bhastrika: Bellows Breathp. 78
Kapalabhati: Skull Shiningp. 79
Shitali: Cooling Breathp. 79
Bhramari: Bee Breathp. 80
Nadi Shodhana: Alternate Nostril Breathingp. 80
Murccha Kumbhaka: Third-Eye Breathingp. 81
Kevali Kumbhaka: Hold Your Breath (But Not 'Til You Turn Blue!)p. 82
8 Hatha Yoga: May the Force Be with Youp. 83
What Do We Need? East Meets West!p. 83
Know Thyselfp. 85
Joining the Sun and the Moonp. 86
Training the Body to Free the Mindp. 89
One Body ... or Three?p. 90
The Physicalp. 92
The Emotional or Astralp. 93
The Causal (Where Everything Starts)p. 93
Physical Cleansingp. 93
Sthala Basti (Ground Colon Cleansing): Elimination Illumination!p. 94
Agnisara Dhauti (Fire Stomach Cleansing): Tummy Tonerp. 94
Kapalabhati: Blow Off Some Steamp. 94
Neti: Bless You!p. 95
Trataka: Seeing the Lightp. 95
Stabilizing the Body's Energiesp. 95
Achieving Vitalityp. 96
Part 3 Starting Your Yoga Practicep. 97
9 Where Do You Practice Yoga?p. 99
Choosing a Yoga Classp. 100
Finding Your Personal Gurup. 102
Going Solo at Homep. 103
Setting Up Your Practice Areap. 104
Yoga from Tapes and Videosp. 105
Yoga from Booksp. 106
Yoga on the Netp. 107
Passage to Indiap. 108
10 How to Practice Yogap. 111
Loose Clothing and an Open Mindp. 111
Are You Kidding? My Body Won't Do Thatp. 113
No Pain, Supreme Gainp. 114
Finding the Edge vs. Feeling the Burnp. 116
Don't Forget to Breathep. 117
11 When to Practice Yogap. 119
Sticking with Itp. 122
Yoga Bytes at Home, School, and Workp. 124
Yoga on the Home Frontp. 125
School Daysp. 126
Yoga Makes Work Less Work!p. 126
Yoga Renewalp. 127
12 Crafting Your Personalized Yoga Practicep. 129
Define Your Purposep. 129
Sense Your Stylep. 130
A Yoga Essay Test You Can't Failp. 130
Let's Get Personalp. 133
Yoga Ground Rulesp. 134
Posture Perfectp. 135
Moving Mountainsp. 136
Warrior Spiritp. 136
Listen to Your Bodyp. 137
Part 4 Energize: Postures to Build Strength and Endurancep. 139
13 What Do You Stand For?p. 141
Tadasana: Mountain Posep. 141
Trikonasana: Triangle, the Happy Posep. 143
Parshvakonasana: Side Angle Stretchp. 144
Virabhadrasana: Warrior Posep. 146
Warrior 1p. 146
Warrior 2p. 147
Warrior 3p. 148
Utkatasana: Lightning Bolt Posep. 149
Balance Posesp. 150
Vrikshasana: Tree Posep. 150
Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana: Standing Half Bound Lotus Posep. 152
Garudasana: Eaglep. 153
Plank Posep. 154
Vashishthasana: Arm Balancep. 155
14 Bending Over Backbendsp. 157
Open Up and Laugh Morep. 157
Bhujangasana: Cobra Posep. 158
Dhanurasana: Bow Posep. 160
Half Bowp. 160
Rocking Bowp. 161
Urdhvamukha Shvanasana: Upward Facing Dogp. 162
Matsyasana: Go Fishp. 163
Half Fish Posep. 163
Full Fish Posep. 164
Ustrasana: Camelp. 165
Cakrasana: Doin' Wheelies!p. 166
15 Come on, Body, Let's Do the Twistp. 169
Maricyasana: Spinal Twistp. 169
Bound Knee Spinal Twistp. 171
Lying Down Spinal Twistp. 172
Setu Bandha Sarvangasana: Bridge Posep. 172
Sarvangasana: Shoulderstandp. 174
Halasana: Plough Posep. 175
Shirshasana: Headstandp. 176
Adho Mukha Vrksasana: Handstandp. 179
16 A Continuous Flowp. 181
Sweat with the Rhythmp. 181
Breathe to the Beatp. 182
Body/Mind in Motionp. 182
Uttanatavasan: Leg Liftsp. 183
Surya Namaskara: Sun Salutationp. 185
Chandra Namaskara: Moon Salutationp. 185
Create Your Own Flowp. 189
Warm Wonder Vinyasap. 189
Solar Flare Vinyasap. 190
Mild and Mindful Vinyasap. 190
Moving With the Universep. 190
Part 5 Calming Down: Postures to Quiet the Body and Mindp. 193
17 Are You Sitting Down?p. 195
Flooring Itp. 195
Dandasana: Staff Posep. 196
Baddha Konasana: Butterfly Posep. 196
Virasana: Be a Hero!p. 198
Gomukhasana: Holy Cow!p. 199
Meditative Posesp. 201
Sukhasana: Easy Posep. 202
Vajrasana: Kneeling Posep. 203
Padmasana: Lotus Posep. 204
Baddha Padmasana: Bound Lotus Posep. 205
18 Take the Forward Pathp. 207
Mudhasana: Child's Posep. 207
Uttanasana: Standing Head to Knees Posep. 208
Parshvottanasana: Feet Apart Side Angle Posep. 209
Janu Shirshasana: Sitting One Leg Posep. 210
Ardha Baddha Padma Pashchimottanasana: Bound Half Lotus Posep. 211
Yoga Mudra: Ego-Be-Gone!p. 213
Naukasana: Boat Posep. 213
Kurmasana: Tortoise Posep. 215
Adho Mukha Shvanasana: Downward Facing Dog Posep. 216
19 Dead to the Worldp. 219
How to Be a Corpsep. 220
One for All, and All for Om!p. 221
When the Easiest Is the Hardestp. 222
Open Up and Let Go: The Bodyp. 222
The Lower Body: Going Nowherep. 223
The Upper Body: Still Rhythmsp. 223
The Ultimate Facial: Losing Your Sensesp. 224
Open Up and Let Go: The Mindp. 225
Me? Stop Thinking? Forget About It!p. 225
Dream a Little Dreamp. 225
Give Your Mind a Breatherp. 226
Quest for Peacep. 227
Part 6 Living Your Yogap. 229
20 Chakras, Mudras, Mantras, and Mandalasp. 231
Meet Your Chakrasp. 231
Poses to Power Your Chakrasp. 233
Prana Archp. 233
Open Posep. 234
The Healing Power of Chakrasp. 235
Chakra-at-a-Glancep. 235
Target Your Chakras with Yoga Posesp. 236
Mudra Magicp. 237
Namaste Mudra: A Little Respectp. 238
Om Mudra: Simply Divinep. 238
Jnana Mudra: Be a Wise Guy/Galp. 238
Buddhi Mudra: How Englightening!p. 239
Mantras: Beyond Omp. 239
Mandalas: Goin' 'Round in Circlesp. 240
21 You Are What You Eatp. 243
Gunas Gracious!p. 243
What's Your Nature?p. 245
Yogi Foodp. 247
Pungent, Spicy Westernersp. 248
Stale Leftovers for Couch Potatoesp. 249
Moderation in All Things (As If You Didn't Know!)p. 250
C'mon, Vegetarian?p. 252
22 Rx: Yogap. 255
What Makes You Sick?p. 255
Body Beyond the Body: The Five Sheaths of Existencep. 256
Yoga for Those Nagging Complaintsp. 257
Oh, My Aching Backp. 257
Oh, My Aching Headp. 258
Why Am I So Tired?p. 259
Why Can't I Sleep?p. 259
What's Up with My Digestion?p. 260
This Cold Won't Go Awayp. 260
When It's More Seriousp. 261
AIDSp. 262
Arthritisp. 262
Asthma, Allergies, and Respiratory Problemsp. 262
Cancerp. 263
Cardiovascular Diseasep. 263
Diabetesp. 264
Part 7 Yoga for Everyone!p. 267
23 Yoga for Twop. 269
Double Your Insightp. 269
Postures for Partners: Part 1p. 270
Be a Mountain Rangep. 270
Warrior 2 Pose for Twop. 271
Stretch and Pullp. 272
Lengthen Your Spine Togetherp. 272
The "S" in Sex Stands for "Spirituality"p. 273
Postures for Partners: Part 2p. 274
Massage Your Spines Togetherp. 274
Forward Bend Togetherp. 275
Forward Bend and Backbend Togetherp. 275
Boat Pose for Twop. 276
24 For Women Onlyp. 279
The Truth About Beautyp. 279
Kiss PMS Good-Byep. 280
Going Full Cycle: Celebrating Menstruationp. 281
So, You're Having a Baby!p. 283
New Mama Yogap. 288
Easing Through Menopausep. 290
25 Yoga for the Whole Familyp. 293
Mucho Machop. 293
Isn't Yoga for "Chicks"?p. 294
Where's the Team?p. 294
But How Do You Win?p. 295
These Muscles Don't Stretchp. 295
Spirituality: Not a Matter of Genderp. 297
Yokidsp. 298
Turn Off the TV and Play!p. 299
The Lessons Yoga Teaches Kidsp. 299
Yoga for All Ages and Stagesp. 299
Baby Lovep. 300
Toddler Time!p. 301
Peppy Preschoolersp. 301
Yoga K-6p. 302
Teen Yogisp. 303
Family Yogap. 303
26 Yoga for Seniorsp. 305
Yoldies but Goodies!p. 305
Meditation Powerp. 307
Yoga Poses for Your Whole Selfp. 308
Having the Time of Your Lifep. 313
Coping with Loss and Griefp. 314
A Yoga Sessions for the Time You Havep. 317
B Glossaryp. 325
C Further Along the Yoga Path: Suggested Readingp. 335
Indexp. 341